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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 13, 2006
Posted by: Shamsudin
Email: smdubi@hotmail.com
A joy to ride

After 3 weeks riding the QXL Sport tour 24 I think its a fantastic tandem. It needed some modification though before getting it right. Both front and rear stems were modified to get the right fit for both capt and stoker. The canti brakes lacked feel and need a bit of effort to stop the bike. I replaced them with short v brake and now its almost perfect. We have a Bilenky S&S tandem nicknamed BMW by my wife,which we used on long loaded tours. Compared to that the QXL is a sports car. We have now nicknamed the QXL the Jaguar. The longest ride so far on the Jag has been 50km. This weekend we'll go further.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 6, 2006
Posted by: Tina Mancuso
225 miles and loving it!

I'm no stranger to folding bikes, but the SatRDay was my first recumbent ever. I've now ridden about 225 miles on it, and folded and unfolded it countless times (though I haven't disassembled it for a plane trip yet), so I figure it's probably time to post a review.

My first few rides were a bit nerve-wracking; there really is a learning curve when switching from an upright to a recumbent. I've been told that this style of recumbent is an especially difficult one for a first-timer to learn on, but I persevered, and now I love my new bike! It's a really comfortable ride, and I find I have no aches in my back or (ahem) lower down like I get with an upright. Hardest to get used to were the starting and stopping, but that does get much easier with practice. Steering is also very different; a lighter touch will turn the bike further, and that takes some getting used to. I've gotten to the point now where an upright feels weird, so I guess I've now officially crossed over!

I can't give the rundown of all the components I have -- I am not at all knowledgeable about such things -- but I can say that my SatRDay has 27 speeds with an internal hub and no front derailleur. There are 3 gears -- "uphill", "flat", and "downhill" -- on the internal hub and 9 on the rear derailleur. Shifting is easy and smooth, and I find myself able to ride longer periods without getting tired than I could on my old upright. Hills are sometimes a problem when I don't have the opportunity to gain momentum before the climb -- unlike on an upright, you can't stand on the pedals, so it can be harder to get a good speed going up a hill. Having 27 speeds does help a lot here, though.

The folding is a little awkward, I've found, and I had a lot of problems at first with the chain slicing into the cables at the point where the handlebars fold down and the boom swings upwards, but with help from the BF folks, that seems to be under control now. Lately, I've also started taking the chain off the front ring before folding the boom up. Doing that gives more than adequate slack in the chain to fold properly; I always take work gloves (supplied by BF along with the suitcase and packing materials) so I don't have to get chain grease on my hands.

Folded, the bike isn't as compact as my foldable upright, but I'm guessing that a quick, compact fold is pretty much impossible with a recumbent. Anyway, it's small enough to fit in a regular-sized car trunk, and that's all I need.

Finding a hydration solution was an issue, since there's nowhere to put a bottle cage and, obviously, a CamelBak wasn't an option. I found a bag from fastbacksystem.com that fits on the back of the seat and holds a regular CamelBak bladder, and that works quite well. I run the CamelBak tube under the vertical seat support and under my arm, and clip it to my shirt with a retractor so that it's easy to drink from and goes back to where it belongs when I'm done.

There have been other minor problems along the way, partly, I think, because this is still a new bike and the BF folks are working out the bugs. For example, I learned early on to tighten the bolt on the handlebars as much as possible because otherwise it can be too easy to move them out of position if you jerk them too hard (which I did a lot when I was still learning to ride). The people at BF have been really wonderful about answering my questions, sending me replacement parts when needed, and helping me figure out stuff like how to install a bike rack. Their reputation for good customer service is well-deserved, and overall I am really happy with my SatRDay and with Bike Friday in general.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 9, 2006
Posted by: Linda Leer
Wonderful Bike and Excellent Service

I got the best ever bike and incredible and excellent service from Greg Thompson who helped put together, the components and sizing for me. The fit and finish are top notch and high quality. The follow-up from Greg ensured that I was ride-ready. I love this bike, although maybe not the attention every time I hit the road. I would highly recommend Bike Friday and most of all, Greg! Thank you so much again!

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