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Frequently Asked Questions
Actually, we’d love it if you just picked up the phone and asked us straight up. But, if it’s, like, 3 a.m. or you're halfway around the world, here are some questions we hear a lot. Complete with our handy-dandy answers. 

What is Mass Customization?

The dictionary definition of mass customization: It is a marketing and manufacturing technique that combines the flexibility and personalization of "custom-made" with the low unit costs associated with mass production.

Bike Friday introduced Mass Customization to the bicycle industry in 1992. Simply put, it means that each Bike Friday is built to the custom needs of the individual customer. No two Bike Fridays are alike.

The major focuses of our Mass Customization model are to build a Bike Friday that will fit your individual body and be designed to tackle the types of riding and challenges you will face with your bike.

In essence, you can think of Bike Friday as your personal factory. You're the boss. You tell us what to build for you.


How can I BUY a Bike Friday?

If you would like to purchase your own Bike Friday folding or travel bike, please contact a Bike Consultant at 1-800-777-0258.

If you wish to FAX an order call 1-541-687-0403.

If you would like to mail an order to us, send it to: 3364 West 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402 USA.

You can also locate a dealer near you by clicking on Find a Dealer at the top right of this page.

For details, check out How To Order

How can I get my bike shipped in a hurry?

If your order is urgent, we might be able to expedite your order in time for a trip. Availability varies. Please call to see what is available. Expedite fees range from $150-$350 depending on how soon you need your bike, and we must receive full payment for the bike when ordering an expedited bike. An expedite bike order cannot be discounted.

What's the DIFFERENCE between the Bike Friday models?

Bike Friday makes a frame to suit most kinds of riding. All Bike Fridays:

  • Fold or disassemble
  • Pack into standard checkable airline suitcase(s) (see TravelCase).
  • Are custom fitted to suit the individual rider.
  • Feature wheels with 20-inch wheels or 16-inch (Bike Friday tikit).

There are three general frame types:

tikit bikes- The fastest folding bike in our line-up. This perfect urban commuting solution folds into a compact package in less than 5 seconds. Add a Quick Transit Cover, and your bike becomes stealth — able to get past doormen and bus drivers without a blink!

"Pocket" bikes True performance that packs. These are real "folders" which fold within 30 seconds and pack easily into the TravelCase.

Tandems  2- or 3-person bikes that either fold or disassemble for travel. Pack into one or two suitcases, depending on the model
For more details about these models, including photographs and prices, click on one of these cycling styles: touring, road, mountain, tandem, commuting.

Are Bike Fridays as FAST as a regular bike?

Tests have shown that up to 16 mph, the small wheel is more efficient that a big wheel. Between 16 and 33 mph there is little difference. Over 33 mph the gyroscopic effect of the big wheel makes it more effective. Most folks do not go over 33 mph.
— Source: 1984 Olympic Men's Road Race Gold Medal winner, Alexi Grewal during a conversation with Jeff Linder. Alexi owns a Pocket Rocket.

Here's what customers say:


From The Yak!:

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 07:58:33 +0100 From: Joost van Waert Subject: [Yak] Bike Friday is faster

I ride a BF Pocket Rocket Pro and also a regular road racing bike. I 'race' every week with the same bunch of guys. This is how I have found out that the Bike Friday is definitely faster than a big wheeled bike.

It took me a long time to figure out just WHY that was. After some years of riding a BF I read an article about spoke turbulence (3).

(1) John Allen and Eileen are right in saying that 'rotating weight' only affects the speed when accellerating; (2) Rolling resistance IS a bit greater with little wheels, but, the faster you go, the less important rolling resistance is. Air resistance becomes the most important factor.

(3) The main reason why little wheels are faster is mentioned by John Allen as 'drag'. A 20-inch wheel also has less frontal surface than a 28-inch wheel, but the main speed advantage of the smaller wheel can be found in the TURBULENCE that a rotating wheel generates. A small wheel (with less spokes!) generates much less turbulence-drag than a big wheel. That is the main reason of our advantage on big wheelers at high speeds.

Joost van Waert The Netherlands


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 10:51:50 -0700 From: "Dennis Rushing" Subject: [Yak] Bike Friday's are faster Time to pack bike, drive to airport, fly to San Diego, unpack bike, ride to beach-Couple of hours Time to load big bike on top of car, drive to San Diego, find a place to park car, ride to beach-couple of days Yep, Bike Friday's are faster.

Dennis Rushing

XL Triple Twin Air PRP 

But ... don't you have to pedal more?

No. It's all in the gearing. A single turn of the pedals on a Bike Friday will cover the same ground as that of a regular wheeled bike — the small wheel just turns a little more. The gears on a Bike Friday are configured to match the ratios of a regular bike.

