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Gaylynn Hanavancoon (Sep 4, 1963 - Sep 17, 2007)  Queen Voice of Bike Friday / Receptionist

Bike Friday: Pocket Rocket Pro Petite


September 4, 1963 -September 17, 2007

"She's our Queen Trooper"

by Lynette Chiang

After a 12-year battle with cancer, Gaylynn HanavanCoon, our much loved Queen Voice, passed away on September 17, 2007. She was just 44.

Gaylynn joined BF in September 2000 as a non-cyclist, but resolutely became a super fit and proud owner of a SatRDay, then a DoubleDay, and finally, a Pocket Rocket Pro Petite in her signature color -- princess pink.

She relished the opportunity to ride her Fridays at her favorite bicycling events: Northwest Tandem Rally, Portland Bridge Pedal, Cinderella Century and the Sutherlin Memorial Weekend, often accompanied by husband Monty (former Bike Friday Service Tech), and their two children Madeline and Elliott.

People loved Gaylynn's cheeky, cheery vibe (peppered with a wry hint of mischief) and the way she welcomed customers into the Bike Friday family. She knew a great many customers and vendors by name, the last trip they did, and the Bike Friday they rode.

Gaylynn was an avowed crusader for breast cancer awareness, and we're very thankful for the number of times she was able to bounce back to health due to her unstoppable will and love of life.

Bike Friday's warm personality was truly shaped by Gaylynn. We will miss her and always remember her -- not least whenever we see the color pink.

Below are some words from people who felt especially close to her.

A memorial service for Gaylynn was held at the Eugene Bible College on Oct 14th, 2007, at 2 pm.

Pictured above: Gaylynn in pink (of course), with her ergonomic office chair (and 16" tire). Below: with her Princess Pink Pocket Rocket Pro Petite
Gaylynn HanavanCoon collage


Gaylynn is a role model for me. No matter how sick she was, she never lost her feisty sense of humor. She never wanted you to feel sorry for her, and always had an incredibly strong positive mental attitude that kept her going through round after round of debilitating chemo and radiation treatments. Whenever I am feeling down and having a pity party for myself, I think of her and how she tackled all of her difficulties head on. I can hear her saying "quit your whining, it's not like you're dying" and it puts things into sharp perspective. She always had a genuine interest in your family and your life, would always lend a sympathetic ear, and didn't want to dwell on her own challenges in life. - Dave Seybert, BF Sales Expert

For the past 7 years I have breathed a sigh of relief every time Gaylynn answered the phone. Firstly, because I then knew she was safe and sound wrapped in the loving arms of Bike Friday, and secondly because I knew my reason for calling would be handled with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. I know that Gaylynn is still wrapped in loving arms and is still safe and sound. For this knowledge, I continue to breath with the inspiration that she bestowed on all of us - but I will miss that vision of this wonderful "little person" with the heart and will of a locomotive. Gaylynn had that wonderful pixie dust with the "secret sauce" that she bestowed liberally on all of us and I want you to know that I pray that it never wears off. Gaylynn, I miss you, I love you. - Jeff Linder, BF Patron and ambassador-at-large

I would have to say Gaylynn is the strongest person I know to date - with the strength of an army, and a heart of a lion. Even though she is now on her journey, her loving spirit will live with us always. Towards the end, she told me she wanted to come back as an eagle so she could soar through the clouds above and watch over us all. She will be missed, even though she really isn't very far away. Peter "3Pete" Berra, BF Sales Expert

3 words - Kind, Caring, Loving - Hugh Larkin, BF Customer Service Tech

"Gaylynn you always made me happy to call Bike Friday and hear your beautiful voice." - Mel @ Tandems East, Bike Friday Test Rider Dealer