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Pocket Crusoe - 9
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 20, 2006
Posted by: Peter Frey
Single Speed Fixed/Free Crusoe - Fast & Light

I purchased my fixed/free after viewing Walter's fixed on the web - a fantastic example of minimalist bicycle art. I went Crusoe based as I wanted 406 sized wheels. Walter's fixed is Pocket Rocket Pro based and runs on 451s. My Friday Fix is currently equipped with Phil Wood hubs (flip/flop rear), Sun rims, FSA Mega Exo crank, SRAM chain with PowerLink, single front V brake and straight bars. I specified Surly Tug Nuts on the rear drop outs to make alignment and chain adjustment simpler. The single speed is simple to pack and set up with nothing to realign or adjust on assembly. It has been a fantastic complement to my NWT. I find the single speed is a great training aid in that it forces me to work. Changes 1. Thudbuster seat post and Brooks Swift Ti saddle. I missed the comfort of my NWT. 2. Handle bars. I will try Ergon MR2 bar ends before changing bars for something with more positions.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: February 6, 2003
Posted by: Janet North
Email: janetanorth@yahoo.com
Light & fast crusoe petite 9

I actually have the Crusoe Petite 9, which is the perfect lightweight machine for a small female. I already own a Pocket Gnu for expeditions, and was looking for something easier to throw in the car or suitcase for urban riding. The Petite offers smaller handlebars & cranks, and a lighter seatpost. I love the Stelvio tires, and the whole bike weighs in at under 20 pounds. I added a Terry damselfly saddle and Bebop pedals to complete the package. There is no need for any more than 9 gears on this feather. A seatpost mounted rear rack will be my final accessory. Repeat buyers note that if you send your suitcase in for the new bike that you do not receive a tool kit or packing video, just the "S" allen wrench.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: October 14, 2001
Posted by: Jim Finkelstein

We were recently in Eugene and decided to stop by the shop. I've been interested in the bikes for several years but have never had a chance to see or ride one. Hanz took a good deal of time with us and we ended up with two bikes. One for my wife who is beginning rider (a Metro) and I wanted something a bit more advanced mostly for city and weekend riding. The Caruso Extra was perfect. It is very light weight and I was able to configue it perfectly for the type of riding I do at this point in life. It was amazingly simple to put togther--didn't even have to really read the instructions. I had one simple question that the technician answsered in a minute. Couldn't wait to take it out for a test ride. Worked perfectly. Frankly, I was amazed at the quality of the ride--espcially on city streets. I actually felt I had more control than on either my mountain or old touring bike. The folks at the local bike shop recognized it as a Bike Friday immediately and all the guys wanted to come out a take a look. So far, I'm extremely satisfied. I hope to get out for a more extended ride in the next few days.

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