Read about what the fit'n'famous do on a Friday — like the Tour de France route, Paris-Brest-Paris, coast-to-coast plus pros like six-time Race Across America Champ Lon Haldeman, Famous English Voice of the Tour de France Phil Liggett, former Bicycling mag pros Jim Langley, RoadBikeRide.com's Fred Matheny and Ed Pavelka, and the World's Most Traveled Man by Bicycle Heinz Stucke

Read about gearing choices for a Bike Friday here.

OK, doesn't that mean more tire wear? It's negligible. There are several very high quality tire choices available. Just take a spare with you. They're small enough. Rob English rode across America using the Stelvio 451 Kevlar tire, and got 1300 miles out of it.

Small wheels climb better due to a smaller diameter that needs to be rotated.

Small wheels accelerate faster for the same reason.

Small wheels are more responsive — they turn and steer more easily — the feel is rather like having 'power steering' on your car.

Small wheels, having a lower surface area, have lower wind resistance in headwinds.

When riding in a group, small wheels enable you to get closer together and draft better.

The design of a Bike Friday allows a smaller and and lighter overall package than a regular bike, and smallness and lightness are factors in going fast.

What materials are used to make Bike Friday frames?

Bike Friday frames are made from chrome-molybdenum steel (popularly known as "chrome moly" or "CroMo"). This is the same type of steel used in building airplanes. We have found that is the best choice for reasons of comfort, durability and repairability when traveling.

Many of our customers take their bikes to far corners of the globe and we want to make sure that in the unfortunate event that their bike is run over by a pack of elephants or something it is repairable with the most common welding machine.

All frames are individually cut, welded and brazed by local talent at our factory in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Titanium is used for the seat mast on our Super Pro.

Read about our limited lifetime warranty.

What COLORS can my Bike Friday be?

Bike Friday powdercoat colors are available in solid, metallic and custom Two-Tone colors.
Touch up paint is also available for a nominal charge.
Tandem paint Upgrades carry an additional charge.

You can see what colors are available by looking at our color module.

Where can you ship Bike Friday travel bikes to?

We can ship almost anywhere in the world, via UPS or FedEx.

Bear in mind that duty is payable in many countries on arrival of a bike at customs, and you are responsible for this.

Shipping Method The best way to receive your Bike Friday is the way it will most safely travel in your journeys, and that is in a TravelCase. Otherwise, the bike can be shipped in a box, and there are different rates for each. Most tandems travel in two TravelCases or boxes.

Shipping Rates change often. Check exact rates with your Bike Consultant.

What kinds of GEAR CHOICES are available on a Bike Friday travel bike?

A Bike Friday can be equipped with any standard gearing system available on the market, and no, you don't have to pedal more.

You can choose from a wide range of cassettes to give you up to 27 speeds. If you know all about "gear-inches" click here for a gear chart calculator, otherwise our Sales Consultants can help you work out what kind of gearing you need.

Here is a selection of the most popular options:

  • Chainrings: This is the traditional setup: single, double or triple front chainrings in conjunction with a rear cassette of 7, 8 or 9 cogs. The number of chainrings depends on how many gears you think you need, which in turn depends on your fitness and the terrain, but as a general guide, use single for flattish commuting, double for sport, moderate hills and light touring, and a triple for loaded touring, big hills, mountain biking and tandem touring. In combination with the right 7, 8 or 9 cog cassette in the rear, you can achieve up to 27 speeds.
    The advantages: simple, light, and can be repaired anywhere; it is a standard system the world over.
    The considerations: fairly large chainrings need to be used to compensate for the smaller 20" wheel diameter, typically 53-62 teeth. In addition, the front derailleur is yet another piece of equipment that can be knocked out of alignment during travel, a problem which is completely eliminated by the SRAM Internal Hub system if you choose that kind of gearing, described below.
  • SRAM Dual Drive 3 speed INTERNAL HUB: This is an innovation that works particularly well with the Bike Friday's 20" wheel diameter. The system looks like this: single front chainring (no front derailleur), and in the rear wheel, an enclosed, planetary gear system that performs the same function as the front chainrings, in combination with a standard 7, 8 or 9 cog cassette to give a total of 21-27 gears.
    The advantages: Wider gear range than a triple chainring, robust, bullet proof casing which makes it great for touring. If you climb really steep hills or like really low gears, this is it! Unlike earlier editions of this hub, you can shift it while pedaling.
    The disadvantages: generally a pound heavier than a typical chainring setup, and though it is a reliable component, it is not as easy to repair on the road in the unlikely even that it fails. However, it is designed to be a fully enclosed, relatively maintenance-free system.
    Read more about it on the SRAM Web site.
  • ROHLOFF SPEEDHUB: A completely internal gearing system: single front chainring, no front or rear derailleur, no cassette, 14-speeds evenly spaced (no overlapping) gears, yet with as wide a range as a triple chainring. Operated by a single grip-type shifter. Was developed for mountain bike downhill competition.
    Advantages: Bulletproof, wide range of gears.
    Disadvantages: Heavy (typically almost a pound heavier than the SRAM setup), expensive, more drag and a whirring noise which is music or menace to your ears depending on whether you're a fan or not. Needs to be run in: after the first 500-1000 miles, the oil should be changed out — a simple procedure.
    Read more about it on the Rohloff Web site.
  • CAPREO: This 9-speed cassette, usually found in 9-26 speeds, allows the use of standard chainrings (eg 53/39). The Capreo is made from 105-quality parts.
    Advantages: It shifts better than other cassettes. Replacement rings are easy to find. It is a lighter option than dual drive.
    Disadvantages: There is only one hub, freehub, and cassette available, and each is unique to the Capreo. No lightweight Dura-Ace version is available, for example. In addition, replacement cassettes or hubs may be difficult to find.

