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"For more than 40 years our family has been living a cycling lifestyle as a green alternative for transportation. We care deeply about the environment of our planet. We would love to help you make cycling part of your life."

Alan Scholz, CEO

Hanna Scholz, President


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Our Mission

Green Gear Cycling Mission Statement

To build a better tomorrow by offering individual solutions for transportation, personal oil independence and health.

Our guiding principles and beliefs are reminders to action.

  • We serve at the pleasure of our customers.
  • Our cause is furthered through our service to our customers and our relationships with the Bike Friday Community.
  • We believe in community as "things we do and share because we care for others, and for the good of the place" (our world). A non-monetary exchange of value.
  • We try to do unto others as they would be done onto.
  • We are human, and as humans we are prone to fallibility ... this is inescapable. If something should go wrong in the process we will do our best, at our best speed, to make the situation right.
  • We will not let policy get in the way of good service.
  • To serve is one of the requirements of a complete and fulfilling life.
  • We believe an important part of Life is doing Meaningful Work.
  • We believe in trying to integrate our life, beliefs, and interests with our work.
  • Good work is about supplying service, not stuff. It's about making long-term relationships with customers, not just transactions with numbers.
  • Building to order and selling directly gives us connections to the users of our work.
  • We understand good customers will tell us how to deliver good work if we listen.
  • Bike Friday is a concept.
  • The bicycle is one of the best inventions created by humans. We love bicycles.
  • Human scale, health enhancing, highly social, low global impact, extremely economical, low maintenance, understandable, approachable, friendly and in this fast modern world, bicycles are still the most efficient transportation ever designed.
  • A bicycle can and should be integrated into most people's lives because of the health, social, environmental and economical benefits it supplies.
  • A bicycle amplifies you as a person. It boosts self-esteem. It makes you more capable, stronger, more out going, and healthier, but it must be there when you need it wherever you are in the world. That is Bike Friday.
  • We believe that example teaches best. As cyclists we are all ambassadors.
  • We have seen that if we want to be welcome and have a low impact, then traveling by bicycle is a great way to respect the people and places we visit.
  • Arriving by bicycle is one of the best passports in the world for meeting new, interesting friends and breaking down some of the world's perceptual borders.
  • We strongly believe that a bicycle culture is a healthy culture and therefore the presence of bicycles or lack thereof, makes it a good ecological and social indicator of the health of a city or country.


  • Before meaningful work can begin we must take responsibility for ourselves.
  • We must not blame others but be proactive, using our developing self-awareness, imagination, and conscience to direct our independent will.
  • Constant incremental improvement is needed from everyone, not just a few.
  • A feel for materials is necessary for designing. That means making stuff with our hands. We believe we should strive to learn the skills to become hands-on philosopher mechanics.
  • Adding to Life requires experimentation, flexibility, collaboration, and speed.
  • The bicycle is an important mechanical solution to modern man's environs and therefore requires -- and deserves -- our best continuing efforts as designers to integrate it for the pleasure and the specific needs of each individual's lifestyle.
  • We know that all prototypes do not work as expected. The good ideas pay for the rest. You can't tell in advance if ideas work or which are the good ones. So don't hesitate to try new ideas. If it is the first time, then it can't be wrong. There can be no wrong for creating the first of something. So do it right the second time. Do it fast the first time. Make a lot of attempts. Test things yourself, then get promising designs to Beta with users who can tell you their real worth.
  • We believe customers are the main purpose of a company. Much of business, and design especially is done backward, with, it seems to us, the customers input last. We're not Vulcans but we think that is illogical. Beta with customers, listen to users. Do what they want.
  • We believe in not re-inventing the wheel, but trying to build on the shoulders of the giants before. To read, study, listen, share, test, and record.

---The Scholz Brothers Hanz and Alan Bike Friday/Green Gear co-founders

We want to remember and thank our father, Earl W. Scholz and mother, Mary Esther for helping us, allowing and supplying the environment for us, to choose our calling. Many people in the western world are missing the generation in front of them that would have taught them how to cycle. One of our responsibilities is to teach our children and our friends about the freedom and health that being "Human Powered" brings.