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Our ever-increasing worldwide dealer roster can be searched via the Find a Dealer module, or by viewing our Bike Friday Dealer World Map.

In the USA, our Full Partner Dealers and Test Ride Dealers have a roster of our Select bikes including a New World Tourist, Pocket Llama, Pocket Rocket and Future's tikit.

Our Display Dealers will have at least one model for you to test ride, and be able to offer expert advice about Bike Fridays.

We encourage you to buy and get your Bike Friday serviced through your local Bike Friday Dealer, if one exists in your area. (If one doesn't, please encourage your favorite bike shop to contact us about joining our roster).

The advantages of having your own local Bike Friday Dealer are threefold:

  •     A face-to-face relationship, convenience, and community. A dealer becomes familiar with your personal Bike Friday, developing expertise so you don't have to go far to keep your bike ship shape.
  •     A Bike Friday dealer is always able to consult directly with our Service Department experts on any repair matter or unusual situation.
  •     Since we are a small company and the Bike Friday Community is worldwide, our dealers do help us stay visible and viable by giving you good service locally where you need it. Moreover, a Bike Friday dealer is a shop that really supports your choice of bicycle.

So what's the deal?
In countries where we have strong and conveniently located dealer representation, we do not ship direct to individuals.

These countries are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

In the USA, we do not ship direct to individuals in areas serviced by our Full Partner Dealers, and we strongly encourage you to work with these established partners.

In most cases you will pay the same manufacturer's suggested retail price.

There is no financial benefit of ordering direct when there is a dealer in your area.

For international orders, we are legally bound to abide by import/export rules and regulations. Some people find that combining a holiday with a trip to our factory in Eugene is a cost effective way to buy their bike.

How we connect you to a Bike Friday Dealer

When you contact us, our computers "light up" when there is a dealer in your area. We will request that you deal directly with that dealer. If this is not the best way for you (and we will ask you to clearly quantify your reasons) our Bike Consultants will work with you. We will encourage you to have your Bike Friday  delivered to your local dealer to ensure you get the best customer service as long as you own the bike. a Full Partner Dealer will be compensated for transactions in its territory.

If a bike shop is NOT a Bike Friday dealer, but refers a sale directly to us, we make sure that shop receives a thank you bonus if a sale results from the connection. This is our way of acknowledging the bike shop's endorsement of our bicycles. So spread the word, and let more bike shops know about the Friday alternative -- maybe some of them will be encouraged to join our roster.

So please, support your local Bike Friday dealer. Dealers are an integral part of the growing Bike Friday Community.


Most people think of Bike Friday as selling factory direct. Originally, when we started the company we thought that we would sell the traditional way through the Independent Bicycle Dealer network. However, most shop owners didn't understand what a travel bike was in those days and most didn't have a need for one themselves. A few shops did understand and have done very well providing Bike Fridays to their customers who travel. The number is still small, but growing.

The dealers we do have are truly into cycling and live immersed in cycling culture. Most of the owners of these shops came to sell Bike Fridays because they bought one for themselves and realized what a great value a good travel bike would be to their customers. They know that having a bike along on their travels is a liberating way to see the country and the world. A bike is like a passport and for people who like to ride and travel (or have to travel), taking a bike along is a prerequisite to enjoyable travel.

We have provided this portal in our website for the shops that have proven to us and their customers that they are good representatives of Bike Friday. These shops give good service and have bikes to test ride.

Say hi for us when you visit.

Hanz And Alan Scholz
Co-founders of Bike Friday