Article: Goof-proof gearing


What is included in the PRICE?

The price shown is for a base model, without any additional accessories or upgrades. Trailers and bags are not included in the price, and, unless noted in the specs, pedals and saddles are usually optional items not included in the price.

All prices shown are in United States dollars, do not include any shipping or import fees, and are subject to change at any time.

What are PRE-OWNED Bike Fridays?

View our Pre-Loved Bike Fridays

We have an ongoing stock of quality Pre-Loved Bike Fridays that you can view at anytime on the Website. They're usually there because owners like to trade in their bikes for newer models periodically.

There are even some classic collectibles there dating from our pre-history of 10 years ago!

We have two types of Pre-Loved Bike Fridays.

Pre-Owned Bike Fridays are Trade-Ins that receive a complete overhaul by our Customer Service Team and carry a lifetime warranty on frame and fork. We replace worn parts with comparable or better substitutes before we ship it to you.

New-Used Bike Fridays are new frames built with a mix of new, new but old-stock, and slightly blemished components. They carry a lifetime warranty on frame and fork, as well as the manufacturer's original warranty on any new components.

Things to note:

  • Pre-Owned bikes carry almost the same warranty as a new Bike Friday.
  • New-Used carry a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork.
  • We make a new stem if necessary in accordance with the fit guarantee
  • The bikes are overhauled once you choose which one you want to buy. Some changes can be made with an accompanying upcharge, such as saddle, pedals, different cassette, and so forth.


What is the Bike Friday Travel System?

With a Bike Friday travel bike, your bicycle travels easily in its hard-shell TravelCase. With the TravelTrailer, you can convert your TravelCase into a low-profile, easy-to-tow trailer. The lightweight trailer frame attaches to the exterior of the suitcase and disassembles for packing with your Bike Friday in the case.

When you're traveling "the Bike Friday way," you fly with your touring gear in some duffel bags, and your Bike Friday in the TravelCase. When you get to your destination, assemble your bike, attach the case to the trailer, then place your luggage into the case. Away you go! Leave the airport on your bike!

The system works with ALL Bike Friday models, from the New World Tourist (the most popular model) to the tandems.

How do Bike Friday bikes FOLD UP, and HOW SMALL?

All Bike Fridays either fold or disassemble for packing into the TravelCase. Most Tandems require two TravelCases. There is a special soft zippered TravelBag to fit each folded model.

"Quick-fold" This fold takes around 30 seconds for the average single pocket model, achieved by undoing a seat mast and stem riser quick-release levers. The stem is removed (but stays connected by cables to the bike), and the rear wheel folds down, under the frame, and beside the front wheel. The models which Quickfold are the Pocket models. The folded dimensions are 34"x33"x12". Watch video on How to Fold a Pocket Bike.

The Two'sDay tandem takes a couple of minutes to fold. Choose this model if ease of folding is important. All the remaining tandems do not fold, but rather, disassemble. The Two'sDay folded dimensions are 33"x37"x17" The

The tikit® folds into a 15"x24"x35" space -- about the size of a small suitcase. How to Fold a tikit video


How much does a Bike Friday WEIGH?

As all custom and built-to-order Bike Friday models are custom-manufactured, the exact weight of the travel bike that will fit you is variable and can be viewed in the specification charts, which can be reached via the Bike Chooser.

Weights vary with most single bikes around 26 pounds (11 kg). Tandems weigh more. The weight shown is for a medium-sized bike with a 56 cm (22") seat tube, which would fit someone between 5-foot-6 (168 cm) and 5-10 (178cm), weighing between 150 to 175 pounds (68 - 79kg). Our high end road bikes can weigh less than 20 pounds (9 kg)

For built-to-order models, the weight is provided without including any pedals or saddles unless specified.

What FRAME SIZES do you make, and how do they compare to a normal bike?

A Bike Friday frame is sized according to 8 "effective" top tube lengths. The Effective Top Tube is the distance from the center of the headtube to the the center of the seat tube measured horizontally. This number is equivalent to the top tube length on a standard pre-2000 road bike with a horizontal top tube.

