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Specs For This Model
  • 8 speeds
  • Fast fold technology
  • V-brakes
  • Schwalbe Marathon Green Guard tires
  • Folds easily for intermodal commute
  • Lightweight, fun to ride
  • Fits under your desk
Just the tikit
Just the tikit
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The Photo Above Does Not Represent This Individual Bike Friday, But Does Represent the Model Type

It folds fast -- in less than 9-12 seconds after loosening one twist-locking fastener. Not quite as fast as hyper folding, the worlds fastest Bike Friday folding technology, but plenty fast for most situations.

With 8 speeds controled by twist shifters, Just the tikit has a threadless headset, sealed bottom bracket on Schwalbe Marathon Green Guard 16x1.35 tires.

The Just the tikit can be dressed up with all Bike Friday travel accessories including racks and bags, and comes from the same reliable platform as all Bike Friday travel bikes. That means it will perform and last.

It comes in your choice of 20 color choices, with Ink Black, Green Gear Green, Flag Red and Cream Soda Blue free with no upgrade charge.

It is available in your choice of three sizes (50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm) to fit individuals from about 4-foot-6 to 6-4 (1.3m to 1.9m).

You can upgrade to our fastest fold for $146.

If you are not certain which Bike Friday will best fit your needs, you can look at our Bike List for more information, but the best way to know that you are getting the perfect Bike Friday for your dreams of adventure is to contact a Bike Consultant for an interview.

Contact a
Bike Consultant today to learn more.


2a Main frame: 41 tikit Main Frame - Med,Sm -straight guage
Accessories: Engraved Name Plate -bike comes w/custom engravd name plate
Bars: MTB flat Kalloy 15degree flat bars,25.4 x 560mm
BB bearing: 111.5mm BF Sealed 68xEnglish
Bells: x None supplied standard
Bottle Cages: Velocity Bottle Trap Black Cage
Bottles: BF 21oz. water bottle white w/black lid - black logo
Brake Levers: Tektro "V"/Disc style Brake Levers (2 finger)
Brakes: Shimano Acera M422 V brake Fr or R oem
Cables: Cable - Housing Black std w/ Decals Black or White
Cassette: 11-28 8sp Shimano CS-HG50
Chains: KMC Z-51 8sp chain (made part with links)
Cranks: Alloy single ring cotterless (165,170,175) w/53t CHOOSE
Derailleurs Rear: Shimano Claris 2400-SS 8sp RD 32largest, 41wrap
Frame additions: Std release folds w/ stem T lock. Gives a fast fold.
Headset, Threadless: 1 1/8" DiaTech clamp headset, Black tikit, micro adj.
Hub Front: BF tikit Hub - front-Narrow 24o QR Alloy, 74mm
Hub Rear: BF Joytech 24o 130mm, silver rear hub
Packing Materials BF: Packing & handling for shipping
Pedals: yNone supplied std. Choose if you want us to supply
Rims: Alex ZC1000 (349) Blk 24o w/ mchnd brake surface rim
Saddle: None supplied std. Choose if you want us to supply
Seatpost: Uno 27.2 x 350mm SP Silver
Shifters/Controls: SRAM MRX Comp 8sp right twist shift Shim compatable
STEMS F: BF Ahead style 4 bolt(60,75,90,105,120mm) we size or CHOOSE
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1.35" (349) 65-110psi
Tubes: 16x1 1/8- 1 3/8" SV (349)

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Overall Experience Rating:
Quick and neat folder

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You can read a review from Bicycling magazine here

Overall Experience Rating:
Pre-Owned Model T tikit

After anticipating its arrival for several weeks, my newly purchased "Pre-Loved" Bike Friday tikit Model-T arrived yesterday evening.

The bike was sent in one smallish box and was very carefully packed. Assembly was quick and easy and took only minutes. I then put my own seat and pedals onto the bike, set the handlebar and seat height, put lights on (I commute at night) and literally rode off.

While technically a pre-owned bike, Bike Friday's attention to the details of refurbishing this bike was so thorough that my bike looks and rides like a new bike.

As the wizards at Bike Friday prepared my tikit for resale, they went all-out: new paint (my choice of color, I selected black), new tires, rims, cogs, cables, housings, and a whole lot more is in excellent condition.

