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Want to join the Bike Friday team? Know someone who would be a perfect fit? We want to hear from you. Right now we're looking for:

Production Team Member

Ever dream of having a job building something environmentally benign that at the end of the day you can feel good about?  We are an ambitious group of people trying to do our part to make the world a better place to live.  Green Gear Cycling (Bike Friday) is an internationally recognized manufacturer of high performance folding bicycles for traveling and utilitarian/commuting use.  Most of our designs are the market segment benchmark product.  We employ lean manufacturing techniques (Toyota Production System) to hand fabricate the bicycles here in Eugene, OR.
The qualities we want from you is the combination of positive can do attitude, strong people skills, drive to get the job done, and most importantly, personal responsibility. A strong mechanical aptitude is required.  Other personal qualities you will need are the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment, strong communication skills and a healthy sense of humor.
The position is for a production team member.  The job applicant would start in one position in the production line and would be expected to have the ambition and desire to be cross trained into multiple positions.  We have an explicit skills matrix which details wage increases based on newly acquired and the proficient use of skills for other positions in the line.  This position relies on team members who are seeking a challenging, dynamic opportunity.
Qualities/ Skills

-Superior mechanical aptitude
-Strong bicycle mechanical skills are helpful but not required
-Positive, optimistic attitude
-Strong communication skills
-Desire to be held personally accountable
-Exceptional problem solving skills

What we offer is a challenging environment with supportive co-workers who will be interested in your success.  If the position becomes permanent, benefits include profit sharing, 401K , health insurance, dental, vision, covered bike parking, shower facilities, discount on bike parts, paid holidays, shop privileges and family friendly.  You also get to build yourself a personal bike on the company's dime.

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