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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: January 9, 2013
Posted by: Rick Zimmer
Posted by: rick
Email: rzimmer@alaskaair.com
airline pilot/Bike Friday enthusiast

After years of flying 737's around the country and trying -- usually unsuccessfully -- to find a rental bike on layovers, I finally decided to bring my own.

I heard about Bike Friday from a few United pilots over the common air to air frequency enroute from Hawaii.

What a great choice.

My World Tourist in its Samsonite suitcase just clears the TSA scanners, fits in an overhead bin in the 737 when inserted handle first, or easily in the forward Flight Attendant closet.

It has completely changed my trip bidding strategy and now I tell people that I fly from bike trip to bike trip.

I purchased my bike used from a friend, but am planning on an upgrade soon. Several other pilots have followed my example and I can't speak highly enough about my experience with the bike.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: May 31, 2012
Posted by: David Barker
Posted by: David
Email: flowinghome@gmail.com

After much persuasion by a friend I first rode a BF in 1993, and immediately thought this it the best bike ever, and I was already a seasoned cyclist.

My New World Tourist is 13 years old. I've bought (and sold) other bikes over the years, but it's still my favourite, no other bike can do all it does, and do it so well. Touring, shopping, group rides etc.

I'm always happy when I ride it. Over the years it has had many new parts as the old ones have worn out, and also a total factory respray (from yellow to multicoloured).

I bought a Carbon Express tikit a few years ago -- really a thing of beauty. I loved to look at it, but I rode the New World Tourist 90% of the time. I also love that over here in the UK it is so unusual and unknown -- I've seen five others in 13 years.

Every time you launch a new bike I want it. Present wish list -- Nuvinci NWT, Carbon infinity tikit -- Though I reckon I'd still come back to my trusty NWT, however many I owned.

I just wish the factory wasn't 6000 miles away -- but maybe that's a good thing ;) David Ps I once sold my NWT on Ebay (long story, don't ask), and six months later it came back to me by chance!

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 6, 2010
Posted by: James Thurber
Email: jthurber80@hotmail.com
A Perfect Century Bike

Over the last two years I've been using my Pocket Rocket for Bay Area Century rides. It has turned out to be an outstanding Century rider. It's also rare as the San Francisco region tends to attract the latest (most expensive) carbon fiber wonder bikes. My Purple Pocket Rocket has been the only folder on the Tour de Menlo, Sequoia Century, Tour de Cure and other rides about the beautiful coast range near San Francisco. I have one other bike — a SOMA (56 cm) equipped with very low gears and good for some of our 15 percent (plus) hills, but the Pocket Rocket continues to give the best combination of great comfort, excellent ride characteristics and the incredible ability to fold up and fit nearly anywhere. I've upgraded the Rocket a bit — changing the Tiagra triple crank to a compact, upgrading the brakes (the stock Tiagra were pretty good, not much difference) and when touring using an 11 x 32 cassette. However, most of the time I stick with the Capreo gearing (with the compact crank) which is fine up to about 9 percent grades. [Note: The Capreo hub cannot be fitted with a different cassette so Bike Friday supplied me with a new wheel / hub — very inexpensive and well worth it for touring] Perhaps the best part of the Bike Friday experience was the personal fitting. No matter what I ride NOTHING fits me as well as my Purple Pocket Rocket. The relationship between seat / pedals and bar is simply … perfect. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Would I do it again? In a heart beat!

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