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Date: October 26, 2015
Posted by: Kirsten Haugen
Posted by: KH in Eugene
Love My Haul-a-Day

I got my orange HaD as part of the Kickstarter.com campaign.

I was looking for a cargo bike to replace my car for short errands and was stoked to find one made in Eugene. What I didn't expect was a bike that's so much fun to ride!

My HaD recently carried 30 lbs of dog food, 24 canning jars and 12 rolls of toilet paper and more, in one run. With its 20" wheels, the load stays low so the bike doesn't sway back and forth when you stand on the pedals, and it gets rolling really easily.

I've enjoyed fine-tuning the fit with the highly adjustable frame and figuring the best ways to carry different loads. I now have two Ortlieb panniers for our rainy winter weather on one side and the HaD sling on the other, with a cooler bag stashed inside for quick grocery runs.

So far, so good. There are very few things I'd change about this bike, and it's definitely working to keep my car cold and lonely. Thanks, Bike Friday!

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Date: October 15, 2015
Posted by: Alonzo LaMont
Posted by: Alonzo
Communications Specialist

I love my New World Tourist, and I didn't buy it because it folded.

I saw a picture of someone cruising down the street on this little bike and it just looked sooooo different. I immediately thought "that's me".

I added Schwalbe tires and it takes me everywhere. I've done about 6 century rides with it and numerous other organized rides but always get the "usual reactions" and questions. And frankly, it's wonderful to engage folks about a bikefriday. And I know it's HOT because kids & teens ALWAYS give me a shout-out about it.

In Baltimore my hometown, there are a few other kinds of tiny bikes, but mine stands out BY FAR. It's better made, it's quiet and it has a classic look.

I commute everyday and year-round (not through snow though) and I still enjoy the heck out of my bike. I miss when I can't ride it. Of all the bikes I see at events, or around town, nothing beats my bikefriday. I'll definitely buy another when my next financial windfall occurs.

I was a bit hesitant buying it online and not having any experience riding it beforehand -- but the process was a breeze. I'm not a gearhead, and it was so easy.

Many Thanks for an excellent bicycle.

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Date: August 14, 2015
Posted by: Hugh Aaron
Email: hugh@theaarons.com

I purchased a used Bike Two'sDay from a private owner. I have contacted Bike Friday numerous times for technical assistance and/or parts. The support I have received from Bike Friday, particularly Tim Link, has been phenomenal. I'm very impressed.

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