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Some of our Bike Consultants started as Bike Friday customers. Some have worked in our production line. All are cyclists, logging thousands of miles each year, and want to share their knowledge with you.

Paul Naxer  Showroom Host

Bike Fridays: New World Tourist, Pocket Rocket Pro, Family Tandem

When I moved out to Eugene from Ohio I saw a great opportunity to relieve myself of owning a car.

Despite the rain, Eugene has a great bike infrastructure and I soon found myself smiling during the best part of any given day: my commute.

After a while, I quickly realized that my first folding bike was inadequate for my physical demands and future dreams as a cyclist.

Since the travel aspect of owning a folding bike still appealed to me, I found my way to the Bike Friday showroom and bought my New World Tourist.

I was so impressed with the service and the product that I applied to work here. I started as a sales consultant and jumped at the opportunity to host the showroom. My goal here is to recreate that experience for you when you visit us here in Eugene.

I have three Bike Fridays: 1. New World Tourist: I use for commuting, grocery runs, camping and just about anything else I can throw at it. 2. Pocket Rocket Pro: I use for group rides, day rides around the Willamette Valley, southern hills and local wineries. 3. Family Tandem: When my wife isn't riding her Bike Friday we use the tandem for trips around town, going out to dinner and recreational rides.

If you're in town, please stop by, I would love to meet you. If not, I can still help you with your car-free, tandem, touring and road bike needs.

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