XXS 48cm 18.9"
XS 50cm 19.7"
S 52cm 20.5"
S/M 54cm 21.25"
M 56cm 22"
L 58cm 22.8"
XL 60cm 23.625"
XXL 62cm 24.4"

The sizing of stems and seat masts is virtually unlimited, which enables a more precise fit for a wider range of riders - from kids and short statured people to NBA basketball players — than a conventional bike can offer.

What MEASUREMENTS do you need for my Bike Friday?

To record your sizing, use our custom sizing form.

Bike Fridays can be made for a very wide range of riders, from children, little people and petites to the very tall. The fit is guaranteed; see our warranty.

NOTE: If you have physical issues such as back, wrist or neck pain, unique body proportions or any kind of restricted motion, please discuss this fully with your Bike Friday Sales Consultant. (S)he may recommend you seek a non-manufacturer-specific professional bike fit at a participating bike shop, such as FitKit, or a do-it-yourself test, and bring us the results. A professional fit is always your option, although we have found vast majority of customers to be happy with the fit of their Bike Friday using our standard fitting procedure.

We ask for your height, weight, inseam measurements, age, and the riding position you prefer. it's also a good idea to jot down any physical limitations you may have, such as flexibility, pain in wrists, neck, back etc, in the space at the bottom of the sizing chart.

The inseam measurement is taken from the crotch to the floor in stockinged feet. It is not your trouser size, which is typically a couple of inches shorter than your actual inseam. The best way to measure your inseam is to place the spine of a book between your legs and measure from the spine of the book to the floor. It won't hurt!

If you have a favorite bike that already fits well, and you would like your Bike Friday to feel similar, we ask you to measure its dimensions according to our custom sizing form and build your Bike Friday accordingly.

The more information you give us, the better we can make your Bike Friday fit.

How to do an inseam measurement, you will need a book, a measuring tape, stocking feet.

I'm really SMALL/TALL - can you make a bike to fit me?

Every Bike Friday travel bike is built to your specifications: from frame size to color, you determine how you want your bicycle set up.

We make bikes for everyone from short individuals to NBA basketball players (yes we do have a customer in that league). See note about tall riders below, from co-founder Alan Scholz.

The most crucial of these steps is the sizing.

6'3" Nick Mancello chose a New World Tourist because it was "the only bike he could get to fit AND free him from the NYC subway system."

I've been commuting 3-4 times a week for 2 1/2 years bringing a NWT (folded and in a bag) into my office building in downtown Brooklyn (Mariott Hotel Office Bldg on Adams St.). Security never says a word to me and has never asked me to open the bag. Some of them know a bike is in the bag and others don't know.I guess it helps if you look like you own the place and just walk to the elevators like you mean business! — Nick Mancello, mancello at yahoo dot com

TALL RIDERS - by Alan Scholz, Bike Friday co-founder

At Bike Friday, bike sizing are based on the proposition that each person deserves a bike that fits.

We know the basic physics of human ergonomics. The tool must fit the person, not the other way around. Our unique design and build process here is not really about folding bikes. Travel and folding bikes happened to be one area that was crying out for good design for convenience and basic human needs. We designed our business around fulfilling that proposition.

Many businesses in the world still operate on the demand format common after World War II, when there was a huge demand that was most efficiently filled by mass producing lots of generic items. People had nothing; it helped fill that demand fastest.

People are more sophisticated now. Mass production has never worked well for bicycles, shoes, garden carts, garden tools or any item used as a tool to produce a result based on several hours of use.

Imagine yourself walking 2 miles to work everyday in shoes made one size-fits-all. This is quite common for folding bicycles. No mater how adjustable a system you have, a bike built to accommodate someone 48" tall (1.2m) will simply not work for someone is 80" tall (2m).

Optimization is a requirement for safe, comfortable and effective cycling. At Bike Friday, that is what we are attempting to do - optimize bikes for more than just guys 68" to 72" tall.

We see sizing as a bell curve of leg lengths, arm length, back flexibility, age, goals, foot size, fitness levels, experience, injuries from peoples past and the relationship of all those things.

Tall cannot be seen as separate. We built a bike for a 70" tall woman in Australia that had legs as long as many men at 78" tall. This is not unusual, and if you met her on the street you would not realize she rode a bicycle much bigger than yours, even though she is the same height as you. It's a shorter bike front to back, but taller.

Bikes sometimes need to be tall, and not long, or long, but not tall. Sometimes both, and sometimes neither.

We do not have as much experience with people at the extremes of the size percentile range as there more people in the middle. But we have a lot more experience than anyone else who has not successfully built bikes for dwarfs and basketball players.

Since we do such a range of sizes for such a range of people, we do not always get it 100% right the first time.

That is part of our expected process, and that is why we guarantee a minimum accuracy of fit. Very often though, we do give someone the best fitting bike they have ever had. We do not often miss, but when we do, will continue to do what is necessary to make it right. That is our fit guarantee.

Some of our favorite people are tall. We can't do anything about the doors that are made too short for them, but we can usually make them a bike that fits and helps make them the best cyclist they can be.

