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Pocket Crusoe - 9
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 2, 2008
Posted by: Christina Larson
Thanks to my Crusoe, I'm now enthusiastic about riding just for fun!

I used to think that bicycling was hard work and not very comfortable. Certainly I had never taken the time nor spent the money to get a custom-made bike for myself before. In fact, I hadn't even ridden a bike that was the right size for me since I outgrew my kid's bike in my teenage years. My Pocket Crusoe was a revelation! It fits me well, is sprightly to handle, and makes bicycling truly enjoyable. I love it! My Crusoe and I have been commuters together from day one; we've been out around the lakes of the Twin Cities many times, and have been to DC twice. We've even survived a car crash together with little more than minor damage. Nice craftsmanship, Green Gear team! The bike is beautifully made. Thanks for a fun and packable little bike that makes me happy to go for a ride.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: October 27, 2007
Posted by: Stuart Werbner
Nice Bike; Lousy Customer Service

I am very very disappointed with the customer service provided by Bike Friday. I ordered my bike with the custom stem and the fit stem option; so what happens? The bike arrives with a crappy, non-fitting fixed stem. When I first called Bike Friday to complain that I didn't receive a box for the fit stem (before I even realized what a fit stem was and that I didnt even receive a fit stem), they weren't even aware that they screwed up my order and that they didnt send me a fit stem. They just gave me a shipping number to send back the fit stem that I didnt receive. Then, I realized that I didnt receive a fit stem, and called them to send me one. They finally seemed to realize that I didnt even receive one, in the first place. Then, I asked them to send it to my Dad's address so somebody would be around to receive it. So what do they do? They sent it to my address anyway. Then, to make things even worse, I didn't receive any instructions on how to take my crappy non-fitting fixed stem off, and put on the fit stem. So, now, I am going to have to go to a bike shop tomorrow and pay them to somehow take it off. The Bike Friday website has no instructions on how to take off a regular stem, and put on a fit stem, or vice versa. The customer support was really thin on Saturday when I called and nobody could help me. I am really dreading what lies ahead of me. I am going to have to suffer through tomorrow's experience at the bike shop of taking off the crappy, non-fitting, fixed stem. Then I will end up struggling through putting on the fit stem. The one thing I am fairly optimistic about is adjusting it to my dimensions. But, then I will struggle through taking off the fit stem to send it back to replaced with a custom stem, which I have no idea at all how to do. Then, I will have to struggle through waiting 2 weeks for them to try and make it correctly, and send it back to me. Then, I will struggle with putting on the custom stem, which I have no idea at all how to do. Then, I will probably come to the realization that they didn't manufacture it according to the settings on the fit stem, and suffer with having a custom stem that doesn't fit. I am very very worried about the road that lies ahead of me with just getting this bike finally set up to ride. It will probably be 6 months or longer before I am finally set up right. My impression of Bike Friday is that they produce a very good bike, but their customer service and order fulfilment is on a par with a cheap Chinese made bike you'd find at Wal-Mart -- which ironically why I bought a Bike Friday in the first place -- I was tired of renting such bikes on vacations and trips. I guess I am out of my league with this bike. It is obvious that Bike Friday expects their customers to be experts in bicycle repair and maintenance. For those who are experts in bicycle repair and maintenance, you can probably ignore my message. And, you will likely be happy with your bicycle and customer experience. If you aren't a bike repair and maintenance expert, then beware -- if you order a Bike Friday, you are probably going to have a difficult experience.

We called Stuart and apologized for his less than stellar experience, and asked him allow us "to make it right", which he has accepted. He says he's enjoying the bike in spite of the 'hiccup' - Hugh, Customer Service

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 13, 2007
Posted by: Stefanie Petermichl
nice out of the box

I've been wanting a Bike Friday for years - and started thinking more about it when, last summer, I had a hotel neighbor in Paris who had an Air Glide. It was the first one I had ever seen. I have now a Pocket Crusoe Petite since October 2006.

I have taken it to France twice since then and it has served me really well. Even though I had heard a lot about how good these bikes handled, I was still surprised when I first tried it out. I am not a very good but nevertheless an experienced cyclist, but I never had a bike feel "right" immediately. The staff at Bike Friday were extremely patient in the ordering process. I think I'm a very picky customer who is very concerned about frame geometry. Well, they worked it out with me and let me make my own decisions. The result is fabulous, I never even had to change the stem.

I did however override their calculations by ordering it 2cm longer. They also endured me when, even though it was a rush order, I took forever to choose the color and the crank length. I chose to have only 9 gears because I did not want to deal with a front deraillor for a bike i was going to use for just riding around - this was a good choice and I think everyone should consider it at least. I also have narrow H bars, which are excellent. It is really convenient that one can switch components without taking the grips off! This was really helpful.

The only thing that does not work is the chain retainer, when adjusting it so it would retain the chain, it will touch the crankarm - this may be due to my front single speed.

The component that most impresses me is the dirt cheap 15 Dollar foldable pedal - wow. On the other hand, I am not sure if I would get the suitcase again. It is expensive and lacks a handle on top when in the upright position.

The only difference to a "big" bike is encountered when hitting obstacles like curbs. It is then one really feels the small wheel size, so i think a MTB would not be for me. In exchange, one can make much much narrower turns it seems. To summarize, for me it was really all worth it and I'm excited every time I sit on the bike.

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