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Bike Friday News

Each Bike Friday begins with a piece of tubing, Cro-Moly steel, that is cut and shaped to become a frame.

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Building a Bike Friday to fit your body begins with the first cuts of steel.

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Each part of tubing is measured to exacting standards.

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When the final touches are completed, the frame will head onto welding.

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Piece by piece, the frame comes together in its jig.

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After the frame is sand blasted, it moves to powder coating.

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Each piece of the frame is powder coated in one of 19 colors offered.

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Once the coating is applied, the frame moves into the oven.

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When it comes out of the oven and cools, decals are applied and it moves to assembly.

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Each frame is tested and measured to make sure it stands up to our high standards.

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When the final assembly is completed, each Bike Friday is taken on a test ride to assure it is ready for delivery.

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Bike Friday tikit Production Line

Following a Bike Friday tikit through the Production Line.

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