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Date: December 1, 1999
Posted by: Ed Thorpe
Fun to ride.

The Sat R Day is fun to ride. It's nice to simply lower your feet to the ground at a stop while still sitting reclined in the bike seat.

Steering is a little different than uprights. I have under-seat steering, but I think above steering is similar. I've learned that you cannot lean on the handlebars to compensate for bike lean. The handlebars are only for steering the front wheel, shifting and braking. All the balance is with your feet/legs and body. Still trying to learn how to maintain a straight line while maintaining a fast cadence, but great to have a low-drag profile.

Nice attention-getting bicycle. Great idea of having the front boom and idler chain lock the folding frame into position. Still wonder about riding techniques and if seat placement and center of gravity alter riding/handling performance much. The bike and trailer fit nicely into the suitcase - complete package.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: November 30, 1999
Posted by: Luis Anaya
Pretty good, but some surprises.

I use my Bike Friday for commuting. My commute is about four miles each way, eight miles total. The area consists of mostly residential streets. A significant portion of the ride is on a two-lane main road in which maniacs ride alongside you at incredible speed. Thank God there is a wide shoulder.

I am, most the time, "out there:" rain, shine, cold weather, etc. Although I have ridden the Friday on longer trips, most of my cycling is through the commute route, which turns out to be a cruise-speed-slow-cruise kind of ride.

I seldom fold it, only when I'm stuck at work too late at night and I need to hitch a ride with one of my co-workers. Folding comes in handy for those kind of situations, hence I bought my Friday in the first place.

The Friday is pretty well built overall. Probably because of its color, black, people do not pay a lot of attention to it, only that it looks like a "nice bike." Handling is pretty good, it is not as twitchy as some other riders experienced. Braking and acceleration are also good, mileage is very poor, I have to fill the tank about three times a day on short rides.

There some surprises on The Friday which did not make me feel very happy, but nothing that could not be solved.

  1. The headset was loose. I noticed how loose it was when I took a gravel road and the fork was moving up and down. I would not have expected that on a new bicycle. It was solved rather quickly by adjusting it. However it took some time until the tool arrived from their store.
  2. I personally had problems going into granny when I took a very steep hill. I think that it is a matter of adjustment but I have not gotten the chance to investigate. Most of the time, on flat terrain, it works fine.
  3. I requested a model in which the seat and the handlebar are at the same height. However, it does not allow you to have the handlebar to be significantly lower than your seat for a more aggressive posture. Probably I should have ordered it with a more aggressive stance. However, I can always use my recumbent if I'm looking for speed. But on the flip side, it is good when I have to turn left on a two-lane intersection in which cars zoom by at 55 mph.

Overall, I'm happy with it. I wish the experience was perfect, but it was not. I am also glad that it does not attract as much attention as my 'bent.

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