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Our Team
Jeff Linder  Principal/HR Consultant/All-around great guy

Bike Friday: Pocket Rocket Pro

Jeff loved his Bike Friday so much, he bought into the company.

Jeff started as a Bike Friday customer in 1994. He was a United Airlines Pilot who flew over seas quite frequently.

Jeff is also a bike racer competing in serious races like the Sea Otter Classic and was on a Race Across America team in his 50's.

Jeff bought his first Bike Friday so he could take it will him on his long flights around the world and always keep training and staying fit.

The bike changed his life. He was so excited about it that he decided to buy into the company and become what we call an angel investor.

Jeff has become a close and trusted friend to Alan and Hanz over the years, sharing family vacations together as well as long bike rides.

Jeff and his wife Joanie live in California still riding Bike Fridays and staying in touch.

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