To call it used does not seem appropriate. I have ridden Bike Friday's for many years. In fact,my other bike is a Bike Friday Pocket Companion. I have toured all over the mid-Atlantic area on that bike or its equivalent.

The handling of my tikit is as good as the Pocket Companion - that is to say excellent. It is stable enough to ride no-hands, accelerates and corners in a sporty fashion (small wheels, great geometry) and has gearing just fine for Charlottesville's relatively steep hills.

To top it all off, the tikit is very comfortable as well. In short - this is a fine ride!

Overall Experience Rating:
Tikit with NuVinci Hub

Tikit with NuVinci Hub

For this review I will share briefly my background as a customer, my initial experience, the purpose of my search, my concerns, limitations and advantages a couple of tips, and my now experience.

My background

It is important for the reader to know that I write this review as a 56-year-old male returning to cycling after 40 years. The last time I did some serious cycling was when I collided into the side of a car coming out of a service/gas station. I went flying over the front bonnet. I came off OK but my bike was finished. So I make no claim to expert or professional knowledge.

Initial Experience

Well 40 years later I took delivery of my tikit 2 Infinity NuVinci CVT 360 hyperfold bike. My first ride was the most incredible smooth cycling experience I have ever encountered. There was just an effortless transition of gears. The only issues or concern was the conditioning of my legs for the uphill run.

The bike is so different in all points and exceptionally well made down to the last detail. It felt comfortable to ride.

The Search

I started this bike journey looking for a bike with an easy to use gear system and I found a Bike Friday and an incredible transmission. Prior to taking delivery I test rode a number of bikes at every bike shop I could find, read every bike review and technical paper.

My aim was to have a bike that I didn’t have to relearn how to change 27 gears but still able to climb the hills. I wanted a bike that I could just enjoy riding and commuting to work and use for a Saturday ride.

I researched and came across the NuVinci hub from Fallbrook Technologies Inc. I contacted them and they provided me a list of bike manufacturers that were using the NuVinci but there were no bikes coming to Australia. I also learned that the Nuvinci hub could be installed on existing bikes. I asked many bike shops and they weren’t interested. No one had the time or interest to custom-build a bike.

That is when I found Bike Friday a bike company that makes a bike for you.


I have been riding the bike for two months and it is still great to ride. The only concern has been with the stem. Within the first two weeks there was considerable movement and squeaking in the stem. I contacted the service team at Bike Friday and discussed a few possible causes. After carefully observing the mechanics of the bike I realized that the cable on the hyperfold needed to be tightened. I found that the cable could be adjusted by rotating the nut at the end of the cable. I first marked the original position of the nut with a permanent marker then turned the nut about 5 mm – tested it and found that it made a difference. I then turned another 5 mm and it worked-no more movement and squeaks.


Weight, gear range and wheel size. Don’t expect to keep up with the Lycra crowd. Overall the bike is heavier than non-folding bikes. The NuVinci’s hub adds an extra kilogram. It is one kilogram heavier than other internal hub systems.

The gear range is good but as shown on the Fallbrook web site it has a range of about 10 gears. The smaller wheels are good for a quick start and to move away from or around the traffic but not good on soft or uneven road surfaces. You feel the bumps and are more careful climbing the curbs. As a commuter in the city it is perfect.

The longest ride for me so far has been about 50km around Sydney and averaged about 20km per hour. That would likely be the furthest distances I would travel on this bike. I like it as a good form of exercise, recreational ride and commuter for work.


I can take it anywhere. The hyperfold option on the tikit makes it so easy to fold and really defines the bike. I highly recommend the hyperfold.


1. Choose carefully the chain ring and sprocket size. It will make a big difference on the gear range. I live in a hilly location so I went for a large chain ring.

2. Chain or Carbon Belt – I chose chain. Peter the BF bike consultant told me that the bike would lose about 30% efficiency in the gear range. This is because of the limited chain ring sizes available for the carbon belt drive. I needed that 30% for the hills.

3. Bike Saddle - If you are going to spend this sort of money on a bike buy a decent good quality leather saddle. It’s worth it. I bought a Sella Italia.

4. Handle bar grips – The bike came with soft spongy grips. If I had known I would have requested firmer grips. When these get a bit old I will change them.


