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Our Team
We're proud to be too small to have a management team that sits in an office and "directs". Our managers are hands-on, working shoulder to shoulder with the entire team.
Alan Scholz  CEO & Co-Founder

Bike Friday: Pocket Rocket Pro, Tandem Traveler Sport and the latest prototype.

Alan founded the original Burley Bags that became Burley Design in 1969. He co-founded Advanced Training Products and Green Gear Cycling with his brother Hanz.

At age ...

12 Co-founder — Al's Electronics (Unicycles to Megacycles, La Feria, TX with my Dad)

16 Founder — Al's Bike Shoppe' (Fargo, ND)

18 Founder — Great Plains Bike Club (GPBC) (Not a business, but I learned a lot about customers from it.)

19 Founder & Designer — Burley Bike Bags (Burley Lite Trailer, Rain Gear, Duet Tandem & inception of Pacific Yurts)

20 Founder — Dakota Nomad Inc. Bike Shops - Fargo & Grand Forks North Dakota

27 Co-Founder — Burley Design Cooperative Inc. (Cottage Grove, OR with wife and 10 employees. You can search it online and read history.)

33 Founder — Architectural Fabrics (Awnings) (Atlanta, GA)
(as single parent of original Burley Trailer Girls - Hanna and Fraeda in his home.)

34 Co-Founder — SofTech Inc. (Awnings)
(He made the GG awning out front in his home.)

36 Co-Founder — Advanced Training Products (ATP) (Burley tandems design and manufacturing with Hanz)

40 Co-Founder — Scholz Family Fabricators (SFF) (Eugene, OR) (with wife Theresa)

41 Co-Founder — Green Gear Cycling Inc. / BikeFriday - (Performance that Packs with Hanz)

44 Co-founded — AIM (with Jeff Linder and Hanz)                    

58 Co-Founded The Urban Garden Company w/ Bill Klaverkamp - making Urban Garden Carts that convert to bike trailers also.

Hanz (left) and Alan.

Alan's Super Pro.