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New World Tourist - 87
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Date: July 2, 2000
Posted by: Margaret Goodwin
Email: mg1263@netzero.net
It's really an incredible bike

I got my bike and I love it! I got it Friday and put it together, but just got to test it yesterday. I went to New Jersey and rode along their shore for about two hours. I NEVER rode that long before because after a half-hour my neck would be hurting. I was so comfortable and loved being able to be in a more upright position.

It's really an incredible bike and I'll be honest, before I got it I was thinking it might look a bit funny because it's smaller. As soon as I put it together I realized how cool it looked. I don't think most people can realize how sturdy it is until you ride one, I am so impressed!

When I was finished riding and about to put the bike in my car an older couple were walking by and the wife said "Wow, what a cool bike!" She loved the name Bike Friday too. I told them all about it and what it could do and had her take a test ride. The husband said he couldn't believe it looked so well made for a folding bike. I gave them the pamphlet but I forgot to give them a referral card.

Today I will practice folding it. It took me an hour to put it together and packing it seems a bit overwhelming right now but I'm sure with practice, it will be easier.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 30, 2000
Posted by: Richard Clarke
Email: xhefty@msn.com
It's hard for words to describe it

I find my NWT to be very close to the ideal touring bike. It is very responsive yet stable. Every ride for me is an adventure. If you are thinking about getting one, all I can say is go for it. By the way, I have three other high-end bikes in my stable.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 21, 2000
Posted by: Trenton Stover
Email: trentons@eurekanet.com
Excellent experience over all!

Since I received my New World Tourist, I have traveled to Sedona, Ariz., Vail, Colorado, Martha's Vineyard, numerous rides in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky and Hilton Head, SC. I also rode my bike form Miami to Key West the first week of December.

The Key West ride was an Everglades Bike Club event. The first day was tough, I was dead last, arriving at the overnight about 45 minutes later than everyone else. The next day I left an hour early and beat everyone to Key West. My only comment about the bike is that it is somewhat slower that my Trek roady, and it is hell getting it in that suitcase. I sweat and cuss and all but I finally get it crammed in, I feel so sorry for my little bike being mashed in so tight, it must be awful, I let it out as soon as I get where ever I'm going. I love it though and have rode it everywhere, keep up the good work, I am thinking of buying a used road bike - Pocket Rocket, etc.

Thanks for writing to me.

Tim Stover

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