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20th Anniverary New World Tourist USA

20th Anniversary New World Tourist USA


When we began to look ahead to celebrating our 20th Anniversary on April 1, 2012, we wondered what we should do to pay tribute to our success.

Two sources of pride rose to the top of our list: Our roots in building high performance touring bicycles and our commitment to remain a Made in USA company.

We combined those elements to create the 20th Anniversary New World Tourist USA. It is our dream touring Bike Friday equipped with as many products Made in the USA as we could possibly find.

If you take a close look at the companies who make up the essence of our 20th Anniversary Bike Friday, you will see a theme of independence and innovation.

We plan to build 20 of these Bike Fridays in a limited run. Contact a Bike Consultant if you are interested in Pre-Ordering 20th Anniversary New World Tourist USA for delivery in April.

Triangle design by Bike Friday, frame tubing by Washington's Magic Metal and color by Oregon's Prismatic Powders.

The foundation of the bike goes back to the original design of the Bike Friday touring model with a diamond frame made of US-milled 4130 cro-moly steel tubing.

The custom laser cut pieces of the frame are produced by Magic Metal in Washington, a company started in 1985 by just four individuals who believe, "Our philosophy was to give the customer more than they expect. This has been the driving force behind everything we do."

To make it sparkle in the sun, we use a unique Sparkle Green for the frame that comes from Prismatic Powders of Oregon. Founded in 1984, Prismatic has developed more than 6,000 powder coats in White City.

California’s Doug White of White Industries not only produces amazing components, but he is a proud Bike Friday owner.

The titanium bottom bracket as well as front and rear hubs are made by White Industries, but the true gem comes from White’s own travels with his Bike Friday.

White Industries crankset.

Those adventures inspired his Quick Draw crankset, which allows for quick release of the pedal when folding or packing -- one of the standout features of this bike.

Chris King's handiwork.

Portland’s renowned Chris King is considered by many to be true royalty of American craftsmen, and this bike dons his headset. What sets Chris King apart? As they say on their website, "We are fiercely independent, incorruptible by passing trends or fads. Careful consideration drives our actions."

 V-brakes from Paul's Components in California.

Both our V-brakes and levers, plus a set of perches for mounting thumbshifters on the bars, come from California’s Paul Component Engineering. Just check out that website Gallery to see how seriously these folks take cycling.

L.H. Thomson, based in Georgia, made the seat post. Sounds simple? Look deeper.

The company has been an aerospace leader since 1981. Founder Loronzo H. “Ronnie” Thomson expanded the company to create its own brand of patented bike components using aerospace quality, design, principles, and manufacturing in 1994.

While in college, Ronnie’s daughter, Amy, began cycling for her college team and was unhappy with the current biking designs on the market. After a trip down to Macon with several of her cycling teammates, she began encouraging Ronnie to expand manufacturing into the biking industry.

Selle Anatomica Titanico saddle from Wisconsin.

The Selle Anatomica saddle and leather bar tape are produced in Wisconsin. The company was founded in 2007 by Tom Milton, whose passion for riding helped him develop the saddle. Milton passed away in 2010 doing what he loved -- riding -- and the company continues his legacy.

Ironweed panniers from Iowa.

The throwback Ironweed panniers are handmade in Iowa. The company was started by Brian Loring "for a selfish reason… to make the panniers that I wanted to use."

Hand crafted Fenders by Tom Anderson.

The wooden fenders are crafted by Creative Openings in Washington. Tom Anderson brought together a small group of artisians in 1979 who provided doors, screen doors, and other unique wood products. Now they create unique wooden bicycle fenders.

SRAM provides the drivetrain, and the quick releases are from Salsa Cycles — both American based companies.

Our Founders’ roots are found in the classic Bike Friday H-bars, designed by Co-Founder Alan Scholz at our headquarters in Eugene, and welded by Co-Founder Hanz Scholz at his shop in Washington, as well as the Bike Friday front and rear racks.

When it came to selecting rims and tires we had to face reality: There are no rims and tires made in the USA that would do the job on a Bike Friday.

But our Australian friends at Velocity are in the process of setting up a factory in Florida. Bike Friday has a long history with them, so it became an easy choice for rims.

Tires were more difficult. Most tire manufacturers moved away from our shores many years ago. Celeste at Schwalbe North America has been a terrific supplier of tires for us for a long time and the brand is very popular. So we have rounded it out with Schwalbe Kojak tires from a friend of Bike Friday.

If you would like to fully fit it up, we suggest pedals from SpeedPlay. Founder and owner Richard Bryne has been a Bike Friday owner for many years and many of us use their pedal systems designed and built here in the States.

The 20th Anniversary New World Tourist retails at $5,999.

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