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Petite Bike Fridays are designed proportionally for the smaller, lighter rider, who wants a high performance bike that fits right.

We can custom-build a proportional bike for someone as small as 4-feet (121cm), while taking into account smaller hands and limbs.

Co-Founder Alan Scholz says, the ideal bike would be about 12% of your body weight.

The Pocket Petite Road for road riding and Petite Crusoe for touring each weigh as little as 15 pounds (6.8kg).

The Petite Road is designed with the same geometry as the Pocket Rocket Pro to create a high performance road ride.

The Pocket Petite Tour is designed with the same geometry as the New World Tourist, but built with lighter gauge tubing, (some special butted) for a quicker, sportier ride for touring. It is for riders less than 125 pounds (57kg).

The Petite

For more information about Petites contact a Bike Consultant.


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