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New World Tourist - 88
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 18, 2012
Posted by:
Posted by: Henricus
Early World Tourist

I bought the 600th Bike Friday, a New World Tourist, in 1993.

Over the years I've upgraded the crank, derailleurs and shifters. The original had Suntour and Sakae components and I now have Shimano Ultegra integrated shift-brake levers and Ultegra/105 crank/derailleurs.

I ordered the bike with 451 rims to get a racier ride on the 100 psi tires. I'm not really sure if that was a great decision because of the easier availability of 406 tires, but I've had no problems and enjoyed the quick ride.

Through many folds and travels, including shipping by airmail, it's continued to function, although once I opened the case to find my rear valve sheared off at the rim, probably by something that shifted -- the suitcase was also cracked.

One small problem is that the front derailleur often needs adjustment after folding and travel. I would love to have a NuVinci and drive belt system to fix that, plus eliminate the grease stains.

Although the bike is heavy by 21st century standards, it's still fast. I flew to France with it in 2011 and traveled around Avignon and Tours with no problems, towing the trailer.

In 2012 I will take it to the northern coast of France and into Belgium: Calais-Dunkerque-Oostend-Bruges-Gent.

Back in 1993-94, my wife and I toured Mallorca with our New World Tourists and reported on it in the BF newsletter. Later we flew to Hamburg and then rode on to Copenhagen using the travel system.

Overall, my Bike Friday has functioned as advertised for a long time, and the service from Green Gear has been courteous and efficient.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 31, 2012
Posted by: Paul Weaver
Posted by: PD Weaver
Happy Recruitee

After 15 years away from biking, at our 45th college reunion in 2009 my former roomate, a very experienced bike tourer and early adopter of the New World Tourist, urged me back to the saddle with visions of European adventures together.

After I suffered thru the logistical nightmare of schlepping my full-size Specialized Tri Cross to and from Germany last summer, he sent me off to Eugene and Bike Friday.

I love everything about the bike, the business, and the staff. There is almost no place left where you can get this kind of personal attention coupled with technical expertise.

I have a perfectly fitted, tricked out custom New World Tourist that has already made three flying trips: at 38 pounds with case ( I skip the packing materials provided and use clothes), I have room left for gear and no bag fees.

Mine is geared to climb with weight, and boy does it do that, but also cruises just fine. On really bumpy or high speed roads, one does occasionally pine for the 27" wheel ride, but the overall performance makes up for it.

In tight medieval cities and jumping on and off for photo opportunities, you really come to love the handiness. It may look like a toy -- mine is screaming yellow for visibility -- but is a serious, big time touring machine. The intimate experience of biking on it in new places is the best travel experience of my life. My Bike Friday draws a wonderstruck and admiring crowd wherever I take it.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 31, 2012
Posted by: David Barker
Posted by: David
Email: flowinghome@gmail.com

After much persuasion by a friend I first rode a BF in 1993, and immediately thought this it the best bike ever, and I was already a seasoned cyclist.

My New World Tourist is 13 years old. I've bought (and sold) other bikes over the years, but it's still my favourite, no other bike can do all it does, and do it so well. Touring, shopping, group rides etc.

I'm always happy when I ride it. Over the years it has had many new parts as the old ones have worn out, and also a total factory respray (from yellow to multicoloured).

I bought a Carbon Express tikit a few years ago -- really a thing of beauty. I loved to look at it, but I rode the New World Tourist 90% of the time. I also love that over here in the UK it is so unusual and unknown -- I've seen five others in 13 years.

Every time you launch a new bike I want it. Present wish list -- Nuvinci NWT, Carbon infinity tikit -- Though I reckon I'd still come back to my trusty NWT, however many I owned.

I just wish the factory wasn't 6000 miles away -- but maybe that's a good thing ;) David Ps I once sold my NWT on Ebay (long story, don't ask), and six months later it came back to me by chance!

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