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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: November 12, 2008
Posted by: Alex Gilsenan
Email: alexgilsenan@yahoo.com.au
Thank you for the sevice

Just want to say thank you for looking after my GT Transeo Hybrid. The truth is I hadn't been looking after it and the guy who serviced it would have seen that, however he gave it the TLC it needed and now it feels like day one all over. I took it in to have chain replaced (supplied my own) and got it back with a lot more. The bike came back cleaned after being filthy near the rear gears, tyres pumped, gears all realigned the lot. The bike felt fully serviced. I am very impressed and they managed to turn it around in a day, place down the road asked for five days and quadruple the money for the end result. Big Thanks to Technician and the guy who I payed. There was a mix up with the original request and I was looked after when the bill came. Well done and keep up the great service! Five star :>

Even though we don't usually service regular bikes, we try to help people in a pickle - BF

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 1, 2008
Posted by: Bill Guthrie
Email: bill50g@rogers.com
Trailer Kit has some shortcomings

On a recent bike trip to Benelux countries my wife and I took our New World Tourist bikes complete with hardshell cases. This was our first real test of the Bike Friday "trailer system". We certainly put this combination to the test. We flew to London, took a train to Dover and ferried over to France. We cycled almost 400 miles and dragged the bike/trailer combination onto at least 6 trains and one subway. Although many cyclist seem to love this combination, I would like to outline some of the problems we encountered.

First of all we found that when two cyclists, complete with trailer, are navigating through European towns and cities, the overall length can cause problems at crosswalks and on some narrow bike paths. We lost several cotter pins from clipping various obstacles on or beside the roadways and paths. We did purchase more cotter pins but had trouble finding washers. Whenever we took the trailers into a hotel room, the width of the trailers was so close to the door size that we often clipped the door jam and did a bit of damage. We often felt that if the width of the axle was about 1 inch shorter we would not have had as many problems. Although the trailers pulled well on flat paved roads, the extra weight was a real problem on hills. On future trips, I would prefer to leave the suitcases at the first hotel and travel with panniers. This would make our total package weight lighter by at least 10 pounds and allow us to navigate through towns and cities with a more compact package.

We are sorry to hear you had difficulty getting spare parts for your trailer.  We do stock them for sale here at Bike Friday if you ever need additional parts.  Regrading the weight of the trailer, there are inherent pro and cons to touring with panniers or trailers.  Panniers are generally lighter but concentrate more weight on your bicycle's rear wheel.  While trailers are generally heavier, they balance more of the loaded weight on their own axle, lightening the load on the bicycle's rear wheel improving durability of that component. - Jordan, Customer Service Manager

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 26, 2007
Posted by: Bennett Fischer
Great travel bike to tinker with, and fun too!

I bought the PT because the price, and frame quality, was right. I wanted a good travel bike that I could upgrade myself with a combination of old parts I had lying around, and some new stuff.

The cheapest model in the BF line, the PT frame appears to be the same as the NWT (except for a narrower top tube, and easy pack seat mast). It also comes "fully loaded" with saddle, pedals, kickstand, etc., so you can take your time about swapping out components.

Apparently discontinued by mail order, the BF website says you can still get this bike through BF dealerships (as I did). It's too bad that BF doesn't offer any "frame only" options, but considering the PT's reasonable price and high frame quality, I guess you could rationalize that this is the closest thing to "frame only" that they sell. The folded bike easily fits into an old Carlton travel case, even without a splittable handlebar. (A quill stem with removable face plate allows for bar removal.)

I'm very pleased with the ride quality. With proper saddle and stem adjustment the fit is spot on. (After a couple of test rides I opted for the size Large frame, rather than the size Medium that the BF literature recommends for my body size.)

The rear triangle is very stiff and stable; the long head tube is slightly flexy, but not unpleasantly so. Fitted with my favorite saddle, pedals, and handlebars, this is a very comfortable bike indeed.

This is my first folding bike, and the most pleasant surprise for me, is discovering just how much fun a 20" wheeled bike is to ride. It rolls great, is extremely maneuverable, looks cool, and is just, well... a lot of fun. I find myself riding it a lot more than I anticipated I would, just because it's such a kick!

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