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Date: January 31, 2006
Posted by: Tom Thompson
Email: tommytrpv@cs.com
This applies to the New Sat R Day Tour recumbent

After some years of riding a Pocket Llama I have switched to the new recumbent. Overall I am impressed by the design and engineering. Being new to recumbents I have a bit of adjustment to make before I will feel fully competent to pass judgement. However, I do find the seat rather uncomfortable (insufficient support at the bottom), and the steering too quick (no rake in the fork). Anyone else have a comment? Tom

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Date: September 21, 2005
Posted by: Pat Fleury
Problems with the trailer

My husband and I took a 9 day trip to Ireland with our Pocket Gnus and trailers. We lost 3 of the 4 hitch pins,o-rings, and washers during this time. We were lucky the wheels didn't fall off! Make sure your hitch pins have their straight ends pointing upward when you assemble your wheels on to the trailer. That way, when you accidently scrape a curb or something, the hitch pins will not push themselves out of the axle holes.

You can push the pins all the way to the quick so they won't accidentally push themselves out when riding. - Ed

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Date: August 28, 2005
Posted by: Bill Scheideman
Email: bscheidy@hotmail.com
Bike Friday in France and Spain

I arrived in Paris, and in the train station, I assembled my bike without a wrinkle until... I tried to insert the handle bar mast into its spot in the frame. The suitcase must have taken a hit in just the right spot, because the thin metal sheath the post fits into had been bent, making it impossible to finish my assembly. Well, that is until I pulled out my handy tent-stake hammer and pounded it until there was enough space to insert the handle bars as puzzled travelers whizzed by. For the return trip, I found a piece of metal to insert in that spot to prevent that area from becoming bent and it did the trick. After that, I weaved my way around the center of Paris in traffic with my trailer to make a connection to the Gare de Montparnasse so I could make my way to Tours by train and avoid the sprawling Paris suburbs. I think the low center of gravity on the bike took loads pretty well, even with a trailer and a removable seat rack. Just don't count on the frame to keep the bike from falling over as you take a break standing up, straddling the bar! The bike has the scratches to show what a split second of inattention can do. The Cols of the Pyrenées couldn't slow me down on my bike, and now I can't imagine traveling in France without it. I'm concerned that the packing process leaves the front derailleur relatively exposed and liable to become bent, which made shifting in the middle gear a little noisy at times. My larger frame size made it necessary to remove the entire crank to fit in the suitcase. Still, a little tweaking made for very nice shifting. It seems that actual riding and pulling weight didn't do any damage to the bike. Though I packed very carefully it's the plane trip that seems to challenge the material the most!

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