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Pocket Llama - 23
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 5, 2004
Posted by: Geni Hart
Email: Peter.Hart@ndsu.nodak.edu
The pilgrimage of St. James by Friday

We just finished a trip on the Camino del Santiago with our Bike Friday's. WOW....climbing the Pyrenees was a wonder with these machines. At 61, I raced around young chaps trying to muscle their way up to the top. We are impressed. Everyone assumes we are slow because of the small wheels. Not so. I love my bike. Because the center of gravity is much lower, I can handle it so much better than my Cannondale Touring bike. I always come back from trips with "owies" but not this time. Even my husband commented on this fact. We were boarding a train in France and the conductor said a definite NO to bringing on bikes. We were 2 minutes from the train leaving and who knows when a train that would take bikes would leave. I simply said we have a ticket, we can get our bikes into bags and Volia they will be gone. He said that if they were not gone at the first stop, he would throw us off the train. Well, they were stowed and our connections were perfect. What a great investment. GENI HART Fargo, ND

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: August 3, 2004
Posted by: Bert
The Bike Friday Sales Team is incredible, especially Dave!

Dear Alan and Hanz Scholz, It is not often that I write to a company, let alone to praise one of its employees, in this case one of your sales team, Dave Seybert. In my 41 years I can only remember writing two complaint letters and one other praise letter, and it too was for outstanding customer service. A little background: Having lost my only brother in the WTC on 9-11, he was FDNY, along with a cousin and 19 others I knew in the WTC and Pentagon, my wife and I have been making and updating plans if another disaster should strike us, God forbid (but it is a fact of life in NY and DC now). She has been concerned with my working in the DC area and how it took many of our friends 3 hours to exit the District on that morning. Having ridden bicycles since I was 4 or 5, raced on road teams in college and law school, and commuted to downtown 1 to 3 days a week while working for the federal government, she thought I should look into having a “bug-out” bike in the back of my car at all times. (We also have two friends that work for The World Bank that have put bikes in their cars since shortly after 9-11.) This, along with the fact that she knows how I love to rent bikes on trips no matter where in the world we travel, but I am either complaining about the fit or taking 20-30 minutes to adjust the seat and handlebars while upsetting the bike rental staff and not having my seat, shoes, and pedals for a good ride. So, this past May, after very little internet research I came across Bike Friday and was immediately impressed. I decided to talk with the two stores in the DC area that carried your, and your competitors’, equipment, one very close to my present work location and the other a distance away but a shop which I have used since may college days. The other companies’ equipment (only 2 or 3 real competitors in my mind) was interesting but it kept coming back to that recommendations that Bike Friday was the best, the welding was better than anyone’s, and that Bike Friday would work with me to customize my bike. That last part was key, since I am not a small guy even though I swim ½ to 1 mile a day. I filled out one of your online contact forms and submitted it and was assigned a sales person. I went online to research your products and read about your staff, an item I find very informative. I was glancing through the sales staff bio’s when I read about Dave Seybert and that his hometown was Bethesda, Maryland, where I have lived for the past 15 years and where my wife grew up. Knowing nothing about the sales person to which I was assigned, and who happened to be out that day, I took a shot and called Dave. Dave was great and very easy to talk with. He answered all my questions, he asked a few key questions, said that a Pocket Llama would fit what I was looking for and started taking information on building up a bike. I have strong preferences and ideas on certain things and Dave worked right along with them. He even pointed me towards certain items I might not have considered. After a few e-mails and a little research on parts I wanted or Dave recommended I placed the order. I can only say that Dave made the whole process a very pleasant experience. I purchase a lot of items online and this is the fourth bike I have had built over the past 19 years and only wish that other shopping and build experiences were half as easy and enjoyable as my dealings with Dave. I have read most, if not all, of the articles I could about Bike Friday and Green Gear. I have read the reviews and epinion postings, many mention the outstanding customer relations and satisfaction. If Dave is an example of your staff you must have some crew that is unmatched almost anywhere, in my opinion. I have become one of your biggest fans and advocates. I will be singing the praises of Bike Friday, and if you knew me that is high praise. My wife and I are known for researching everything we purchase. We buy only the best since it tends to last the longest and you get satisfaction and value from the purchases. Many of our friends come to us for recommendations and will buy what we have purchased because they know we have done our homework. I only hope that I can send business your way. You have a great product, great staff, and I wish the best for the company and employees. Oh… my requested, fire engine red (BF flag red), Pocket Llama was delivered right when Dave said it would be. I have already ridden over 100 miles on it and LOVE IT ! ! ! ! I have donated my old road frames and equipment to Pedals for Progress but I am holding onto one Trek mountain bike for some real mud rides and when a visiting friend or relative needs a decent ride. Keep shipping those incredible small wheeled bikes. The word will spread and I'll be singing your praises. Sincerely, Bert

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: August 10, 2003
Posted by: Rick Gould
Friends say it looks like a Llama but the ride is better

I needed a folding bike for commuting and miss cycling whenever I travel for work (which I do a lot) or to visit family and friends. Whilst I really liked my MTB and love my custom-built road-racing bike, both are either difficult or impossible for easy travelling. A high performance folder seemed to be the solution. So I researched every single type available and only two types met my requirements. As the other type was made of aluminum - and I wanted a steel alloy frame - Bike Friday was the obvious choice. A friend had also highly recommended them after seeing a Pocket folder at a trade show. Initially Bike Fridays seemed very expensive for such little bikes, but after considering how long a decent bike lasts and how much use it gets, I decided that it would be a good investment. I opted for the Llama because I wanted a rugged, durable bike which could double as both a road and off-road bike. I figured by changing wheels and tires, I could get a good degree of flexibility. The service surprised me in that ordering the bike took a lot of time and discussions with Peter Berra of Bike Friday, but this reflects the company's high level of service and determination to sell a product which satisfies customers. I was also surprised to get a bill-of-quantities specification sheet with my order confirmation; no off-the-shelf quickie sales here. When the bike arrived, I needed to spend a bit of time tweaking it and setting it up after its 5,000 mile journey at 33,000 feet, but I expected that. Before I could ride it, however, my wife found it so appealing that while I was out with the kiddies, she went off on it for its first decent ride instead of her trusty Trek and then declared that she wants to use it too. I can see us getting another Pocket Llama... My first ride was a bit of a shock in that I did not expect it to ride like a 'proper' bike, but it does. Intending to take it for a short road trip of glass-pedalling, I ended up hammering along cinder trails, canal paths and country tracks which would have my road-bike trembling. My other MTB handles such terrain easily, but the Bike Friday was faster and more responsive on the road. The handling amazed me, which is partly due to the smaller wheels and shorter wheelbase, but more because of the well designed frame and choice of materials. Smaller wheels per se can be problematic sometimes on very rough ground, since the laws of physics have to be obeyed. So while the Llama can cope with most types of rough ground, avoid heavy ruts or serious technical stuff which is best left to good, full suspension MTBs with larger wheels. But then such beasts are not as versatile or as good travellers as Bike Fridays. Little wheels and short wheelbases also mean that bumps are more readily transmitted to the rider. So some form of suspension also helps a lot; not essential, but adds a lot for comfort and makes handling a lot better off-road. I opted for the Thudbuster seat-pin, which is excellent and makes a huge difference. I am also thinking of getting some wheels with the Pantour suspension hub - anyone got any experience of these? Overall it is an impressive, versatile little bike. It feels almost as responsive as my road-bike, but does more. As for my other MTB - well, it feels stodgy and lifeless now. It is also going up for sale since the Llama does everything I need it to do.

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