I am mapping out all the interesting bike rides in Sydney. I am re-discovering Sydney and the joy of riding. And yes, I am more careful to look out for cars coming out of service/gas stations. I highly recommend Bike Friday. They have excellent ongoing customer support, which is critical in buying a bike.

Overall Experience Rating:
Loved my Tikit. Now just like it.

When I bought my tikit a few years ago I was super happy with it. After all, what's not to love? The fold, the handling, US-made, great company. I could go on and on.

Over time, however, I have grown disenchanted with my tikit. Below are the issues I have with it:

1. 16" wheels. Yes, 16" wheels help make the decidedly non-compact tikit be a bit smaller when folded. But the sacrifice in comfort and handling is not worth the trade-off. The tikit's fold is all about speed, not size. 20" wheels would go a long way toward improving the bike.

2. Fork clearance. I was gobsmacked to learn that the fork clearance is so narrow on the Tikit fork that it couldn't accomodate Schwalbe's Big Apple tires. Big Apple's are considered the gold-standard of 16" tires. I have heard that they improve comfort and handling immeasurably. To limit the Tikit to narrower and less capable tires seems easily fixable. Why hasn't Green Gear acted?

3. Weight. Although I think Chromoly is a fine material to use for bike frames (frame flexibility and fixability are just two of the benefits), choice in materials would be awesome. Then again an aluminum tikit would only serve to emphasize the harshness of the tikit ride (see above).

4. Suspension. The Brompton has it. The Birdy has it. Small wheel bikes need suspension, to take the edge off. The Tikit seems perfect for rear suspension as the bike pivots near the bottom bracket anyway. Why not add it? I would take the weight penalty for the added comfort.

5. Component quality. Yes it is a great bike with decent handling and unparalleled versatility. But, let's face, the stock bikes are kitted with bargain bin components. I spent many hundreds of dollars upgrading almost everything I could on my tikit. For a $1300 bike I shouldn't have to. Take a page from Tern who outfits their bikes with great components, stock. How you feel about any bike is at least 50% due to the quality of the components. Don't let another manufacturer (ahem Tektro) subtract from the Bike Friday experience. It's in your control.

6. Price. My slogan for Bike Friday is "Twice the bike for three times the prices." That sounds sarcastic (and I suppose it is) but I do think the convenience and versatility of the tikit is worth paying more for. But to use a tech analogy, the tikit isn't an iPhone. The whole package doesn't have that same level of quality. For all the reasons above it just doesn't warrant the premium.

So here is what my ideal tikit would have: 1. Frame. Steel, redesigned to be lighter. Or aluminum. 2. Wheels. 20" with more fork clearance to accommodate a wider variety of tires. 3. Suspension. Minimal, just enough to take the edge off. But present. Rear, at the pivot. Front, in the headset. (Note: with 20" wheels, suspension may not be necessary. I don't think it can hurt, though.) 4. Components. At least two quality levels up on everything. 5. Weight. A folding bike with small wheels should be 25lbs or under. 6. Brakes. Disc! 7. Price. Although I complained about the pricing of my current tikit, if my next tikit came with all the above, I would pay even more. It's all about the fit, finish and final product.

Overall Experience Rating:
Iconic bike!

I love my tikit!

It is unbelievably convenient to throw in the trunk for car trips -- no roof racks, no reduced gas mileage, no wind noise.

SO much easier than a car in the inner city or in National Parks, just park outside and pedal in.

SO much easier than a regular bike on trains, stairs, in hallways, elevators, hotel rooms, etc. I end up riding much, much more in these situations than I used to with a regular bike.

A word of warning: I put a Spongy Wonder saddle on as an experiment and the metal base shredded my small car's headliner...use a normal saddle with a padded rear section to avoid similar problems.

The tikit is really fun for long-distance or credit card touring, too, especially with a Teeco pannier. The small wheels and unconventional frame are not a problem, even on the graded dirt roads of the Costa Brava.

The handlebar riser is a bit flexy on the climbs, but it's not a big deal; you quickly get used to it. But there are a few issues with this bike that make life trying.

One problem is that a folded tikit doesn't *quite* fit into the big lockers at museums and other public spaces that won't check a bike at the coat check. I used to just use the bike cover and call it a baby carriage, but many places won't check those anymore, either. So, I have to go through conniptions to get security to let me into a controlled area to lock it up (Tikits get swiped quickly if you leave them on a bike rack).

