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Mountains mean off-road to us, and we've designed  the Pocket Llama to continue on when other bikes should turn back. A little wider tires, suspension seat posts, beefed up frames, higher bottom brackets. These bikes are built for heavy loads.

Starting at $1349
Think of Bike Friday as your personal Factory.
When you design a Bike Friday, you are creating the bicycle of your dreams. You can design a Pocket Llama starting at $1349. The Pocket Llama can accommodate riders up to 260 pounds (118 kg), while the Diamond Llama works for riders up to 330 pounds (150 kg).

The price of your Bike Friday primarily will be determined by the level of components you choose for your bike.



Pocket Rocket DropBar Single Speed
The Pocket Rocket is Bike Friday's first -- and still most popular -- travel Road Bike.

The Rocket Dropbar single speed gives you the performance of a road bike with the simplicity of a single speed.
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Pocket Llama Disc 27- our group choice
There's just so much the Pocket Llama with the Select Group can do that folks can't stay away.

The mountain bike attitude can be felt as soon as you leave pavement with the comfort of the Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost easing out your ride. Avid disc brakes give you stopping power for any Expedition Touring you have in mind.

The Schwalbe Big Apple tires beg for you to hit some trails, and the 27-speed gearing is ready for the long haul.
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Diamond Llama 24
You have asked for it, now it's here. A Bike Friday designed from the ground up for heavier riders in the range of 250 to 330 pounds ( 113 - 150 kg).

More and more folks are looking to Bike Friday to provide their cycling solutions as they bring cycling into their lifestyle. We believe in trying to fit everyone who wants to be a cyclist.

This model is an upgraded fully custom version of our long time popular Pocket Llama.
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Pocket Llama 24
The Pocket Llama reflects the mountain bike attitude can be felt as soon as you leave pavement.

Designed with a higher bottom bracket and the ability to take wider tires up to 2.2 inches, the Llama is great for trails or use as a Urban Assault vehicle.
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