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Air Friday - 17
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 13, 2007
Posted by: Bret Niemeyer
Email: bretniemeyer@wwdb.org
Bike Friday Team Support & Air Friday are a winning combination.

Last October on a business trip to Portland, OR included a trip to Eugene to retrieve a custom fit Air Friday exceeded my expectations. Upon returning to the SW desert after five distance trips the bike was fine tuned for the 109 mile event at the El Tour de Tucson. On the day of the event, for the first time, I joined 8000+ riders for a perimeter ride around Tucson. Half way through the event there was no question both the bike and the rider would complete the circuit. After 80 miles there more questions than comments by other riders. Most asked how effective the seat configuration must be for lower back stress relief. An interesting note is that my cycling technique became smoother, more consistent to prevent up and down oscillation. I don't know if that was an un-intended consequence however the effect is great. Looking forward to making continuous improvement in this years El Tour De Tucson.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 26, 2006
Posted by: Michael Block
Very pleased (mostly)

I have had my AF for 12 months now and although I haven't done that trailer trip that I bought the bike for yet, I have done over 3000 kms on it during that time. My family owns 3 AFs so this is a summary of our combined experience. Ordering: This process went much smoother than we feared but not perfectly. We sent our own set of bike measurements that the BF crew were able to interpret fairly well. Any discrepancies in measurements were double checked and we were very pleased about that! My wife's bike was unusual as it is very tall but with a short effective top tube. BF were not able to increase the chain-stay length- this would aid the stability of tall bikes and allow for a more 'touring road bike' setup. The on-line colour charts were different from the colour that we got but it was still OK, although the paint seems to chip easily. Our biggest difficulty has come from the compatibility of our Campagnolo components with the AF frame: The brake mounts are setup for Shimano calipers and are not only mounted too close to the tyre, lessening the leverage on the caliper arms, but also sit too high and rub on the chain; this was not picked up on assembly and we have spent extra money getting the frames machined (a problem on 2/3 frames); additionally the large chain-ring supplied (a 60 tooth) was unusable as it didn't come with chain-lifters and we were forced to revert to a Campagnolo 53 tooth ring (extra expense). The chain-lines are still rather tight and I feel that this would also be helped by a longer wheel base. The bikes arrived safely and on time. Fine Tuning: The setups were nearly perfect, the adjustable stem is a very good idea - all new bikes should come like this! I had a creak in my beam early on but this rapidly resolved with the BF suggestion of pouring some oil down the Ti tube! Riding: I also have a Look KG361 - a wonderful bike, but I've ridden it 4 times since I got the AF! It isn't quite as stiff as the Look but much better than I'd hoped for and more than good enough. The bike is stable on descents, quite fast and only the rather poor engine limits it's climbing abilities!The trailer is very stable but quite heavy, there's about 3kg of felt packaging that fills half the case, it's good to have it but we'll be simplifying the packaging. I always worry about losing the wing-nut that holds the frame tight when assembled - this should be wired to the frame so that it can't be lost even if loose. The bike is harder to keep clean around the bottom bracket because of additional bracing. Overall we are pretty happy with our choice and certainly enjoy the riding! There are some difficulties dealing with any company from the other side of the Pacific but our BF experience has been pretty positive.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 17, 2005
Posted by: Michael Khaw
Update/addition to my existing review

On a November '05 Western Wheelers club ride north of Santa Cruz, California, there was a long descent down Bonny Doon Road to the Pacific Coast Highway. I got into a tuck and just let my Air Friday coast. There was no traffic, the pavement was excellent and clear of debris. When I got to the bottom, I checked my bike computer: it had registered a max. speed of 91 kph (56.5 mph)! I'm pretty sure it's credible, as I'd calibrated it against my GPS over many, many miles. It's the fastest I've ever gone on a bike and I felt very stable and secure, even on the 451 wheels shod with Schwalbe Stelvios (I think I'd pumped them up to 110 psi before starting the ride).

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