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Pocket Rocket Pro - 27
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: November 8, 2008
Posted by: James Ballot
I have never been more pleased with a product--or a company.

Simply put, my PRP is an outstanding value. My BF salesperson helped me configure it to achieve the best balance of performance and price, and in eighteen months of continuous use--for my commute from NJ to NYC--I have only grown to love it more each day. Previously, I had owned a high-end folder from a much larger, more well-known firm (based in California, with factories in PRC and Taiwan), which was poorly designed and shoddily crafted, despite it's $1k-plus price; I had thought ALL folders were plagued by the same limitations.

Despite my misgivings, I doubled-down, and spent a few hundred dollars more to get a PRP, sight-unseen. Money well-spent, as it turns out--and a bargain, considering the intensity of BF's involvement with each customer.

The Friday PRP is one of the finest bikes I've ever ridden, and has not spent a single day off the road due to malfunction--which is as much a testament to BF's straightforward design philosophy as to any other factor. And even though it's something of a specialty item--individually built, meant to pack for travel--practically every component is off-the-peg, so replacements and upgrades are simple (again, a marked contrast to my last folder, which had numerous proprietary, hard-to-find parts). Others here have commented on the ride quality, so I won't belabor that point, other than to say that my PRP is astonishingly stiff, even when sprinting out-of-saddle.

Made to measure, it fits me better than any other bike I've ever owned. And I could go on... Good as the bike is, my experience in dealing with BF has been even better. They have been responsive to any questions I've asked, and when my bike arrived new with some of the wrong components installed, BF went out of their way to resolve the problem to my absolute satisfaction.

I can recommend a Bike Friday totally without reservation, and have to anybody who's stopped to ask about my bike. In short, as difficult as I am to please--and I am notoriously picky about my bikes--the Bike Friday has exceeded my wildest expectations. Words fail to express my admiration for the folks at BF and their terrific travel bikes. Would that there were higher numbers; I would rate my ownership experience an eleven.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: October 8, 2008
Posted by: Thomas (Tim) Cowles
Riding is great, quick-folding is bad on the drivetrain. Ride - 9 Fold - 3

I have had a number of Bike Friday bikes, including earlier versions of the Pocket Rocket Pro. I traded up to a newer Pro a couple years ago and found that the bike works great when it is unfolded and adjusted. But any quick-fold which allows me to keep it in the car for a quick, spontaneous ride in a new riding environment, means the chain comes off the chainrings and warps the front derailler cage. Unfolding the bike always requires handling a greasy chain to remount it on the chainrings and then re-adjust the derailler cage. Somehow the alignment of the rear "triangle" has been altered in the new design in a way that the chain comes off regardless of the rear derailler position on the cluster. With the chain off the chainrings during packing, it becomes another fussy business of protecting the cage and then re-mounting the chain on the chainrings after unfolding. People at Green Gear sent me a clamp-on chain guard to keep the chain from falling off but it does not work. I still love riding the bike for its great fit and performance but it no longer works well in the portability I bought it for.

Tim - check out the techniques at https://www.bikefriday.com/foldingpacking
In most cases, after unfolding,  you can simply shift to the large front chainring and quickly turn the cranks which will re-engage the chain. Or, consider a Speeding tikit - LC

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: September 9, 2008
Posted by: William & Nancy Hull
Beware the suitcase!

'Just returned from three weeks riding the Route Verte in the Gaspesie. Our new Pocket Rocket Pros lived up to our very high expectations, but unfortunately the suitcases did not. 'Wasted one entire day in Quebec City visiting hardware stores, collecting parts to reinforce the sliding handle assembly and making repairs. Samsonite's warranty EXCLUDES damage caused by the the customary airline luggage mishandling, which was the cause of our suitcase damage. My suggestion is that you determine the interior dimensions of the Samsonite hard case offered with your Bike Friday but purchase a higher quality hard suitcase elsewhere.

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