They can then, like us, be happy and comfortable. Our favorite size of people to build for are those with big hearts that love cycling.

Best in Cycling, Alan Scholz, and the design team at Bike Friday


I'm kinda HEAVY - is there a weight limit for a Bike Friday?

While most Bike Fridays like the New World Tourist, Pocket Llama, Pocket Rocket and tikits have preset weight limits of 220 pounds (100 kg), we offer options for heavier and lighter riders.

The Pocket Llama has an upgrade to 260 pounds (118 kg), and the we have a Diamond frame bike that will carry riders up to 330 pounds (150 kg)

The Pocket Rocket Pro and Super Pro have rider weight limit of 190 pounds (86 kg). There is no heavy rider upgrade for this model.

Talk to our Sales Team about designing a custom Bike Friday for your needs.

What happens if I don't like my Bike Friday?

We're so sure that you'll like your Bike Friday that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Ride the bike for a month; if you don't like it, we'll buy it back for the exact value you paid for it. We only want satisfied customers!

Get full details with our guarantee and limited warranty.

What are the different RIDING STYLES?
  • Road Mainly paved riding, event rides, centuries, fitness and racing. Lighter loaded touring. Skinny tires.
  • Mountain Off-road, single track, dirt and mud! Fat tires.
  • Touring Mixed terrain, all round loaded touring, steep hills. A variety of narrow and wide tires.
  • Commuting All weather-riding with ultility and function — rather than speed — in mind. Ability to carry cargo, groceries, etc.
  • Hybrid A curious mix of road, mountain and touring.
  • Triathalon Ultra light, ultra aero bike built especially for triathalon events.
  • Suspension Road, Mountain and Touring: Cushier, adaptations of road, mountain and touring models. Involves suspended seat posts, suspension front forks and beams.
  • Tandem Bicycles built for two, available in touring, and road configurations.
  • Tandem convertible The 2-in-1 bicycle, that is, a tandem that breaks down into a single bike, available in touring, and road configurations
  • Tandem Triple A bicycle built for three — can be re-assembled into a standard tandem double.
  • Recumbent For the dedicated 'armchair traveler.' Also should be considered for people who have comfort problems on a regular single bike. Bike Friday no longer makes Recumbents.
  • Recumbent Tandem A recumbent built for two 'armchair travelers'. Bike Friday no longer makes Recumbents.
What are the different RIDING POSITIONS?

Riding position is the position you generally prefer to ride in. We will design your Bike Friday to suit this position; models with adjustable stem will naturally afford some range.

We define riding positions as follows:

  • 1 Recreational: Handlebars 1"-3" above the saddle
  • 2 Touring: Handlebars level with saddle
  • 3 Racing and fitness: Handlebars 1"-3" below the saddle
  • 4 Racing position: VERY forward, flat-back position
  • 5 Other: you define, and supply a picture if available
What HANDLEBARS are available for a Bike Friday?

Bike Friday has a variety of handlebar choices which can generally be fitted to all models according to taste. Certain shifters, however, will only work with certain types. See component compatibility charts. Most models come with bars split in the center for easy packing into the TravelCase. Most bars can be cut down to suit different shoulder widths.

Drop bars For road riding and touring. Gives the most hand positions. Many standard widths. Drop bars accept bar-end shifters (or "barcons"), or STI or Campagnolo Ergo lever shifters.

Flat bars For mountain bike and recreational riding. Some models come with flat bars un-split for lightness and simplicity. Flat bars accept twist shifters like SRAM Grip Shift or thumb shifters like Shimano RapidFire click shifters.

"H" Bars Bike Friday's unique design for touring and recreational riding. Gives 2 hand positions. Many widths. A very popular choice, particular for the touring models. "H"-style bars accept twist (Grip Shift) or thumb (RapidFire) shifters.

STI Touring Bars Another Bike Friday invention, designed to take all kinds of shifters. A combination of the "H"-style bars and bullhorn bars. Specially designed for Shimano STI lever shifters.

Bullhorn bars Also known as bullhorn stoker bars, this bar is rather like a drop bar with the drops cut off and the bar turned upside down. It is a popular choice for the stoker (rear rider) on our tandems.

Child stoker bars A special, recreational handlebar with additional extensions for small children. A popular option on tandems.

Each of these bars works with different stems.

What's the difference between the handlebar STEMS?

The handlebar stem is the tube that connects the handlebars to a bike's headset, built into the frame.

For custom Bike Fridays stems are sized according to your body measurements or alternatively, to the dimensions of your existing bike if that is what you ask us to do.

There is some choice available although our bike designs work best with the stems we have specified, and would recommend you sticking to that unless you have good reasons to deviate.

A Bike Friday stem can be fixed or adjustable in length. A fixed length stem riser (the vertical tube) saves weight, and most people do not alter the height once it is right. An adjustable stem is heavier but allows the flexibility of having different riders or riding positions.

Apart from stem adjustability there are three types of stem design:

Click here to see a comparison illustration.

