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Our Team
Jeff Strehl-Roberts  Showroom host


What a glorious morning!

This is how I feel every morning as I arrive at work.

Alan Sholz, the patriarch and Co-Founder of Bike Friday said to me the very first time I ever met him, "There is something about arriving at a destination under your own power..."

That something is special. The best way that I can find to describe it is -- I feel alive. My body is in harmony with my spirit and I am invigorated.

I am here because of the mission statement:

"To build a better tomorrow by offering individual solutions for transportation, personal oil independence and health."

I would go on and on about the merits of this mission statement, but this would only muddy a very clear message. I believe the more time we spend riding our bikes the better off the world will be. I am very passionate in this belief and look forward to helping everyone that shares our vision!