Another issue is the suitcase trailer. It works great, especially the compressor-fitting connector. But it is not effortless to fit the bike into the suitcase for travel -- it's not nearly the quick and dirty exercise that folding the bike is. It's just a bit tight, so things have to be lined up perfectly.

You definitely have to take the rack off to get the bike to fit. And I have yet to have an airline trip where the baggage monkeys didn't manage to mangle my chainring, even with two crush protectors.

The ring is an odd size, so it's hard to find a replacement and expensive if/when you do (no prayer in Italy). Bike Friday should really carry them in their store. I just give in and take the ring off when flying now. More hassle. The drive train is the only part of the bike that I think is not well designed (depending on your configuration, I suppose).

I have to be very careful not to bounce too much coming off bumps & curbs, or the chain drops off the front chainring WAY too easily. Also, the chain guard is too small and the chain sometimes rides up onto it, despite me shortening it a few links. I can avoid problems by being attentive, but I don't think I should have to do this.

The chain-angle is severe. The derailleur works great...as long as it is VERY precisely tuned to prevent skipping gears (another thing the baggage monkeys are good at messing up). Also, folding and unfolding the bike can shift the cable runs, screwing with this delicate balance. I now cable-tie my cables tightly in place under the bottom bracket to prevent this maddening problem. Derailleurs just seem to be a really dubious idea on this bike. The internal hub works magic, however. No mess, no fuss! And the new configuration with a Nuvinci hub and carbon belt drive should solve most/all of my drive train issues. The new tikit frames seem stiffer, too, which is nice.

Overall Experience Rating:
The Urban tikit

I have a beautiful steel touring bike and a Breezer Uptown 8. I love them both. The Breezer has served me well getting around Denver and commuting to work...until recently. Half of my commute is on light rail. I ride to the gym early in the morning and then catch the train about 15 miles to work. At the end of the day I ride the bicycle home. It's been working perfectly for several years, but lately the train is getting crowded with bikes. I'm happy to see more people riding but there are only six slots open for bikes and I didn't want to start missing trains. Enter the tikit. I was worried that it would be redundant with the bicycles I already own. It's not. It allows me to ride the train worry free every time. The train guards told me that folded up, it's no bigger than a bag of golf clubs and they will never bother me in areas that a regular bike is not allowed to travel. Besides the basics, I've also been delighted at how much fun the tikit is to ride. Thanks Bike Friday. I love it!

Overall Experience Rating:

Yes, that Carley Simon song, Anticipation, a 1971 hit, is how I was feeling about my Tikit since I ordered it in February, then decided to upgrade it while it was being built.  At last, we settled on the final components, then off it was shipped on April 22nd. ANTICIPATION since then and even since February.  As the days dragged on , I kept looking at the FedEx website to track the shipment.  Finally it arrived in Connecticut this morning, so I was Anticipating it every few minutes I’d look out the window for the FedEx guy.  Nobody came.  I kept looking at my iPhone to see if there was more detail in the tracking.  At one point it said Package Delivered.  I said to myself they must do the paperwork in advance because I didn’t hear the FedEx guy/gal.  I opened the front door.  There it was. 

Ohboyohboyohboy.  I’m 67 years old but I was like a little kid.  I knew I better open it, read the instructions, go slow, because so many times I’ve messed up brand new stuff in my haste.  I opened up the suitcase and there it was in all its glory.  I looked at the manual, then spotted the DVD.  I figured I’ll look at the DVD and see if it gives me enough info to get started.

I’d play little sections of it making sure that I was doing stuff right all along.  I’d rewind a little, look it over a little.  Within an hour I was out riding.  And folding and unfolding my

What a work of art, really.  Within five minutes of my getting on it someone remarked, nice bike!!!!.  But the real fun was folding and bringing it into stores.  Yeah, there’s nothing like that feeling.  No locks no chains, no nothing, just me and my bike and all the conversation that follows.

I’d like to thank the entire Bike Friday staff for making this a very sweeeeet day.  I look forward to many many rides, tossing it into the back of our SUV from time to time, without all the hassle of the taking off the front tire of my roadie.

It seems to have a lot of range in the gearing, more so than the one I traded in, New World Tourister.

