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Our Service Team lives to make it better. They are each one part doctor, one part diplomat, one part engineer and one part sleuth. Put those elements together and you have a team of ultimate problem solvers, standing by to get you up and running and back on the road.
Todd Reed  E-Commerce Manager

Bike Friday:

I've been riding bikes all my life. I can remember some particularly frustrating experiences trying to master the Schwinn 3-speed and other low-end bikes sold to the kid market.

After moving to northern California, I became a mountain biker as an avocation and spent many a wonderful day exploring off-road trails and single-track.

My first bike love was a Bridgestone MB-2. I spent the next few years doing a lot of off-road and learning how to fix my bike so I didn't have to walk home.

With the passing of time, huffing up steep, rubble-strewn fire roads grew somewhat old and I began getting more interested in bike culture and bikes as a way of life and a form of primary transportation.

I tend to love the retro bike influence. I have a growing menagerie of bikes including two Bridgestones, two recumbents (one electric), road, mountain and art bikes, and soon a Bike Friday.

I've also become fascinated by the opportunities presented by the growth of the Internet, especially in marketing and content creation. I find the interplay between people's shopping behavior and the Internet to be very interesting and changing constantly.

I like to tinker with projects such as lighting systems and other add-ons for my bikes that make them more useful and fun to ride. I'm looking forward to riding my Bike Friday on some great adventures.