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New World Tourist - 70
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 23, 2012
Posted by: Leslie Duggleby
Posted by: Leslie of Buffalo
What more could you ask for?

I needed a new bike with lower gearing to cross the Rockies and Appalachians, traveling the 4,200 miles from the US coast to coast.

Knowing that the bike would have to come back and that I would like to do some international bike touring, as well as the fact that my city lacks bike racks on some buses drove me to consider a folder.

I have met several people with folders, including Dahons, but for touring people always raved about their BF. On a coastal driving trip, I stopped into Eugene to try one out. Wow. Pretty nice.

It took me awhile to commit to the price, but in comparison to a Surley Long Haul, it was comparable. In retrospect, the 4,200 miles were delightfully uncomplicated bicycle wise. The one suggestion for someone putting that many miles on a NWT would be to get the Chris King headset, for the stock headset required tightening every 1,000 miles.

Other cons are the lack of a top tube to support a fully loaded bike while straddling the bike and the increased difficulty (very tight) of changing a tire due the small circumference.

The complaints are few. The pros include the ability to fold the bike and step on a train, plane and bus (without extra cost or restriction) as well as its ability to start from a start quickly (important on a hill) and fast handling to avoid obstacles. Fully folding the bike to put into the suitcase takes me 30-45 minutes and putting it back together takes me about 15 min.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 2, 2012
Posted by: Colleen Welch
Posted by: Super Biker Woman
Email: Kdcnmom2@aol.com
Riding my Bike Friday in the Land of Kiwis

I just returned from a five week bike tour of New Zealand.

Due to New Zealand's narrow roads and the Kiwi's reputation for fast driving, I did not take the flight case (I have it and will use it on my next overseas tour to Germany).

Instead, I wrapped Betsy (my Flag Red BF NWT) in bubble wrap and placed her in the black standard size BF bag. She arrived unscathed in Kaitaia, New Zealand (that's 3 plane changes). I began my ride in Kaitaia and noticed right away how stable my NWT rode fully loaded. She climbed the hills with ease.

At first I was somewhat unsure going downhill with too much speed. Soon, however, I realized Betsy was just as stable going downhill at a speedy clip as any other terrain.

The H-Bar is ultra-comfortable -- so much so, that I could ride without gloves when it rained and I didn't want to get my gloves wet.

With the 1.75" Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires the ride was very smooth. I also had a couple of bus rides on the North Island to avoid riding in Auckland.

I just folded Betsy, put her into her bag (which, when I wasn't using it, I was able to easily carry folded up and bungy corded to the front of the rear rack), loaded her on the bus, and didn't have to pay the extra $10 for a bike.

Piece of cake! I have a full-sized touring bike. I don't think I will use it to tour anymore. I will only use my Bike Friday NWT!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 22, 2012
Posted by: Brian Ogilvie
Posted by: brianogilvie
Email: ogilvie@pobox.com
It really is performance that packs!

I've had my NWT for nearly two years now, so I felt like I now have enough experience to review it. My full review is posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike, but in a nutshell: the NWT is a fine touring and randonneuring bike.

It's comfortable, handles very much like a 700C touring bike, carries quite a load, and packs into a standard-sized suitcase (for US-based airlines).

It's not ideal for people who need to fold the bike several times a day, but for everyone else who wants a packable touring bike, it's well worth considering.

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