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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: November 23, 2012
Posted by: Scott Bernstein
Posted by: Scott
Email: saberns@yahoo.com
Pocket Rocket Custom I have been cycling for more than 20 years and ride around 8,000 miles/year. I live about 30 miles from where I work in New York City and enjoy commuting by bike, in all four seasons. I wanted a folding bike that I could ride to work in the morning, and easily take on the train to get home in the evening. I also wanted a folding bike that handled as close as possible to my usual 700c bikes. I chose Bike Friday because of the reputation for quality and the all the custom options. I've had my Pocket Rocket for about 3 weeks now have ridden it to work almost every day during the week! It has been a great pleasure to take on the train in the evening without having to worry about getting stares from the conductors or fellow passengers that I normally got when schlepping a full-size bike. I expected it to ride well, and it absolutely has not dissapointed! It seems to be just as fast as a "normal" bike on my commute and it is easy to forget about the small wheels. The ordering process was very easy and quite a lot of fun. The guys at Bike Friday where able to reproduce the positions of the saddle and handlebar from my other bikes and so the fit is virtually identical to what I'm used to. It was clear the salesperson was truly interested in what kind of cyclist I was. He picked parts similar to my other bikes which would satisfy my expectations. What are the disadvantages? Not that many, really. Because of the small wheel size, the gearing is not 100% identical to a 700c bike, although it is really, really close. The gearing is more than adequate on both the low and high end. Braking is also a bit different, but again not necessarily bad - just different. The longish cable runs affect shifting and braking a little bit. But these are very, very small compromises that enable the bike to fold. In comparison to my "normal" bikes, the Bike Friday is indeed different, but it is not as different as I would have thought. The biggest difference is acceleraion from a complete stop - the 20" wheel bike slightly better. I don't think climbing on the Bike Friday is any better, although I am riding a 700c bike that is around 5-6lbs lighter than the Bike Friday so it is not a fair comparison. Handling of the 700c bike is superior in high-speed corners and over rough surfaces. The 20" bike handles better at slower speeds and is more manueverable in tight spaces such as heavy traffic (we might have some of that in NYC...). On balance I would not endorse the statement that the 20" bike is better all-around, nor would I agree that the 700c bike is better in all situations. I would agree, however, that both are great bikes to ride. If the Pocket Rocket were my only bike, I could be happy.