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Pocket Rocket - 37
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 21, 2003
Posted by: Mac Mclain
Email: mac.mclain@nike.com
A bike to meet my needs

I started out buying a used Pocket Rocket. I really enjoyed the speed, handling and it was fun to ride. But the Pocket Rocket was set up for a lighter weight person than I am. I live in Portland (rainy) Or. I am into bike commuter and touring. I needed a bike that would handle 300 lbs, me and gear, and stop in the rain. I finally decide a custom built bike was the only way to meet all my requirements . My new bike would have to have disk brakes (to stop in the rain) plus braze-on for v-brakes (available almost anywhere), frame able to handle 300 lbs( my 225lbs and up to 75lbs gear), strong 36 spokes wheels( 20406 bmx tires found almost anywhere), bar-con shifters( reliable), a low gear around 17 inches ( for hill climbing with loaded touring gear), plus a frame that allowed large tires. The pocket Llama seemed to fit the bill. But I wanted front suspension to take out some of the road jar but because 6 or 9 extra lbs was too much extra weight for a suspension fork I decided against it. Until Mike at BF said that the Gnu front suspension add only about 21/2lbs to the bike. I decided to order the Gnu with narrow tires and rims because I already had a spare set of wide rims and tires. That way I would have a narrow set for commuting and a wide set when I went off on gravel road. The Gnu was designed for my body and riding style. When I got, it sure felt good and fit right. My test track is Skyline blvd a mountainous road near my house, The Gnu climbed very well and in its lowest gear the front end did not rise up like I had happen on other bikes( like my Dahon). With the narrow wheel set it felt as fast and fun to ride as my Pocket Rocket and with the disk brakes it really stops in the rain. It took me a while to learn to adj. my disk brakes correctly so they don squeak. But in the rain I would not leave home with out them. I have customized my fenders and add mud flaps to keep the spray down when out in the rain. At least 2 nights a week I meet my wife (who drives to work ) at the fitness center and fold up my Gnu and put in the trunk for the trip home. I fold it up and put it inside my small RV when we go on trips instead of on the back getting dirty and wet. This summer I am biking the Oregon coast with my son and will fold it up and Greyhound it back from Brooking. To say I love my Gnu is an under statement. It is meeting all my needs.

Date: May 20, 2003
Posted by: Jim Langley
Email: jim@jimlangley.net
Lord of Headbadges

Jim Langley, Lord of Headbadges among other talents,
has written an excellent piece about his Pocket Rocket on his website. Click here to read it.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 19, 2003
Posted by: Jim Knepper
Email: jimmystewart2000@yahoo.com
If I ever buy another road bike, it'll be a BF

In 2002, I purchased a Bike Friday. The model I bought is a Pocket Rocket. Some of the specs for my bike are as follows: drop handlebars, 3 ring road 27 and most importantly, it's yellow. When I purchased the Bike Friday, the only BF I'd ridden was a NWT. I didn't know what to expect but have been very pleasantly surprised. I currently own 5 bikes and the BF is tied with my Cannondale R800 for the position of my favorite bike. And that's saying something. The Pocket Rocket "felt" heavy at first. However, I've ridden it with friends who were riding their road bikes and I kept up quite nicely. I'm considering riding it in a 2-day 200 mile bike tour later this summer. As far as packing and unpacking the BF, unpacking is a cinch. I'm an engineer and have been fascinated with the fit and finish of my BF. I can assemble mine easily in 10 minutes. Packing is another story ... it takes a good half hour + to do it right and to get it in the carrying case. One side note here - I purchased the pedals that BF sells that "pop" out of the crank arms. Very worthwhile investment. I love those pedals. Another item worth mentioning is when I received my BF, one small item was missing. I contacted them on a SUNDAY - expecting to get an answering machine or answering service. Well, the BF operator put me on hold and after waiting on hold for a while ... guess who talked to me about the problem? ONE OF THE OWNERS! Yeah - one of the owners. Try calling Cannondale or Trek or Schwinn and getting THAT kind of service! All in all, I'm hooked. If I ever buy another road bike, it'll probably be a BF.

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