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Air Glide - 8
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 3, 2005
Posted by: Gunther Kern
Email: gunther.kern@rcn.com
My favorite riding bike

I got my air glide last year. The customer service was outstanding and gave all the advice needed to build the bike for my specific uses. I ride the bike on a daily basis to work and use it on the weekends for training. If you want to go at top speed comparable to a regular road bike, I strongly recommend the Capreo rear hub. The air glide is almost as fast as other high end full frame road bikes with 28inch tires. The shifters work smooth, however after folding unfolding adjustments are sometimes needed. Also with a tripple ring (27 speed) the front derailor adjustment is trick to not avoid that the chain rubs aginst it if it sits on the smallest sprocket on the back hub.The bike fits in any trunck. This is convenent if you often go one leg of a longer travel to meet with friends or family. Riding the flexy bar takes some adjustment and I went with a reinforced titanium bar to decrease flex. The ride is very comfortable however on rough roads you feel vibration on the pedals and the handlebar which can be tiriong if ongoing for longer distances. A front suspension may help but will add weight. Things I liked/customized: chris king headset Avid cantilever brakes with travel agent 54/44/32 tooth sprocket front Capreo hub back with 9 to 26 teeth Schwalbe Stelvio tires Schimano Ultegra components (good price for quality) Have fun enjoy the ride As for speed

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 19, 2003
Posted by: Hugh Larkin
Email: hdsrlarkin2@earthlink.net
Bent or Wedgie - BF's are my best bikes!

I have been a cyclist for as long as I can remember (I'm 49), so it was of interest to me when I saw my first recumbent many years ago. But being raised in a "wedgie world" that was all it was, a unique type of bike. Then while touring in Holland 7 years ago on my old New World Tourist, I saw various models of recumbents, many of them going low and fast while the rider looked pretty relaxed. Thus my curiosity arose when I first learned of the SRD in its development stage, which was shortly thereafter, and began thinking maybe I should consider a 'bent'. During the past 4 years I have taken the opportunity to test ride many recumbents, but kept coming back to the SRD because it fit my primary requirements of folding for transport, comfort for riding, quality of construction, personal selection of components, and reliability of service from the builder (I also selected it because I was looking for an alternative to my Air Glide for commuting and for the ease of bringing it into my 11th floor office.) So in the fall of 2001, I took the plunge and ordered my SRD with underseat steering, disc brakes front & back, Sram DualDrive3x9, and Chris King headset (you can see some of the details and read my comments at www.geocities.com/sirflakeyjake). After having ridden my SRD for over 2,000 miles for the past 18 months (along with my wedgie AG for another 3,500 miles which has been the best wedgie I've owned), I am getting to the point of wondering which bike I like the best (see BF's general statement about owning a BF). While I haven't toured with my SRD, I prefer it over my AG for general commuting to/from work. And although it is a bit slower than the AG, it is highly responsive and quick, and can hold its own against most other bikes. Plus my body is less sore overall after having completed similar 50+ mile rides. So if it sounds like I'm passionate about BF's bikes, I am - and that includes the SRD. I may not be an elite rider, but to me, all my Bike Fridays have been and are my best bikes. Hugh Larkin, Phoenix, AZ 2000 Air Glide 2001 Sat-R-Day

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 16, 2000
Posted by: Graham Chester
Email: chesters99@yahoo.com
AirGlide experiences

I purchased an AirGlide in September, and while it has been a bit of a mixed blessing, overall I am very glad I did.

Had some initial 'misunderstanding' regarding price and payment terms. I was very impressed that Bike Friday stuck to their original committment, even if it did take a little while to get the refund through. Good customer service.

Upon delivery the front derailleur was way out of alignment, even the limit screws were set wrongly. It was also supplied with a rear brake that I didn't order (but was an upgrade), and from the suitcase, the packing materials and video missing.

This was pretty disappointing on a US$2000 bike, but the customer service from Bike Friday was excellent. I adjusted the derailleur myself but I believe Bike Friday would have paid for me to get it done at a bike shop if needed. They sent out the correct brake at no charge (I wanted cartridge brake pads), but then I found it didn't fit because of the Travel Agent cable adjuster, so obviously this was the reason it was substituted at the factory. After calling them again they made a custom Travel agent for me and I was able to fit the brake satisfactorily. So quite a bit of messing around to get the bike setup, but the customer support was truly excellent and consistent.

Packing the bike into the Carlton suitcase takes a bit of practice but once you've done it once, it takes about 20 minutes with only a basic multitool.

As for riding the bike itself, the only downsides are a slightly bouncy ride on the titanium seat arm (which requires adjusting my pedaling style to be smoother; no bad thing), and spongy brakes. Otherwise the bike is very comfortable (even for a rider coming from a nice full-suspension Cannondale MTB), and it rides like a full-size bike. Very impressive.

Overall it is a great bike; a quality product. Expect some teething problems but Bike Friday should take care of the issues pretty well. Recommended.

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