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New World Tourist - 70
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 20, 2010
Posted by: Nancy Janus
It has done absolutely everything I've asked it to do

Hello. I am writing from Vietnam where I am traveling with my New World Tourist. I just want you to know how happy I am with this bicycle. It has done absolutely everything I've asked it to do, from riding off road in Cambodia through a cornfield in the dark, to riding a paved road of spectacular vistas of the rice fields in the Mekong Delta.

Two nights ago I took it for a "rua xe." That's Vietnamese for a motorcycle wash. My NWT was positively pimped! There is nothing to say about this bike but all the best things and I will post some of it's portraits to the community when I have a little more time.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 20, 2010
Posted by:
Email: jacques@ronaldi.com
My Bike Friday Experience

I have finally received it, my brand new, custom-made Bike Friday! In fact, I received it over a month ago and that should give you a hint as to why I haven't been posting since: I had too much fun riding my bike :) First of all, let's say that choosing my new "adventure bike" was quite an adventure in itself. I'm a perfectionist and I wanted to make sure I was making the very best choice. So it was a lot of reading all over the web, a lot of thinking, comparing, and even sending a few emails and making a few phone calls. But that will be the topic of another post. For now, I'd like to share my experience with Bike Friday and the bike. My first contact with Bike Friday was through email. I had written a long one, asking about 10 separate questions, the goal being helping me to figure out which one of their bikes was the best for me as well as trying to understand how they would build me a bike that was better than the one I had, with me being in Quebec, Canada, far away from Oregon... That email was never answered and another email triggered the response that the sales team would try to answer my mail shortly but there was many questions in my mail so there would be a delay. After about a week since I had sent the original mail, I couldn't wait anymore so I did what I should have done upfront: give them a CALL! It was a saturday and my call was handled by Ruthy Kanagy. Lucky me! Why lucky? Well, I'm pretty sure all representatives are very competent but for me it was Ruthy and I really enjoyed the whole process of buying a bike with her. Also I researched her profile and when I saw she had been organizing bike travels in Japan, I just knew I was in good hands :) and already I had thoughts of me biking in Tokyo, LOL. With just a few questions, Ruthy was able to give me an overview of my best options, comparing the models and explaining why she thought this or that would be better. She patiently answered all of my questions and I felt pretty much at ease and not pressured into buying quickly. This was great. As it turned out, I didn't buy on the first call at all. I just had too many questions in my mind and I felt insecure in my choice as well as regarding which measurements to use for my new bike. The problem is that I really DISLIKED my previous bike, so I couldn't use that one as the basis for my new bike! No problem: Ruthy walked me through the process. She took the time to have me take my body measurements, and also measure my old bike and explain to her what I didn't like about it so that she could fix that. She discussed everything with me over a few phone calls/emails and really, she was just great. In the end, we came up with what we both believed would be "the very best fit" for my new New World Tourist and I finally placed my final order, hurray! As is always the case, I was given a delivery date, which was respected. In fact, I received the bike ahead of schedule by many days! After having waited for over a month I was quite very happy with that :) There were a very minor mishaps with Canada customs. First, there was a delay because they needed to know the exact fabric of the bag, the country of origin of the replacement tubes and so on... So whatever is not precise enough on the shipping bill caused delays. It's depressing to see how much effort is spent on such insignificant trivialities: tax dollars at work... Also I had been told that only country taxes (GST) applied to the bike but take note, Bike Friday, good ol' time is over and shipping a bike into Quebec now incurs provincial taxes also (cost me a few hundred bucks.) After a 1.5-day delay, I finally unpacked my big box with a smile! I won't go through the whole process of assembling the bike, it's pretty easy and the instructions are pretty good. They could still improve, though, as my lack of experience there caused me a problem later on. When I assembled the pedals, it seems I didn't put them in place tightly enough (the manual didn't say and I so just tightened them "normally"). During a long ride down the canal here, I suddenly felt my right pedal being "off-center". I stopped and indeed, it had unscrewed itself. It could have been as easy as re-screwing the pedal in place but I wasn't so lucky. While unscrewing, it seems just a few turns of the pedal was enough to damage the threading of the pedalier!!! I found a bike shop but they couldn't fix it, they in fact damaged the threads further :( So I wrote an email to Ruthy, explaining the problem and asking what kind of cost I was looking at for repair? That's when things started to shine even more... Even though she was on vacation, Ruthy immediately got back to me and transferred my email to Jordan Bishko at customer service. In just a few short days I had a replacement crankshaft, free of charge, to fix my bike! The whole thing was resolved quickly and to my total satisfaction, thank you Bike Friday (and Jordan, and Ruthy! :)) So it's good to know that Bike Friday supports you even when things go wrong (and even though it clearly was MY fault.) This looks like a long story, but really, everything happened over just a few days and then I could start to really enjoy riding my new bike! The most important conclusion: THE BIKE RIDES LIKE A CHARM. I can say this without reserves now, as I have been riding it for over a month and a few hundred kilometers :) Not only does it fit my body well, the "feeling" of riding this bike, with it's smaller wheel, is GREAT! My wife would tell you: I didn't ride my bike anymore, I only did "tricks" on my inline skates because that was WAY more fun than my bike. But since I received my Bike Friday, I'm always going on a ride with her on our bikes and guess what, she likes that ;) The reason for my enthusiasm is that riding the smaller wheel is a real pleasure to me. It's feels sporty and very responsive. To give you an idea, I do "spins" on inline skates and so I really enjoy such a "playful" bike! I can turn on a dime and let me tell you that you can really "feel the power" and responsiveness of the bike when the traffic light turns green and your turn that crank! I could even do a wheelie :) I love the bike and guess what... my inline skates fit perfectly well ON my rear Bike Friday folding rack. So I can bike with my wife and when she stops for breath, I put on the inline skates and do some freestyle inline skate dancing. It's paradise!!! There are so many things to be said about that bike. I'll just have to write another post because it's sunny today and guess what... it's time I go have fun for another day on my Bike Friday :)

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 5, 2010
Posted by: Mike Broderick
Email: m.brod@comcast.net
Service after Delivery

Like everyone else, I felt like a kid at Christmas recently unwraping my new custom made New World Tourist. After my wife and I paid $700 in baggage fees to transport our traditional touring bikes back East, I decided the time had come to explore a Bike Friday to meet my future touring needs (and escape ever increasing baggage fee ripoffs imposed by the airlines). My New World Tourist has been the answer to my dream. Not only does my wallet thank me as I check in my samsonite suitcase at no extra cost, I smile ear to ear at the performance of this great bike. It is everything that I had imagined and more. More importantly, I was equally impressed at the service I received from Bike Friday after delivery. In my inaugural trip to Texas, a crack developed in my Shimano Ultegra large front chain ring. A quick call from the dealer to Bike Friday resulted in a new replacement part being immediately delivered to my local dealer at no cost. Not only am I impressed with the bike but I'm equally impressed with how they stand behind their product. Cross country here I come.

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