Thanks to all, very much.

God’s peace to all,
Deacon Mike Oles

Overall Experience Rating:
Model T tikit 'T' for Terrific

Recently purchased a Model T tikit on March 29, 2010. I previously rode a racing bike and was concerned that my new ride wouldn't be as smooth or as easy to climb. My doubts were unfounded in that the Bike Friday Model T performed beautifully on flat and somewhat hilly terrain. The fold is very easy and tightening the "Twiddly" knob is very reassuring that the bike is secure. I am really enjoying my riding experience and being able to fold the bike really comes in handy now that the weather in NYC is getting better and I can ride to work and store it safely, not worrying that it is exposed to the outside elements.

Overall Experience Rating:
Love my Season tikit!

I looked at a lot of folding bikes over the last year. Bike Friday, Brompton, Dahon etc. My wife Tanya, an avid researcher, spent a lot of time as well. She asked me, "What is important to you? Do you really need the compact fold of the Brompton, or do you want a folding bike that rides like a real bike?" That really got me thinking.

Well, I test rode a Season tikit at Warm Planet Bikes in San Francisco, and also tried a friend's Brompton. I also tried a Strida and a Dahon. My wife kept researching. I kept looking at bikes.

I kept coming back to Bike Friday.

Last month, I finally bought my Season tikit a month ago after about a year agonzing over my decision. It is in Green Gear Green and I have named it Kermit! (You know, "It's not easy being green.") It has been fantastic! I knew I would like it, but I can't believe the difference it has made in my commute.

It has made in a huge difference in two areas primariy. One is getting on and off the train. The other is getting in and out of my building at work. I live in San Mateo, CA and commute to San Francisco, CA via Caltrain.

With our local Caltrain, there has been a problem for years in bike capacity. At least once every couple of weeks, I was bumped from the train and had to take the next one.


Now that I have the tikit, I get on the train with no problems. In the first two weeks alone, I was able to get on at least four trains that I would ordinarily been bumped off. The folding bike is always allowed!

My other issue has been my workplace. Frankly, it is NOT bike friendly. Before my tikit, I had to take my bike through the loading dock, down a one-floor freight elevator to the basement, and then try to sneak my bike onto another freight elevator up to the 10th floor where my office is. I say sneak, as the building has a "NO BIKE" policy. They want me to put my bike in room designated for that purpose in the basement. Just getting my bike in and out of the office took 10-15 minutes extra, time crucial if you are trying to make the train home.

Well now I pull up to the front of the building, fold my Season tikit, and walk right in and take the main elevator. The security people smile at me and nod as I go by. No hassles! I also can stick my tikit right under my desk, so that I can easily leave in a moment's notice. I honestly think that with the increased time I get at work, the tikit will be paid for in no time at all!

Oh, and here's the other thing: It is a joy to ride! The other day, a group of my fellow commuter's asked about it. They genuinely liked it, including one freind who has Brompton with a three gear internal hub (He was jealous, in a good-natured way, about my eight year nexus hub), but one of them made a bit of a derisive comment and said his folding bike, a citizen, only cost him a few hundred dollars, and insinuated that I was stupid for spending what I did for my Season tikit.

I noticed he had a regular commuter bike, and not a folder with him, asked him why he wasn't riding it at the time. He said that the ride was somewhat clunky and the fold was cumbersome, but he liked it just fine. I smugly thought to myself that he just made the point of the tikit for me. Why have a folding bike that, frankly, sucks? Why not pay for quality, and have a bike that you can actually enjoy?

Anyway, I could go on about all the other things I like about my tikit, but I think that would require a few more pages... long story short, I am an extremely satisified customer!

Best Regards,

Ty Smith

Overall Experience Rating:
My Speeding tikit rocks!

The first thing I did when I received it was to slap an iBike power meter on it to measure the drag coeficients (aerodynamic and rolling).  To my pleasant surprise they were almost identical to my Specualized Roubaix (the aero drag coef was actually lower on the tikit).  Ultimately I can't detect any performance sacrifices when I switch bikes. 

What I like most about it is that I can take it everywhere I go.  So far I've never been turned away by a restaurant (I believe they think it's a wheel chair and they are worried about upsetting the disabled population). 

I also have yet to find a trunk it won't fit in. 

