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Carbon Infinity tikit is here

Bike Friday unveiled its latest creation, the Carbon Infinity tikit, to the public May 3 at the Bike Expo New York.

The Carbon Infinity tikit combines two of the latest innovations for bicycles that have captured the imagination of cyclists and created a huge buzz in the industry.

The Gates Carbon Belt Drive CenterTrack combined with a NuVinci 360N hub delivers a stress-free ride that just might be the quietest ever on two wheels.

The drivetrain is the Gates Carbon Belt Drive CenterTrack that takes bicycles to their future while leaving the chain behind.

The NuVinci N360 Continuous Variable Transmission is a completely internal hub that makes finding the right gear a simple twist, and leaves maintenance a past memory.

Put those two elements onto Bike Friday's quickest folding technology, and you just might skip hopping on the train or bus because your ride is sooo sweet. We like to think of it as Infinite Simplicity.