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Air Friday - 17
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 21, 2005
Posted by: Michael Khaw
It's a conversation starter

Read about Michael and his Italy cycle touring company, Agile Compass.

I've had my Air Friday since late June 2004. I ride it regularly with my local touring club, except for the fast Monday paceline and the Wednesday hills route. Because I opted for a 9-speed 11-21 cluster with a standard 39x53 double, I top out much sooner than riders on "big" bikes in a paceline. I find also that the low isn't quite as low what I have on my own "big" bike (30 front, 27 rear), and I feel a tad slower climbing on the Air Friday (both bikes weigh the same). Otherwise, it's great. I can keep up with or outride lots of people on big bikes. Service has been excellent. The folks at Bike Friday got it built and shipped to me in record time. They are always helpful and considerate when I call or email. The wing screw for the folding pivot and head badge both fell off somewhere in France, when I got home and contacted the service department folks, they sent me replacements at no charge. (I wonder if there's a way to keep the wing screw attached on a leash to the frame so you don't misplace it?) Everywhere in France and Italy, locals constantly ask me, "What is that? I've never seen anything like it!" Cyclists look at the no-seat-tube design and kid me, "you're missing a piece of your bike!" I'm noticed and remembered: the American on the very peculiar red bike with little wheels. I've ridden in a couple of Italian granfondi (1 day event rides). The Italians are impressed that I'm able to do the climbs on it, as well as with how fast and stable it is on descents. It was very convenient to be able to fold the bike and fit it in the trunk of a European subcompact hatchback (with the rear seat folded down). Negatives -- mostly quibbles: The rear shifting (Ultegra Dual Control) as delivered was somewhat stiff and vague. Replacing the stock shift cable and housing with teflon-lined ones (made by Delta, but not the Aztec Powerline) cured it. The fact that the new cable housing's external diameter is smaller and allows the cable to move freely within the frame's cable guides definitely helps. The stock plastic handlebar plugs break too easily if the bike tips over (happened to the Air Friday, happened to the Traveler XL tandem I bought before it). The hex bolt for the folding pivot is perfectly positioned so that if the chain falls off the inner chainring, it's a bear to work it past the pivot bolt to get it back on. I installed a Third Eye Chain Watcher and haven't had a chain drop since. The S hex key is a rust magnet in wet conditions. The cable-housing stop for the front shift cable on the vestigial down tube collects and packs road dirt flung up by the rear wheel, eventually gumming up the shifting. The headset nuts are 40 mm, not a commonly stocked headset wrench size in the local bike shops or the usual mail-order suspects. Cleaning the frame around the bottom bracket with all its little nooks and crannies is a chore. For rainy/wet conditions, I use a cheap MTB fender from Supergo I got on sale for $6. It fits perfectly and keeps me from getting a wet skunk stripe up my backside. Note: Read about gearing recommendations

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 26, 2005
Posted by: John O
More comfort than I've had on any bike for a long time

The bike arrived on Friday (what other day?) and I left on a trip the next morning. The experience with TSA was almost uneventful. They did open and inspect the bike on the trip out and I am now missing that really neat six inch long 5 mm allen wrench. I was able to get in short rides most days on the trip, which is one of my fitness goals. It was a real treat to maintain some level of conditioning even while taking care of my business out of state. I have been working with old shoulder and back injuries, advancing age and a lot of miles on my body (working on 200 k miles). I've been on shock absorbing seat posts for about 10 years and even an additional front shock on a commuting bike. None of these methods comes close to the comfort of the cantilever beam on the Air Friday! At first I was concerned about the harshness in the handlebars with the small wheel, but this bike rides smoother over the same rough roads than the suspension commute bike! I very much appreciate the process you use with the adjustable stem. Because it is adjustable, I am trying out new positions and am discovering more comfort than I have had on any bike for a very long time. If it is ok to keep it a longer time, I would like to keep using it for another month to six weeks. In the end, is it possible to leave the vertical adjustment (but not the fore-aft adjustment)? You people did a great job and I want to thank you for the special treatment with the expedited delivery. I look forward to a continuing relationship in the future.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: March 24, 2004
Posted by: Mark Newsome
Email: newsome@acm.org
Can more than hold my own against Treks & Litespeeds

I've been a GG customer and owner of an Air Friday since '97. I thought I'd chime in about my experiences with GG and my bike. My AF is fast and I more than hold my own against Treks and Litespeeds. My original frame was recalled in '98 and replaced with a slightly updated design. I had some nagging trouble with breaking the bladed spokes on my "fast" wheels and GG took care of it. They rebuilt the wheel and they've been reliable for years now. During a time trial across the state of Mississippi in '98, I was hit by a car and the AF frame was slightly bent and had to be replaced. The force of impact was enough to bend the beam, but the wheels stayed true! This year I purchased a replacement frame at a very fair price. In March I took the new AF to the PAC-Tour winter training camp in Arizona. (Wonderful training camp -- see pactour.com). I found the AF to be highly competitive with all the other "trick" bikes. The AF climbs well and is quite responsive in sprints. Those small wheels spin up fast! While traveling, I get a lot of comments about my AF... My favorite is "where's the rest of the bike?" All in all, I give GG high marks. Of the six bikes I own I've only met the designer of one of them -- Hanz! Problems or not, it's great to be able to email (or visit) your bike manufacturer and get a reply! Cheers, Mark Newsome Ultramarathon cyclist

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