Anyway, in case you couldn't tell — I think it's a brilliant design and I actually fold it all the time (unlike my NWT which I only fold to travel). it's the coolest tikit out there — code named MPT  (Mighty Purple tikit).

Overall Experience Rating:
Great commuter bike and excellent customer service!

I just crossed 1,000 miles on my Express tikit that I bought in July. It has been great for commuting to work and running errands. I'm very pleased with the customer support that I received from Jordan Bishko in sorting out some minor problems in the first month or two of ownership. He was very helpful in resolving the problems, sending a replacement part, and following up with me to make sure everything was working well. Thanks again!

Overall Experience Rating:
Season's tikit after two seasons of riding

The season's tikit — a tikit with an internal geared hub (in my case a Nexus) — is just a terrific bike. I got mine (after much consultation with Dave Seybert at BF, who helped me to order a pocket tourist a couple of years back) to reproduce the cockpit of my Rivendell Glorius, so BF ordered a set of Nitto Albatross bars, put on cork handles from Riv, and even installed a J-Tek bar-con! I also had BF build me a front generator hub (Shimano) and get a Lumotec light. I also asked — because the tourist seemed to have a little flex in the front — for slightly stouter tubing.

Other things I added on my own: Brooks sprung saddle (I *highly* recommend these on BF's, since they give a tiny softening and are less hassle than a suspension seat post), MKS EZY removable pedals (Calhoun Cyclery has a wide variety available online), nearly a roll of 3M reflective tape all over the bike (the orange is such a close match for BF's Enno Orange that from 2 feet away, you can't see the tape during the day, but at night it just lights up), shellacked cork bar tape, and a hack to make a quick release for my saddlebag.

Well, the bike is fantastic. It rides beautifully, although when these tires go, I'm going to check out the Greenspeed scorchers that lots of folks recommend. Of course I can tell the difference when I ride it immediately before or after the Riv, mostly because of the wheels and the fact that the jumps between gears on the 8-speed hub are bigger than on a 3x8 front/rear derailleur setup. But Dave and his colleagues at BF did an amazing job of reproducing the cockpit dimensions so that it feels very little different from my full size. I've had no maintenance issues at all after six months except a slight tendency of the front light to move out of position (it's attached along with the front fender). But it's easy to move it back.

I'd give Dave an 11 on a 1-10 scale for working with me. He did a terrific job of accommodating my many requests — the handlebars, the J-Tek shifter (which has worked flawlessly) that BF had never used before, the front hub and lights. Plus getting me a different cog so that the gears would better approximate my normal range. BF really will build a tikit to order in every respect.

Advantages of the IGH include a chain that's always tensioned, so no problem dropping it when you fold or pack or the like and I don't worry about gunk getting into the derailleur or the cage hitting the ground off road. (The tikit does fire roads just fine.)

Advantages of the front generator hub: obvious. A tiny drag, I'm sure, but this bike is for casual riding and I don't ride fast enough to care. And knowing that I'm never stuck after dark with no batteries is great.

Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about the bike except the carrying/walking handle. It's a tiny bit awkward, and it would be great to have a better handle right on the frame for carrying without rolling.

I have the model-T with the twiddly nob, and I actually like that, rather than the hyperfold because I can be certain that everything's in place. It really takes no more than 15 seconds to fold or unfold. Sure, the Albatross handlebars make for a slightly bulkier fold than MTB bars, but they are so comfortable when I'm actually riding that it's worth the slight tradeoff.

Overall Experience Rating:
The bike is a winner. Rides great, folds quickly and packs and unpacks in 10 minutes

A few months ago, I suffered my first, frustrating attempt to pack my S&S coupled bike. I've read about a friend's Brompton, which prompted me to buy a Bike Friday tikit. Most of my rides on family vacations are windows of opportunities. Packing and unpacking a bike with a curious 3 year old boy hovering too close is a study in concentration, patience, luck and swearing in Hebrew.

So for our April Israel trip, the tikit was just THE ticket. I set it up as a Speeding tikit with SRAM 10. Mine has the Capreo hub. I modified the Capreo cogset, with BF's blessing, using the Capreo 9-10-11 cogs. BF modified a D/A 12 cog for me and then I used 12-13-14-15-16-17-18 teeth D/A cogs. So My cogset is 9-18, ten speed. My chainings are 56 and 39, gear range is 34.67" to 99.56" I am happy to report it is a very nice riding bike.

