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Our Team
We're proud to be too small to have a management team that sits in an office and "directs". Our managers are hands-on, working shoulder to shoulder with the entire team.
Jordan Bishko  J.D./M.B.A Operations Manager

Bike Friday:

I was first introduced to Oregon in high school, at the end of a three-month cross-country bicycle trip. I lived in the Midwest at the time, but Oregon’s mountains, climate and laid back atmosphere were all quite attractive.

Eight years after that first visit, I moved to Oregon for graduate school and I have been here ever since.

I have participated in the bicycle industry on and off for more than 15 years, including working in bike shops, managing shops and consulting with shops.

As Operations Manager, I manage all of the three value streams for the company including two productions line and the Service / Customer Service / Parts-Webstore value stream.

I believe I have found the perfect job. My real job here is simply to find problems and solve them, as well as ensuring that  production runs smoothly and the team is supported.

My first Bike Friday was to fill the need of having a high performance road bike that I can travel with. I have a preference for comfortable, light weight bikes that I can climb with, so the Pocket Rocket Pro with titanium seat mast was the perfect choice.

Initially the tikit did not seem that useful to me -- too many compromises. The sheer utility of the bicycles began to settle in as I use it to do errands everyday from work. Now, I cannot think of how I would get by without the use of the tikit.

I recently built up a Pocket Rocket Pro (with a Pocket Rocket fork) as my daily commuter. It uses a diamond main frame in place of the boom tube main frame (available through the Service Dept. -- shameless plug). A triple crank for riding up to my house in the hills and a Ti seat mast to smooth out the road.

The next project I completed: Ti Lite Tandem. Reasoning: a tandem is the perfect tool to allow two cyclists with dissimilar abilities ride together. The Ti Lite was selected because of its fast, light ride. We use the tandem to pull Eli (toddler) in the trailer so my whole family can ride together.

That makes six Bike Fridays: two Pocket Rockets, three tikits, and a tandem. The “no more new bicycles rule” has been activated (as I have four additional non BF bicycles), so as was the case with the recent Pocket Rocket Pro commuter, any new acquisitions must force the discarding of an existing bicycle (tandem excepted).