  • Quill Used on the basic models, this is a heavier, traditional stem which inserts into the stem riser and is tightened down by a top bolt. Adjustable.
  • Aheadset-style The new standard, a clamp-on stem seen on most standard bicycles in bike shops these days. Generally found on the lighter, higher-end designs of the all-around models like the New World Tourist and Pocket Llama. Unsplit drop bars can work with this stem too. Fixed and adjustable riser available.(Fixed required on front suspension models)
  • Bike Friday Custom Adjustable stem A Bike Friday innovation that supports all handlebar types. It is a curved stem riser that looks rather like the neck of a swan. The extent of forward curve provides the level of extension required. Generally found on drop-bar road models like the Pocket Rocket, Pocket Rocket Pro and Super Pro.
  • Custom Ultralight stem This style of stem is custom-made by the same hands that procure the Custom Adjustable stem and is equally compatible with all handlebar types. From a distance, they can be a bit difficult to tell apart from each other visually. But by using different tubing and making the stem fixed rather than adjustable, we can make a stem that is nearly a half-pound lighter and yet noticeably stiffer. This is the stem for the high performance minded cyclist and it ensures a perfect fit. This comes standard on the Pocket Rocket Pro, and Super Pro. It's available as an upgrade on the Pocket Rocket, and other models.

The process to attain your new stem starts by supplying you with a "fit stem," which allows you to adjust it for both rise and reach. You ride it for 30 days, get it set up where you like and send it back to us in a provided pre-paid FedEx box. We then use it as a template to make your new stem and send it back to you at no additional charge. This program is currently available only in North America, but if you live in another locale, please inquire. Maynard Hershon likes it!

Please see our warranty about stem fit.

What does 406 and 451 mean? What are the different wheel types?

Bike Friday come in two different wheel sizes.

All tikits have 16-inch diameter wheels. Others are specified with 20-inch diameter wheels. ("20-inch" is a generic description: the exact size varies as low as 18.5 inches depending on the tire). You can read more about small wheels on eHow.

There are two rim diameters available for 20-=inch wheels:

  • 406mm Takes ALL tire widths, 1-inch to 2-inch. For all-round riding, all terrain. Same size as kids' BMX wheels, so a wide variety of tires is available everywhere.
  • 451mm Takes up to 1-3/8" tire widths. For narrow tire road riding and racing. Limited in manufactures, variety, and suppliers.

The larger 451 rims are specified with the road models, and the slightly smaller 406 rims with all others. Slick and knobby tires are available in both sizes.

In general, choose a bike with 451 wheels if you primarily do road riding and want speed, lightness and high-performance over the ability to take different tire widths and ride different terrain. Many of the models are available in both rim sizes, for example, the tandems.

All tikits have 16-inch (349mm) wheels.

The 406 rim will take a standard BMX-type tire available in most bike shops around the world. You may not be able to find a replacement of as high quality as your original tires when you're touring, but they will suffice until you are able to get home. You could also use our emergency service, to get new tires from us.

The 451 rim is much harder to find replacements for when touring. The good news is, all tires are readily available from Bike Friday, and we recommend you stock up and take a spare, especially if you have a 451 wheel. Some of the Petite models are available with lighter rims and fewer spokes.

What is the SRAM 3x9 Dual Drive?

One of the most functional and travel-friendly drive trains on the market, the SRAM 3x9 Dual Drive system (read "three-by-nine") is durable, well-sealed against the elements, and simple to use. Combining a 9-speed cassette with 3-speed internally-geared hub, the 3x9 supplies a full 27 gears, without the fickleness of front derailleurs. We believe this system is the ideal travel bike hub for the ideal travel bike. A 3x9 hub will last and shift well for years on a Bike Friday. There is no need to worry about cross chaining, you can ride in any gear combination you want!

The hub provides a wide range of gears with minimal overlap. The hub provides three levels of gearing: high (136% of direct), medium (direct) and low (73% of direct).

What kind of brakes?

Different brake types

There are generally two styles of brakes on offer at Bike Friday:

V-Brakes Also known as mountain bike brakes, generally for models that can accomodate a wide variety of tire widths, such as New World Tourist, Pocket Llama, touring tandems and stock bikes.

Road Brakes Generally for road and racing models, which take only narrow, smooth tires, that is, the the Pocket Rocket and sport Tandems.

See also wheels.

Other brake styles:

Cantilever Brakes These brakes offer the most clearance, and are generally used on cyclocross bikes and our road tandems.

Disc Brakes This style of brake is similar to a car disc brake: a round metal rotor or plate is attached to the hub, and the brake pads pinch the rotor rather than the rim. Pluses: very effective in wet weather, can accommodate all tire widths, less wear on the rim. Minuses: heavier than most brake systems, and make the Bike Friday more difficult to pack in a suitcase.

