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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 10, 1999
Posted by: Richard Simonson
Email: Irving.Dubicki02@snet.net
The Family Tandem is great to use with little kids.

We have the original Family Tandem, the model when it first came out. It does not fold for travel, but it has provided hours of enjoyment with each of my three children. My wife and I both ride it. It is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the sport, and to spend individual time with each child. I suggest putting narrower, high pressure tires on this bike, which greatly improves its performance.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 6, 1999
Posted by: Anita Hufnagel
Email: dataio@wolfenet.com

I like to commute on my bike. I bike and bus in the morning, then bike home at night. I find the ease of storing my bike at work great, it is lightweight to put on the bus and riding it in traffic a breeze. I don't ride it as often in the winter because of the rain and the gears being low to the ground I clean it more often to get the road gunk off. I have now had my bike 3+ years and still love it. We (my husband has one too) took it to Ireland 2 summers ago and rode 1000 miles in 5 great weeks there so we did try it out traveling. It was easy to pack/unpack though the picture and instructions were necessary for us...The only problem there was two flat tires...had to clean the gears often because of their road surfaces and some rainy days(and my husband being an engineer felt it was necessary) but all in all it was problem free. We don't ride it is often now since we have taken up Motorcycling and we are learning that sport, but we still commute and go on 10-20 mile rides on nice weekends. I love my Bike Friday and would (and do) recommend the bike to anyone who is interested... Happy riding, Anita

Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Ed Thorpe
Fun to ride.

The Sat R Day is fun to ride. It's nice to simply lower your feet to the ground at a stop while still sitting reclined in the bike seat.

Steering is a little different than uprights. I have under-seat steering, but I think above steering is similar. I've learned that you cannot lean on the handlebars to compensate for bike lean. The handlebars are only for steering the front wheel, shifting and braking. All the balance is with your feet/legs and body. Still trying to learn how to maintain a straight line while maintaining a fast cadence, but great to have a low-drag profile.

Nice attention-getting bicycle. Great idea of having the front boom and idler chain lock the folding frame into position. Still wonder about riding techniques and if seat placement and center of gravity alter riding/handling performance much. The bike and trailer fit nicely into the suitcase - complete package.

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