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Model T tikit - 2
Overall Experience Rating:
Date: February 8, 2013
Posted by: Dave Krovetz
Posted by: Dave K
Email: dkrovetz@gmail.com
Pre-Owned Model T tikit

After anticipating its arrival for several weeks, my newly purchased "Pre-Loved" Bike Friday tikit Model-T arrived yesterday evening.

The bike was sent in one smallish box and was very carefully packed. Assembly was quick and easy and took only minutes. I then put my own seat and pedals onto the bike, set the handlebar and seat height, put lights on (I commute at night) and literally rode off.

While technically a pre-owned bike, Bike Friday's attention to the details of refurbishing this bike was so thorough that my bike looks and rides like a new bike.

As the wizards at Bike Friday prepared my tikit for resale, they went all-out: new paint (my choice of color, I selected black), new tires, rims, cogs, cables, housings, and a whole lot more is in excellent condition.

To call it used does not seem appropriate. I have ridden Bike Friday's for many years. In fact,my other bike is a Bike Friday Pocket Companion. I have toured all over the mid-Atlantic area on that bike or its equivalent.

The handling of my tikit is as good as the Pocket Companion - that is to say excellent. It is stable enough to ride no-hands, accelerates and corners in a sporty fashion (small wheels, great geometry) and has gearing just fine for Charlottesville's relatively steep hills.

To top it all off, the tikit is very comfortable as well. In short - this is a fine ride!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 10, 2010
Posted by: Mitch W
Model T tikit 'T' for Terrific

Recently purchased a Model T tikit on March 29, 2010. I previously rode a racing bike and was concerned that my new ride wouldn't be as smooth or as easy to climb. My doubts were unfounded in that the Bike Friday Model T performed beautifully on flat and somewhat hilly terrain. The fold is very easy and tightening the "Twiddly" knob is very reassuring that the bike is secure. I am really enjoying my riding experience and being able to fold the bike really comes in handy now that the weather in NYC is getting better and I can ride to work and store it safely, not worrying that it is exposed to the outside elements.