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New World Tourist - 88
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 29, 2012
Posted by: Steven Brown
Posted by: Steven Brown
Expect some hassles

We ordered two NWTs for our tour in Cuba for August 1. When we originally ordered them from the sales rep at BF we were not sure if the 3.5 weeks lead time would be sufficient to get our bikes delivered, but were assured they would be.

These are not custom fit bikes and would be shipped very quickly. Our Bike Fridays arrived on time. Packed beautifully.

After much anticipation we assembled my wife's NWT and enjoyed the detail the folks at Bike Friday provided. They even painstakingly labeled the plastic containers so we could have a good chance of folding it all back together.

Little screws were present for future accessories we started dreaming of. Now it was my bike's turn for assembly and sadly it turned out that the handlebars were not appropriate for a medium size frame bicycle.

They didn't fit together very well at all and measured substantially shorter than my wife's small frame NWT. Imagine how your wrists would feel when riding a bicycle where your hands almost touch one another. The handlebar length is more suited to a child's bike, I think.

I immediately called in as we are on tight deadlines for our upcoming vacation and needed to rectify or find another bike fast ... and spoke with a friendly gentleman named Tim in the service department who recommended sending a new handlebar bar over but that it would take a week to arrive.

In the meantime he recommended to cut out some of the grip material and reposition the shifters. I appreciate the time he took to help and did follow his instructions but the bike is still not ready to use: when I use the bike it forces my wrists to an unergonomic retracted angle that aches after a few minutes.

I was so excited to get my Bike Friday, dreaming of all the new upgrades and miles we'd add on... but at this point regret buying this bicycle. Shipment was on time as promised but I sincerely wish that the bike would have been checked out for rideability prior to shipping.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 14, 2012
Posted by: Bob Rosebrough
Email: bobrosebrough21045@yahoo.com

In July of 2011, I fractured my when the front tire blew on my diamond frame bike. I elected to have the hip reconstructed rather than replaced as a reconstruction would allow cycling without the worry of an artificial hip's reliability. Rehab took several months and the the hip joint was patially frozen with little flexibility, even in February of 2012.

The only option I could see for me to continue riding would be to purchase a Bike Friday of some sort. I decided on a NWT with the help of Larry Black of Mt. Airy Bikes in Mt. Airy, Maryland.

We sort of designed the NWT as a sort of sport tourer (compact double crank with a 10-speed cassette and bar end shifters). Never doubt the wisdom of ordering through a competent dealer who can almost read your mind!

The bike arrived in Mt. Airy toward the end of March with only few quibbles (no seat post shim). The bike felt a bit skittish at first, although not riding for almost seven months could have had a lot to do with that feeling. I doubt that I will ever use the folding option of the bike as it fits rather nicely in the back of my Elantra hatchback.

In fact, for all I care, the frame could have been welded at the folding joint! My only real complaint has been the Continental Sport Contact tires supplied with the bike. Although rugged and fairly comfortable, they are nearly impossible to mount and dismount to fix a flat.

I gave up and ordered Primo belted to replace the Continentals when needed.

Overall riding impressions. The frame is STIFF and does not flex a bit, a nice surprise considering the complexity of the joints. The bike feels a bit doggy climbing hills although, again, this could be because of my ongoing rehab with my lower parts. All of this may be academic, however, as I still can't get my leg over one of my diamond frame bikes (57 CM Paramount). I am resigned to the NWT being my one and only bike for the future.

All in all, this has been a good purchase. Bob Rosebrough Columbia, MD

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 23, 2012
Posted by: Leslie Duggleby
Posted by: Leslie of Buffalo
What more could you ask for?

I needed a new bike with lower gearing to cross the Rockies and Appalachians, traveling the 4,200 miles from the US coast to coast.

Knowing that the bike would have to come back and that I would like to do some international bike touring, as well as the fact that my city lacks bike racks on some buses drove me to consider a folder.

I have met several people with folders, including Dahons, but for touring people always raved about their BF. On a coastal driving trip, I stopped into Eugene to try one out. Wow. Pretty nice.

It took me awhile to commit to the price, but in comparison to a Surley Long Haul, it was comparable. In retrospect, the 4,200 miles were delightfully uncomplicated bicycle wise. The one suggestion for someone putting that many miles on a NWT would be to get the Chris King headset, for the stock headset required tightening every 1,000 miles.

Other cons are the lack of a top tube to support a fully loaded bike while straddling the bike and the increased difficulty (very tight) of changing a tire due the small circumference.

The complaints are few. The pros include the ability to fold the bike and step on a train, plane and bus (without extra cost or restriction) as well as its ability to start from a start quickly (important on a hill) and fast handling to avoid obstacles. Fully folding the bike to put into the suitcase takes me 30-45 minutes and putting it back together takes me about 15 min.

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