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Commuter & tikits

Fold and go. Sounds so simple. But, it's not. That's what sets the Bike Friday tikit commuter bikes apart.

When we say fold and go, we mean it. We don't mean fold, reassemble, readjust and go.

Bike Friday tikits are designed from the ground up to unfold and ride. We mean really ride. Not just two or three miles to the train station or around the park. These little wheeled wonders are being used for trips. We mean travel and ride, carry bags, see the countryside. These are not one-size-fits all trunk sitters but real bikes for everyday that are built to fit your body.

Think of Bike Friday as your personal Factory.

When you design a Bike Friday, you are creating the bicycle of your dreams. You can design a Just the tikit with 8 speeds, a derailleur and chain, and our Impulse fold that folds in 10 seconds.

The price of your Bike Friday primarily will be determined by the level of components you choose for your bike.
If you prefer to upgrade your components, well, the sky is the limit.

We build a wide variety of Customized tikits. Some of our other models are:

One Way tikit: Fixed gear.

Just the tikit: Basic commuter.

Season tikit: Internal hub for commuting.

Express tikit: H-bar touring.

Speeding tikit: Drop bar road bike.

Carbon Drive tikit: Gates Carbon belt drive.

Infinity tikit: NuVinci 360N Continuous Variable Transmission.

Carbon Infinity tikit: Gates Carbon Belt with NuVinci 360N

One of the founders has done century rides on his Express tikit and rides his Speeding tikit regularly on the lunch road ride. 

NOTE: All Bike Friday tikits prices are shown with our Impulse Fold. It is a $146 upgrade charge for our fastest Hyperfold.


Haul-a-Day Planner - built to order full choice
If you are new to the Cargo Bike scene and not ready to bet the bank that this is your answer, the Haul-a-Day Planner is a great place to start.

The Planner's options include more gearing options, handlebar options, tire options as well as 13 color options.

You can start with a good level 8-speed and choose upgrades to best fit your lifestyle.
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Just the tikit
If fold and go is your goal, Just the tikit is the perfect place to start.

Our limited custom Just the tikit gives you all the utility of the 16-inch wheel tikit with our basic starting package that includes the quick fold, 8-speed chain and derailleur drive train, V-brakes and straight bars.

You can build up a Just the tikit with pedals, saddle, fenders, racks and other accessories to tailor it to fit your commuting needs.

It allows you to quickly fold and jump on the bus, train or taxi. When you get to work, carry it up stairs or roll to your desk.
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New World Tourist (slct)
Versatility is the trademark that makes the New World Tourist our most popular model.

Touring? Commuting? Just for fun?

No matter what you want to do, the New World Tourist with the Select Group gives you the gearing you want with a 27-speed SRAM X-5.

You can set it up to carry a load, or enjoy the easy life. Your choice.
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New World InfinityTour - Nuvinci
The New World Tourist can tackle any challenge you throw its way, from multiday touring to daily commuting to simple Sunday afternoon riding.

One of the ways to build a Custom New World Tourist is to add the NuVinci 360 continuously variable transmission (CVT), so you will always find the perfect gear for any situation.

The NuVinci will give you a gear range from 26.5 to 95.5 inches with a 20-tooth cog and 53-tooth ring. Since you are custom designing the New World Tourist, your options are wide.

Check out our base New World Tourist Infinity with NuVinci.
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