Drag/Drum Brake This type of brake is used on tandems as a supplement to one of the brake styles above. The brake does not stop the bike, but slows it down by way of drag. It is recommended where there will be a substantial amoung of downhill riding — it prevents the rims from overheating from using the regular set of brakes. It can be operated by either the captain or the stoker.

How do I know which SHIFTERS to choose?

Certain shifters will only work with certain handlebars. See our compatability chart.

  • SRAM Grip Shift and other twist shifters — Motorcycle-style shifter, also popularly known as "twist-shift". Grip Shift brand is made by SRAM. Compatible with flat bars, H-bars, STI touring bars.
  • Shimano RapidFire and other thumb shifters — "Click"-style shifters operated by depressing buttons with the thumb and index finger. Compatible with flat bars, H-bars, STI touring bars.
  • STI: Shimano brand of integrated brake and shifter, that is, both are operated from the same lever. Pushing the brake lever towards the other lever provides an up-shift; a smaller lever inside the brake lever provides a down-shift. STI stands for "Shimano Total Integration." Compatible with dropbars, and STI Touring bars.
  • Ergo Made by Campagnolo, for drop bars. An integrated system, like Shimano STI levers, but it uses one lever, along with a thumb lever.
  • Bar end levers (also known as bar controls or "bar-cons") — The modern day friction shifter, which can be operated by friction (by feel) or indexed (precise increments for each gear). It has the advantage of being the simplest design, light, and very durable.Works on all handlebar types except flat bars.
What are the levels of componentry?

Next to the frame, the most important part of your Bike Friday is the choice of handlebars, gearing, shifters, brakes and other equipment.

The frame aside, most of the parts that are hung on your Bike Friday are standard, and can be found in any bike shop around the world. This makes it easy to repair and replace parts wherever you happen to travel with your Bike Friday.

Unless you have specific reasons for wanting to deviate from these designs, we recommend you start with one of them and build from there. We build every Bike Friday for an individual, so we can easily Customize most, if not all, of your component choices.

Where can I get a test ride?

Bike Fridays are mostly sold directly to the end user from the factory. Because most of the bikes are custom-sized to the individual rider, it is difficult for you to test ride a bike that will feel exactly like one custom-made for you.

If you feel you need a test ride, call us and we'll find someone in your area who'll be delighted to do this for you. We'll need your height and the model you are interested in, and we'll find a Bike Friday owner in your area who can show you the ropes.

There are also a growing number of chapters of the Bike Friday Club of America and Beyond , where you can meet owners, ride with them, and ask hard questions. Check out a club in your area for their upcoming ride, or contact the leader directly.

Finally, we have dealers around the world, if you prefer to work that way. Just use our Dealer locater and find one close to you.

What does 'PROMISE DATE' mean?

The promise date is the date we promise to ship the bike to you, plus or minus seven days, in whatever method you elect according to the shipping guide. If you are flexible, this is usually a sufficient window of delivery for most people. If you have a crucial departure date, you must tell us so we can be sure to set a promise date that enables your bike to arrive at your doorstep when you actually need it. There is usually a 4-6 week turnaround from order date to ship date -- sometimes longer in the busy season. If you need your bike delivered earlier, an expedite fee applies.


Handlebar/shifter compatibility chart: note that this is a general guide.  Some combinations work more elegantly than others. Talk to your Sales Consultant about what might be the best for you.

Handlebars: Drop STI Touring H-Bar Flat Bar
Grip Shift N Y Y Y
Rapid Fire N Y Y Y
STI (Shimano) Y Y N N
Ergo (Campagno) Y N N N
Bar End Y Y Y N


Can I TRADE IN my existing Bike Friday for a new one?

As a service to our owners we offer a generous trade-in policy, in which we give you a percentage of the cost of your original bike (excluding saddle, pedals and accessories) as credit towards a new Bike Friday.

The amount of the credit is based on build year of the trade-in bike, and the bike being in fair and reasonable condition, and we reserve the right to determine this on receipt of the bike. Talk to a Bike Friday Sales Consultant if you wish to take advantage of this option. The following table is a rough guide as to what you can expect for a bike in good condition, and special offers are available from time to time giving you additional credit:

Trade in Values as of Jan 1, 2015

2014 to 2015 = 40%

2012 to 2013 = 35%

2010 to 2011 = 30%

2008 to 2009 = 25%

2006 to 2007 = 20%

1992 to 2005 = 15%

Are there any discounts for multiple purchases?

Yes! There are two ways.


We appreciate receiving multiple bike orders! If you order two custom or stock Bike Fridays, you'll receive a 5% discount on the second bike (that is, the least-expensive bike if different values). If you order three or more Bike Friday travel bikes at the same time, you'll receive a 5% discount on ALL bikes ordered. These discounts cannot be combined with other offers.


As part of the referral program, existing Bike Friday owners upgrading or ordering a new bike will receive a self-referral bonus of $50.00.

What is the difference between tandems that FOLD vs. ones that DISASSEMBLE?