Out of the saddle; no handed; the bike handles everything I have thrown at it. I've ridden the Tikit on steep climbs, with pitches as steep as 16%. I descended the same road and made a fast sweeping turn onto a deserted main road and it felt rock solid. 2+ hour rides are no problem. Being able to quickly fold to stow in the car and unfold at the base of a climb was almost too easy. Packing and unpacking in 10 minutes was a relief. I find it very stable and comfortable. I worried that the handling might be too "nervous", but it is very fun to ride.

The tikit performs flawlessly. I think it rides better than my Pocket Rocket. It was EASY to pack and unpack as - I had to do it twice on our recent trip when we changed hotels. I would take it with me again in a heartbeat. One very windy morning it was in the 60's and I wore a wind jacket. On the way back to the hotel, it warmed up and I took my jacket off while riding and stuffed it in my rear pocket. On the Folding Forum, the Brompton riders claim riding no handed on a Brompton is a no-go.

I think the bike is a winner. Rides great, folds quickly and packs and unpacks in 10 minutes The bike weighs 19lbs 13oz. New hubs, fr. skewer and wheels are on order. Packed, my case weighed 21kgs.

Overall Experience Rating:
Best mixed mode commute option out there.

I ordered a Season tikit last year in preparation for a move out of the city. I had a 2 mile commute, I now have a 32 mile commute. While I'm a pretty avid cyclist I don't see myself riding 64 miles a day to and from work on a regular basis. I wanted to keep my life car-light so I needed a folding bike I could take with me on the commuter rail, bus, or T (Boston's light rail/subway system.)

I'd heard about Bike Friday when I was working at a bike shop in my late teens and early twenties, so I decided to look into them. Their reputation precedes them. The customer service is top notch (Thanks Paul!) and the bike has been absolutely awesome (I liked it so much I bought a Model T tikit for my girlfriend for Christmas.) I carpool into the city and ride to work from there, it's so easy because I can simply put my bike in the trunk of my ride's car (I even managed to fit my bike and my girlfriend's bike into the trunk of a compact two door car once).

I can bike to and from the commuter rail station and home and use it around the city during the day when I need to run errands. It shortens the amount of time I spend on these shorter trips drastically over trying to take public transit, drive or walk. I can make it to the train in record time! Plus, since I can just fold it up and bring it inside I don't need to bring a lock with me everywhere! I've only been doing this commute for about a week and a half and already I'm completely hooked on my Season tikit, it rarely leaves my side. The fold is really fast and easy. I love the looks on people's faces when they see me roll my bike out of the train station and then presto chango I'm on my bike and riding on to my destination.

The tikit is surprisingly comfortable despite the reputation that 16" wheeled folding bikes have. The fit was very well done and was exactly what I asked for. They also fit my girlfriend's bike to her very well, which is especially impressive since she's about 5'2" with short legs and I'm 6'2" with long legs! In short I've been very happy with my Bike Friday Season tikit experience!

Overall Experience Rating:
Season tikit = wow!

I'm proud to have it join my family of bikes! Just like any other Bike Friday, the tikit provides a quality ride. It's is easy to forget that I'm riding a hyper folder when I'm zipping confidently around town. The mechanics of the fold are a truly amazing. That is some impressive mechanical design!

With regard to the Season tikit in particular, the worry-free Nexus hub is a great choice for an everyday commuter bike. The gear range it provides is more than ample. As a bonus, I can be as rough as I want with the folded bike without worrying about a derailleur. Plus, the Nexus can shift gears when you are at a standstill. I went on a quick trip to the store with my tikit yesterday.

To the delight of a nearby ten year-old, I folded it up in front of the store. "Whoa! That was soooo cool!" He exclaimed. His mother seemed to be equally impressed, but managed to control any verbal outburst. Yeah, getting referrals from this bike is going to be easy!

Anyway, great work Bike Friday! I am very excited about my newest bike.

