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Pocket Llama - 23
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 31, 2012
Posted by: Don Koch
Email: chip9@mac.com
Pocket Llama 5 Year Review

My Pocket Llama is entering its fifth year of service since it emerged from the factory in Eugene on a rainy July morning in 2008.

That summer it went with me from the west coast where I live to Montreal and allowed me to explore the city and island that it sits on.

The following summer it travelled to Toronto and gave me reliable transportation to explore Canada's largest city. As I write this, it is in transit back from a second trip to Toronto for more exploring and touring around the shores of Lake Ontario.

Last summer it travelled back to Oregon when I had an opportunity to house-sit for a friend who was travelling to Alaska.

Many a kilometre of riding led to the one and only "mechanical" issue I have had as the owner of this bike; that being a worn out tire that gave up the ghost.

Luckily I didn't have to walk too far to get a replacement.

This bike has been flawless in every other aspect. After 10 to 15 minutes of riding, my muscle memory quickly shifts into "406" mode and the bike feels comfortable and solid.

It rides smoothly on its 40 mm tires over pavement, gravel, cycle paths and any other terrain that I care to travel. The Capreo hub and cassette gives me a nice range of gears and I have yet to wish I had done anything differently in the build of this bike.

I have ridden it with small panniers mounted on the front and rear racks, with a transverse saddle bag, and simply stripped down to just the bike and fenders. In all of these situations the bike performs above expectations and I wouldn't want to part with it.

While I don't claim to be a packing wizard, I am able to pack and reassemble the bike with relative ease and I think it is safe to say that this bike will outlive the suitcase that it travels in.

Thanks for making such a great product. I am pleased to recommend Bike Friday to anyone -- and there are many -- who asks about the bike with the little wheels.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 31, 2012
Posted by: Ronald Wardman
Email: RonWardman@mycomspan.com
Mini bike

I purchased a Mini Cooper and did not want to put racks on the roof. I saw an ad for Bike Friday so I stopped by and having never been there, was very impressed with their products.

I ride both road and mountain bikes and after discussions with the sales person, decided on the Pocket Expedition [the equivalent to a Pocket Llama].

Initially, the most important part was that fit in the back of the Cooper. When traveling, I love getting to my daily destination early, jumping on my bike and exploring the area.

I find the Pocket perfect for the task. I really enjoy riding it and now ride it from my home for workouts. It is just a fun bike to ride.

Because it is a mountain oriented bike, I have no concerns about riding it over rough surfaces, jumping curbs and covering whatever comes across my path.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 7, 2012
Posted by: paul evans
Posted by: llewellyn
Touring in Japan

Three weeks into a six week cycling holiday in Japan and the Pocket Llama has handled almost everything thrown at it. These first three weeks were spent in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, one week each. Rode to all city tourist sites and travelled to outer town sites up to 60 klm return on some occasions. The first thing that cropped up as a downside to a small wheeler was mounting Japanese kerbs, they are slightly higher than driveway entances back in Australia. Did not take them at right angles and loaded went down twice in quick succession.Now learnt to stop and wheel over driveways. But one recurring problem that no amount of bicycle shop attention can solve is the headset coming loose all the time. On first tightening it everything seems ok then in a short period of time it comes loose again this has happened every day of the tour. This happens much quicker on the rough roads and sidewalks of some regions and takes a little longer on clear bitumen. This shows up when cycling as an extreme amount of flex when braking and very dicey steering at low speeds. But other than that the llama has performed well and is a blast to ride around inner cities and performs reasonably well on rough un paved roads.

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