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Date: October 28, 2009
Posted by: Robert Schneck
Email: robertschneck@earthlink.net
I Wish I Had One

I know this review is not the norm. Most people who write, already own one of your bicycles. However, after what I experienced on a recent trip from Tampa to Cincinnati and back, I think a Bike Friday may be in my future.

As you are aware, it is difficult to find a shop to rent a bicycle, when traveling. The cost for the rental, for my stay, was just shy of $100.00. The logistics to get to and from the bike shop would be additional. So, I decided to dust off an old Kalkhoff folding bike. I called Delta and was told it would cost $15.00 each way. Although it has 20" wheels, when I folded the bike, it would not fit in a large suitcase, so I used my normal bike case.

When I got to the airport, they wanted to charge me $175.00 each way. I would have tossed the old bike, but being at an airport, TSA Security would not allow me to abandon the bike. I paid the fee one way. I borrowed a suitcase and literally took the bike apart, to ship it back. I had to leave my bike case at my dads.

It will take me more than 30 seconds, to reassemble my bike, more like 2 hours. In retrospect, I will get a refund for $175 from Delta and only paid $15 for checking a suitcase, on the return trip. This drama, all could have been avoided, if I knew about your company and fine products you offer.

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Date: July 29, 2009
Posted by: Emily Smith
Bike Friday Petite Pocket Crusoe Fits Me Fine


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Date: March 26, 2009
Posted by: Lee Lloyd
It is the company that makes the product.

I have looked at a lot of different folding bikes before deciding to get one of yours, and ultimately the deciding factor came down to the personalized level of service, and the fact that the bike is made by people getting paid a real wage, not some Chinese factory one step up from a labor camp.

Don't get me wrong, the tikit looks like a fantastic bike, and I can't wait to ride it, but there are a lot of fantastic bikes out there. What sets your bikes apart, at least for me, is the fact that I can put a real face on the people who made it, and have every confidence that if I have any problems with it, I will be able to get a real person on the line and work it out.

In contrast, I compare it to my wife's Mobiky Genius folding bike. It is a little engineering marvel itself, and quite an impressive design, however it is for all intents and purposes an orphan product made by a faceless company. She can't even get the company to respond to a simple request as to where she would find spare parts for the bike. As soon as she got it, she noticed that the front disk rotor was ever so slightly warped, and the plastic casing on the headset was cracked. She emailed the company, called the company, and tried everything she could think of to find the parts, with no response or luck at all, because it uses entirely oddball parts. I was eventually able to true the rotor, and shore up the crack with some glue, but if anything ever goes seriously wrong with the bike, I am either going to have to improvise with what parts I can find that might work, or she is just going to have to throw the bike away. For a $700 bike, that is not an acceptable level of service in my opinion.

That was exactly what I didn't want for my bike. That was the main reason I steered clear of bikes like the GoBike and Birdy. As pretty as they are, and as many awards as they have won, I saw no direct way for an American to contact the company and get repairs or parts if something went wrong with the bike. Now hopefully the bike I get from you will be perfect, not have any problems, and you will never hear from me again except to praise the bike, or eventually get a pink one for my wife :-) It is nice to know though that if there is a problem, there are responsive people with actual names who are there to follow up after the sale. That is what ended up making the sale, even though the bike turned out to cost a lot more than I was hoping to spend. These days it is a rare thing indeed to be able to even know where a product is made, much less to know the names of the people who made it, and that they are willing to stand behind the product. That is more than worth the extra expense to me.


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