Utility Bike

My tikit is a utility bike with incredible usefulness. It maintains my sanity. Because my job demands frequent travel and because living in hotels and eating restaurant food erodes my spirit, I pack a bicycle whenever practical. My Bike Friday tikit makes it easy. Last night, after work, after dinner, after the sun went down, and after the nearby office buildings were virtually emptied, the Texas Tikit rolled. In the summer night breeze and through the urban landscape, we cruised for an hour, cleared the mind, and refreshed the body.

Overall Experience Rating:
Tikit vs Air Glide for business travel commuting and touring

Last December, I took my Air Glide on a business trip to Paris. I rode from the airport (using the Travel Trailer) through the city to various hotels and meetings. The ride was great but the effort to pack/unpack and fold/unfold multiple times was frustrating. It was from my last hotel room that I started researching the tikit online. In January, I bought a BTO Travel tikit. I have since used it instead of renting a car for trips to Seattle, Hartford, Orlando and Denver. Now each business trip has become a personal adventure! The quick fold and integrated cover allow me to store it inside my hotels and business places without hassle or worry. It is also a big hit with the mechanical engineers I visit--many of whom are concerned about personal health and environmental issues. The airport packing and unpacking times are only 25 minutes, end-to-end, including the trailer assembly/disassembly and shuffling things to my business suitcase to satisfy airline weight restrictions. Since both Bike Friday models can tow the same trailer, the differences for touring are in comfort and gear carrying capacity on the bike. The tikit ride is less comfortable than the Air Glide but I suspect no less so than any of the other Bike Friday models with a standard down tube. I used a Terry Mens Liberator Gel saddle on both which I like. My Air Glide has front and rear racks which can hold standard size panniers for light or self-contained touring. I have not loaded it up with four panniers so I cannot comment on how this affects handling. I bought a seatpost bag with my tikit which holds the minimum gear I need for fair weather riding. I have since purchased the new rear rack and use a racktop bag which holds all I usually take on a day ride. Recently I determined that my Novara Transfer Panniers (from REI) will fit on the rack with just enough foot clearance. I will verify this on some training rides soon. The longest I have ridden my tikit so far is 40 miles in one day with a loaded trailer. It performed well. Later this summer I hope to try the panniers for "light touring" between hotels and restaurants.

Overall Experience Rating:
Only problem is chain hopping off

Written May, 24, 2008 Hi, I received my tikit in April, 2008 and have ridden it weekly. The only problem with this well designed bike is that it's an 8 speed with no need for a front derallieur. So there is a chain guard to prevent chain hop to the outside of the bike when chain slack in the smaller rear gears allows the jump to move while relaxed — not pedaling. However, the chain skips to the inside on every ride at least once. And, only when coasting. I hit a mild bump and the chain hops off. Most cross bikes with a single front chainring have inner and outer guards. This bike needs the same treatment. Also, the chain has climbed up to the guard and allowed me to spin on it several times. I suspect the guard needs another 32nd in diameter to keep the chain on the front ring. I've had two mechanics look at this problem and both have said the tension on the chain is perfect. They gave me the idea about the inner and out guard. I'm eager to hear back from the good people at BF. They've been a true pleasure.

Regards Harold Solomon Atlanta, GA

We are now installing larger chain protector rings on the tikits - Rob English, Engineer.

Overall Experience Rating:
Promise made, dissatisfaction fades....

We live in a world of business where often the pursuit of profits is the sole focus and centrality of a company's existence and activity. With this myopic and short term view, many times moral values are conveniently cast aside, justified in the name of the almighty $. Honesty, integrity, trust and even promises made are merely cards on hand that are optional, used only if they serve to increase ROI. I received a Fed Ex parcel recently from Bike Friday. My tikit had a few nagging problems (mentioned in earlier post) which I brought to the attention of BF's technician Hugh Larkin before my Sumatran trip. He emailed to say he would send the replacement parts and that the order is set to ship by Friday, 4/18 and it DID. The cost of the parts and postage, NO CHARGE as the bike was under warranty. The bottom line of Bike Friday's books may be down about US$50 but this is a smart investment they made - for they have won mine, and many other customers loyalty and support for years to come. On the other hand, I have experienced bike dealers that fail to keep their promise to customer satisfaction, thereby unknowingly killing many "gooses" that would lay them many golden eggs. But that is another story altogether. A simple promise made, feelings of dissatisfaction fade. Magic. Kudos to Bike Friday again! No wonder they are so profitable and successful.


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