The Two'sDay "quick-folds" in around 4 minutes and the Family Tandem is disassembled. Most tandems pack into two suitcases.

The "price" of the quick fold feature is weight and cost. The Two'sDay hinged joints are the keys to the weight and cost differences. For example, a comparably-equipped Two'sDay weighs 5 pounds more than a Traveler XL and costs more.

There are some other subtle differences. The timing chain is on the same side as the drive chain on the Family Tandem making the drive system lighter and less expensive. The left-hand timing chain location for the Two'sDay requires special tandem cranks made for left-hand chain rings.

Because the Family Tandems don't fold, they use telescoping seat masts to fit into the suitcases. This telescoping seat mast feature affords the Family Tandem adjustability for varied rider heights. Most Family Tandems are sized for their intended teams, but have this built-in flexibility to accommodate the occasional rider of differing size.


What is the difference between the Pocket Rocket and the Pocket Rocket Pro?

The Pocket Rocket is designed for all round road riding and medium loaded touring on paved roads.

The Pro is a lighter, sportier bike crafted from lighter tubing, designed for racing, event riding and unloaded touring. Both designs can be specified to include the braze-on trailer hitch to to the TravelSystem.

The Pocket Rocket:

  • weighs from around 20 and upwards
  • takes front and rear panniers
  • rider weight limit 220 pounds (100 kg)

The Pocket Rocket Pro:

  • Bike weight ranges from as as light as 16.5 pounds (7.5 kg); frame, fork and stem is around 1.6 lbs lighter than an equivalently equipped Pocket Rocket
  • Comes with a Custom Ultralight Fit Stem Program
  • Fork is lighter and tapered; does not take front rack
  • Rider weight limit 190 pounds (86 kg)
How does the referral program work?

As a Bike Friday owner, we'll ask you if you are willing to show your bike to a prospective buyer. If you agree, and the prospect buys, you will receive:

  • $50 check (or $75 credit toward accessories) for a custom bike
  • $25 check (or $50 credit toward accessories) for Pre-Loved bike
  • The bonus will apply after the 30-day warranty period is over.

Bike Fridays owners get attention wherever they go. When out and about and traveling you will get many people asking you all about your bike. For this purpose we supply you with a set of special Referral Cards when you first receive your bike.

You simply hand a business sized card to the interested party, make sure you write your name on it  so we can link you to the potential owner. Tell them to email or give us a call, and to tell them to say you referred them. Or you can always call or send an email with your friends name and contact info. The call will be on our dime. If he or she buys within 6 months of your meeting, you get the referral bonus!

OR Click here to fill out an automated form that we will get instantly!

Some owners have paid for a second Bike Friday by being great referrers. Other Bike Friday owners save the $75 in credit and potentially have tubes and tires for life. So tell all your friends and you will be rewarded.

Returning Bike Friday Customers get a self referral of $50 toward a new custom bike, or $25 toward a stock or pre-owned bike. 

OK, so what are the DISADVANTAGES of a BF (there must be some)?

The looks.

You have to be secure to choose anything that's outside the expected in life in general, let alone a bicycle. In our opinion a well-fitting Bike Friday looks great. It is a human-scale machine. Secondly, you have to wait around 4-6 weeks for us to build you one. But as everyone knows, all good things take time.

Enno Roosink, Bike Friday advocate in the Netherlands, races on his Pocket Rocket Pro. His bike fits him perfectly.

How does the Bike Friday TRAVELBAG work?

This is a soft zippered bag that comes in different styles to fit the following models:

  • Pocket Bike TravelBag
  • Compact TravelBag (remove front wheel of a single bike)
  • Tandem TravelBag

How can I get customer service in emergencies?

If you get stuck in the boonies and have a problem with your Bike Friday, you can call our 24-hour assistance number and someone will pick up the phone and walk you through the problem. We can dispatch any spare parts you need to arrive at most locations within a couple of days. Please note that since we need to sleep too, we'd prefer you use this number for genuine emergencies, and use the daytime customer service number or Web site for non-urgent matters.

What CREDIT CARDS do you accept?

We take the following credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
What is this about a NAMEPLATE?

Every custom Bike Friday includes an engraved nameplate. There is a limit of 32 characters. Please tell us whose name is to appear in that space. The choice is yours — some people buy a Bike Friday as a gift so you need to let us know how you want the name to appear on the nameplate.
click here to find out more.

How do I adjust the SRAM Dual Drive?
My gears aren't shifting as cleanly as they should, is there anything that I can do about it?

If you've been a cyclist for a long time, you know that gear shifting may require a little adjusting from time-to-time.

Maybe it's the clicking noise that continues when you shift into a certain gear or your gears aren't shifting at all. Over time, cable tension can fluctuate and they will require minor adjustments.

Whatever noise or frustration you may be experiencing can often times be fixed with this simple little tip.

Barrel adjuster located right behind the rear derailleur (derailer).

See this PDF for help on using barrel adjusters.