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Our Team

Building bikes the way we do — tailored to fit each customer — we are privileged to get to know the people who buy our bikes. From sales to production to shipping, we are all connected to each rider. And in a sense, no matter where you go, we are along for the ride. So come and meet your Bike Friday team.

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Management - management@bikefriday.com
We're proud to be too small to have a management team that sits in an office and "directs". Our managers are hands-on, working shoulder to shoulder with the entire team.
Bicycle Consultants - consultants@bikefriday.com

Some of our Bike Consultants started as Bike Friday customers. Some have worked in our production line. All are cyclists, logging thousands of miles each year, and want to share their knowledge with you.

Service Team - service@bikefriday.com
Our Service Team lives to make it better. They are each one part doctor, one part diplomat, one part engineer and one part sleuth. Put those elements together and you have a team of ultimate problem solvers, standing by to get you up and running and back on the road.
Production Team - info@bikefriday.com
These are hardly production personnel in the traditional sense of the word. We think of them more as wizards. These are the craftspeople whose labor of love is hand-building your Bike Friday.
Marketing - marketing@bikefriday.com
To be fair, we should probably include every Bike Friday owner who has ever had a kind word to say about us in our Marketing Team. Because the truth is, our customers have always been the power behind all of our marketing efforts, spreading the word and telling the world about their Bike Friday.
Support Staff - info@bikefriday.com

From answering the phones to tracking invoices to jumping in wherever they are needed, our support staff is invaluable to the entire team.

Accounting Team - info@bikefriday.com

Numbers. It's all about numbers, right? And no matter what your concerns, you can count on our numbers team for answers.