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Air Friday - 17
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: March 19, 2004
Posted by: Mark Atwell
A Fabulous Ride: Solvang Century 2004

A FABULOUS RIDE!!! A chilly start but a sunny, warm end. 4700+ riders. Three bananas, 1 PBJ (peanut butter and jelly for the non 'merican readers) sandwich, 2 powerbars, 10 water bottles. Lots of "how do you go so fast on that little bike?" "Hey, your bike shrunk" Numerous pacelines at 25 mph. Folks literally shaking my hand at the sags for "riding THAT thing 100 miles"! 5000+ feet of climbing, 102 miles, 6:04 saddle time, 7:00 on the course. One tired, happy puppy. Mark "Snake" Atwell Air Friday R1000 9.9 Pro MD-11

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: September 9, 2003
Posted by: Kevin Wells-Knecht
Email: kmluv2tandembike@earthlink.net
Best Bike Purchase I've Made!

Just got back from a bike tour from Albuquerque, NM to Denver, CO and my Air Friday rode great! It was easy to pack and what a wonderful feeling not having to pay an extra $160 to fly it. My Air Friday was ridden across all types of terrain and weather - straight and flat roads in the heat of NM to the long mountain passes of CO in wet snow. My Air Friday was an absolute joy to ride. Other people on the tour were amazed how well this bike performed.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 14, 2003
Posted by: Benson Tongue
Email: bht@saber.net
Thoughts after 8000 miles

I've owned a reasonable number of bicycles over the years and my Air Friday is definitely the best of the bunch. At the time of purchase I was riding a custom built Della Santa - quite a nice bike. A back injury put me out of commission for a while and I thought that the beam of the AF would be a nice way to avoid any additional back problems. I mainly ride up and down a particular mountain (on road) nad have fun, hard climbs followed by curvy descents. I found the AF so good that I stopped using my Della completely and now keep it at work for lunchtime rides. The AF is just as efficient and has a zippier, more responsive feel when descending. I had the bike painted yellow and it gets a LOT of attention from passing cyclists and motorists. That's part of the plan - I definitely want to be seen by passing cars. Hopefully that way they'll be less likely to hit me. The only odd thing about my AF is that the rear tires wear out noticeably faster than they do with my Della. Not a big deal but I'm now on my 4th rear tire and still on my original front. Strange. I discovered that you CAN quick fold the AF after removing the wingnut and store it in my home office by nicely tucking the folded assemblage next to my desk. As expected, I get lots of questions "Is it as fast as a normal bike?" "Isn't it slower with those small wheels?" "Who makes it?" and so on. My neighbor, a triathlete, liked it so much that he ordered one identical to mine - right down to the sizing. Same color as well - we make an interesting pair when we ride. Considering the custom sizing, portability, comfort and efficiency of the bike, I have a hard time seeing why anyone would buy anything else, assuming that they were thinking about a $2K or greater bike.

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