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Family Tandem Traveler - 10
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: October 7, 2004
Posted by: Carl
Email: carlzgr8@aol.com
Nice family bike

We bought our tandem when my son was 1. His Kettler seat suspended from the back seat mast, my wife stoked. Just when he hit the limit of the seat he was 36 inches tall. We inverted the rear bars and got some small pedal clips and presto - I captain and he the 4 year old stoker. My wife rides alongside and we feel safe and are very happy with the bike, the flexibility. Great family time and a great way to get our son into biking. We send out some great Photo Christmas cards of the family on the bike, getting many comments about our bike and less fortunately of my "thingie" in bike shorts. My mother in law looks at me differently now... not sure if it's the bike...

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: April 21, 2004
Posted by: Chris Markus
Great tandem for my kidz and me if no one wants to go!

Purchase the bike for the whole family and they love it! My kidz can ride with papa and we cruise at 18-20mph on the American River Trail for 10-15 miles at a time. We have done a metric century with good speed overall and easy breakdown to throw it into my Honda Civic. The bike is very easy to adjust for anyone from 6 ft. to < 4 ft. in a couple of min. I rode the single bike Q up Mt. Diablo 3770 ft. and beat one of my roadie friends, he couldn't believe it! Over all a great bike and if I ever need to travel to my riding destination I don't hesitate to take it rather than my usual ride.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 17, 2003
Posted by: Richard Vallens
Email: VallensR@aol.com
The single BEST purchase I have ever made!

Bike Friday's owners could go to the Hall of Fame based on the Family Tandem alone! This bike is so much MORE than an assembly of tubing and tires and components. It's a flying carpet of great magic, the perfect soltuion to the eternal quest of doing something with your kids where you can both have fun and truly communicate. My rides with my son (13 now, 8 when we bought the bike) on the Family Tandem are the BEST, absolutely the best memories he and I have. We've had a complete Blast! on this bike - physically close enough to talk and hear (and conspire) well, with the bicycling effortlessly filling any gaps in conversation. You learn little from a child by asking questions ("Tell me about school today." "It was fine."). You learn everything by being close enough to hear as their thoughts and impressions burble out during a long Family Tandem ride. So many times, it was just us in our own world, father and son on the Red Bike. The genius of the Family Tandem design comes into focus once you own it. Most significantly - the main tubes are low to the ground. Even a four year old can put their feet down at a stop. This is a huge security and comfort advantage to a small child. And as your kids grow older, guess what? You don't need a new bike every two or three years. The Family Tandem, with it's adjustable everything, just grows as they do. When I purchased our Family Tandem six years ago, I remember thinking so clearly, "I can't belive I'm spending this MUCH money on a bike." Within an hour of riding it for the first time, my perspective changed entirely. I couldn't belive I got so much bike for the small amount of money I paid. Our first test ride was supposed to be around the block. We didn't get back for two hours. "Dad, can we bicycle over to my school." "Dad, can we ride to Mason Park." "Dad, can we ride to the bird sanctuary." "Dad, can we PLEASE take the **long** way home." My little boy is no longer little, and I can hardly keep up with him as he rides his new road bike. But we'll always remember our hours and hours together on the Family Tandem. Like I said, it's the best money I've ever spent.

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