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New World Tourist - 87
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 22, 2012
Posted by: Brian Ogilvie
Posted by: brianogilvie
Email: ogilvie@pobox.com
It really is performance that packs!

I've had my NWT for nearly two years now, so I felt like I now have enough experience to review it. My full review is posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike, but in a nutshell: the NWT is a fine touring and randonneuring bike.

It's comfortable, handles very much like a 700C touring bike, carries quite a load, and packs into a standard-sized suitcase (for US-based airlines).

It's not ideal for people who need to fold the bike several times a day, but for everyone else who wants a packable touring bike, it's well worth considering.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 12, 2011
Posted by: Heinrich Mueller
Posted by: heinim
NWT Frustration I bought the NWT about 10 weeks ago and have done around 700 km until now. I upgraded it with a Chris King headset, Shimano XT derailleurs and Schwalbe Marathon plus tyres. The bicylce has a very comfortable ride and I did several rides of more than 100km, one 160km - without any physical problems. Would I buy one again? No, definitively not, for the following reasons: as a folding bike the folding process is just a mess, when in hurry folding it on the train platform you find yourself at the end carrying the bike with two hands (one for the steering bar the other for the rest) .In the train you have problems storing it so that it does not fall and get damaged. I think most other folding brands are standing alone when folded. I also suppose the weakest point is the rear folding mechanism because you put it exactly on it when storing it folded. I also think that with the breaking cable I’ll have sooner or later problems due to how they are folded. The quality of the painting is not satisfying after a ride in the rain I can see rust in different places. I have constantly problems when changing gears: front smallest, rear largest ring, maybe 24 gears is too much for a bike with such a small base. I own a Brompton: the folding process, the ride and also the quality is far superior (of course the folded bicycle is smaller, but that’s not the issue here). So I’ll try to sell the NWT asap.
Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 12, 2010
Posted by: Steve Smith
Email: ssmith2172@hotmail.com
NWT 24 Gears SRAM Dual Drive Black

When I was shopping for a bicycle I thought I was going to buy a 700c type suited for a relaxed upright riding position. This meant for me a bike setup this way had to have a Brooks B67 saddle and fenders. But I was troubled by the fact that my life style is not condusive for a full sized bike. I live in a small apartment which does not allow bicycles without special permission and an extra $50 per month charge and since I am an over the road truck driver driving a "day cab" type truck, a full sized bike would not fit in the cab and sometimes it would not fit in the cargo area either. There would be the risk that I would drive to work one morning only to find out that I could not take take the bike with me. Leaving it at the shop would be risky. Leaving it in my car or attached to the car on a rack was not an option either. I was not in the market for a Walmart bike so the risk of leaving a costly bike behind was too great. Now what do I do? Up to this point I have not heard of or concidered a folding bike. But when an REI sales person suggested this idea it finally dawned on me that this might be the solution I was looking for. He was thinking of a $700 Dahon. I was happy because this seemed to be my only good option to that of the 700c wheel size. Instead of spending $1100, that was what I thought my budget was, I could save money for other things I needed at the time. Additionally, the Dahon was on sale for $560. It was a good thing I did not have the money at that time. I would have bought it. I test rode the Dahon being mentally prepaired to accept the down grade in ride and quality but was suprised that the ride was not that bad. I could live with this. My intention for the bike was to use after my work day. I would park my truck and use the bike for short rides to a restaurant. Or for short errands. On weekends I might take a short ride somewhere. I am often away from home every other weekend. One fine day I wandered into Campus Cycles in Denver looking to test ride another Dahon but learned they had Bike Fridays instead starting out at around $1000. I was thinking at the time, "OK, I'll test ride but I will not spend this kind cash on a folding bike. The moment I sat on a large Pocket Companion and took my first down stroke on the crank I knew this fit and felt just like a big bike. But yikes, the price tag. I was already liking the idea of buying other things in addition to the bike. Since I travel all over the northwest it was actually just as convenient for me to order my NWT direct from Walter in Eugene. I wanted a dyno hub and other features that the Pocket Companion does not offer. Now I am in it for $2400! I thought that I must be crazy spending that kind of money on a bike. I am glad I did. ( Who needs new clothes and a computer anyway). What I thought would be short errands and visits to restaurants has also included 20 to 50 mile fun filled outings. I never anticipated the level of satisfaction my NWT would bring me. I am often making presentations to individuals and small groups while out riding because of my bike. It is a nice way to meet people. I have riden my bike for approximately 1200 miles in places like The Golden Gate Bridge, Bellingham, WA, lake Coeur d' Alene in Idaho, The Garden of the Gods in Colorado, Glenwood Springs Canyon, 60 miles of the Caty trail in the St Louis area, toured the Little Big Horn battlefield in MT and riden it for 30 miles in the Amarillo TX area just to name a few places...there are many more. Sometimes it seems like the bike goes by itself but not into strong Kansas head winds or while climbing Vail Pass. The rest of the time it seems to carry me further and faster than I originally intend. Lastly, for you truckers out there there are two reasons why you should concider a Bike Friday: you will break down at some time. I did in desolate SD and ended up riding my bike 30 miles in the dark...good thing Walter spec in the Lumotec Cyo Senso Plus along with my dyno hub. Secondly, the regulations for driver fitness coming soon will definately unemploy many drivers. Besides, it is just plain fun to ride. I heartily recommend buying a Bike Friday. Is it worth the cost? Yes. Do I want to buy another Friday? Yes, but if I do then I would be torn between the two and I love my NWT too much to not ride it.

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