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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 8, 2010
Posted by: David Gibson
Just a great product

There are few products these days which live up to the hype. For me, the Brooks saddle is such a product. I would now add to that the Bike Friday. I recently bought a Pocket Expedition at the local dealer Cycle Science in Melbourne, Australia.

I had previously owned too many bikes, none of which quite suited my needs — commuting, touring and fast recreational riding. This bike really does ride as well as my best bike — actually, it now is my best bike. I put my Brooks Flyer saddle on it and some Schwalbe Big Apples and the ride is phenomenal — roads, rail trails, hills — it handles anything. It is fast and nimble. It soaks up the bumps. It is stiff and doesn't flex, even out of the saddle. It will carry a heavy load if I attach the racks.

I can fold it and throw it into the boot (that's trunk to you) of the car in a minute. But most importantly, in this age of mass assembly, it is beautifully built and assembled. I have owned another (well regarded) folding bike and the paint chipped easily and the spokes popped and the brakes never quite did their job. But with the Bike Friday — and this is a basic model — the frame welds are clean and the paint work is beautiful. And the assembly — the brakes and gears and wheels — are all wonderfully thought out and put together.

If the poet Keats had ridden one he might well have exclaimed "a thing of beauty is a joy forever", for that's how I feel about my Bike Friday.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: November 27, 2009
Posted by: Al
Just another Friday

Hi Walter, This comes a bit late but I just want to thank you for arranging the Expedition sale for me. It arrived in Spore via my wife in good shape I am told. I'm still here in Perth, Australia and my good friend has put it together for me. I was most impressed with the extend of the packing protection. You guys really know your stuff. I look forward to riding this ultimate "Landcruiser" across many exotic lands in the near distant future. This is my 2nd Friday and something tells me it wont be the last.

http://lovethefold.blogspot.com/2009/10/just-another-friday.html Alvin

Date: October 28, 2009
Posted by: Robert Schneck
Email: robertschneck@earthlink.net
I Wish I Had One

I know this review is not the norm. Most people who write, already own one of your bicycles. However, after what I experienced on a recent trip from Tampa to Cincinnati and back, I think a Bike Friday may be in my future.

As you are aware, it is difficult to find a shop to rent a bicycle, when traveling. The cost for the rental, for my stay, was just shy of $100.00. The logistics to get to and from the bike shop would be additional. So, I decided to dust off an old Kalkhoff folding bike. I called Delta and was told it would cost $15.00 each way. Although it has 20" wheels, when I folded the bike, it would not fit in a large suitcase, so I used my normal bike case.

When I got to the airport, they wanted to charge me $175.00 each way. I would have tossed the old bike, but being at an airport, TSA Security would not allow me to abandon the bike. I paid the fee one way. I borrowed a suitcase and literally took the bike apart, to ship it back. I had to leave my bike case at my dads.

It will take me more than 30 seconds, to reassemble my bike, more like 2 hours. In retrospect, I will get a refund for $175 from Delta and only paid $15 for checking a suitcase, on the return trip. This drama, all could have been avoided, if I knew about your company and fine products you offer.

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