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Pocket Crusoe - 9
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 5, 2009
Posted by: Steve Gardner
Steve got his Crusoe by Friday!

The "DC Flyer": my Enno-orange Pocket Crusoe, was indeed duly delivered before a Friday - just before a 90-mile, camp-over short bike tour west on the Great Allegheny Trail. When delivered, the fork tips on the bottom of the seat mast were bent slightly out of their plane. This could have ruined my day, but a call to Bike Friday customer service got me quick help to carefully do the minor bending needed myself. A short while later the bike was together and I was out the door for a test ride.

Wow. This thing glides like Clyde Drexler through the lane. Back to my maiden bike tour. The Crusoe handled my 25+ pounds of gear on the rear rack like it wasn't even there. The trail was crushed gravel, and the Friday sailed smoothly along for 45 miles to my campground. The next day, when I had finished the ride, I stopped for lunch at a restaurant by the trail. Behind the restaurant was a bike shop, so I dropped off the bike to have the (still strething gear cables) tightened up. While I sat enjoying my lunch, the bike shop tech came roaring around the corner on my Pocket Crusoe! "I'm keeping it!" he shouted gleefully as he rode on by to test it out. No way. That Friday is mine, any day!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: August 31, 2008
Posted by:
Outdated Informational DVD

My salesperson assured me that their informational DVD would be very useful to a non-technical person like myself, and that it would be sent a week or two in advance of shipmment. It wasn't until I finally called to ask about it, and it turned out to be just one more survey of every model that BF is tying to sell, sell, sell. When my Pocket Crusoe arrived, very nicely packaged and loaded in the suitcase, I referred back to the DVD. Hmm, the narrator said one thing, but the screen showed something else. BF customer service said, quote, "Oh, the DVD was taken from a five-year old video. That instruction probably refers to an older model."

O.K., but we're talking about a quick-release feature. And where in all of the packaging were the front and rear Dinotte lights? The enclosed invoice showed no backordered items. The salesman, very helpful when I was purchasing, must have been on a unicycle in Nepal, because he never communicated any problem or follow-up of any kind. I had specifically asked him to have the lights installed on the bike before shipment, as they did with the Cateye, Thudbuster, and Arione. The front v-brakes needed adjusting at my LBS, but they are working fine now, as is the rest of the bike.

P.S. The preview page shows today's date as December 31, 1969! However, I checked on my monitor, and it reads August 31, 2008. I think that BF needs to hire some communication majors.

We're sorry we weren't able to ship your bike with the Dinotte lights special ordered.  While we had hoped to ship everything all at once, we ended up having to ship them separately. Luckily, they install with a rubber band (O Ring) so I surmise installation was quick. Regarding the DVD, while we do strive to have up-to-date support material on the DVD, at times it will be dated or less relevant.  If you ever have any questions about your Bike Friday, please do not hesitate to our technical support number and we can offer the most up to date knowledge. - Jordan, Customer Service Manager

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 6, 2008
Posted by: Damian Fisher
Email: damianpeterfisher@mac.com
The Pocket Crusoe Is A Real Hit!

I recently received my new BF Pocket Crusoe 18 gear bike and its has been a pleasure to ride. The bike was packed superbly and rides better than my large wheel mountain bike. BF's built quality is second to none. The bike punches well above its weight and is very light and tight on the road. Its been the best bike I have owned by far. Thanks BF for making the decision to buy so easy for me. Damian Fisher, Sydney, Australia

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