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12 Years Cycling Around the World
Richard Gregg popped in and visited us at BF. We couldn't persuade him to swap his trusty huffy for a BF (well, any bike that's carried a human being around the world for 12 years is to be respected almost as much as the rider) but he has a great journey to share. Check out his site and offer him a bed and hot cuppa tea! As at April 30 he was seen heading for Seattle... check out our story on him.

Adventure Cycling Association
Founded in 1973 as Bikecentennial, Adventure Cycling Association is America's premier not-for-profit organization dedicated to bicycle touring, with over 40,000 members nationwide. Click here for Bike Friday ads in Adventure Cyclist. Bike Friday supports Adventure Cycling by advertising in their magazine, Adventure Cyclist. In addition, we offer all current Adventure Cycling members 5% discount off a complete Bike Friday plus the sellout "Let There Be Small Wheels" Bike Friday Jersey at a special price of $40 (usually $75). Ride with pride! Not combinable with other offers. Please quote magic code 909.

BF: Coast to Coast on a Friday
One dream of many cyclists is to take time out and ride across America. Here are some Bike Friday folk who've done it.

BF: Lewis & Clarke on a Friday
Re-tracing the Lewis & Clark expedition is the dream of many Bike Friday owners - especially since you can fold the bike and put it in a kayak!

Crazy Guy On A Bike
There are an increasing number of Bike Friday owners logging their trips in technicolor on this site, especially the folding bike category.

Friday Friendly Tour Companies
The principals of these tour companies own and ride a Bike Friday.

Galfromdownunder.com aka Lynette Chiang
Lots of bedtime reading on this web page dedicated to informing the world as to the campsites and contemplations of BF owner and author of The Handsomest Man in Cuba Lynette Chiang, now working as customer evangelist at Bike Friday since March 2001.

Heinz Stucke - 42+ years on the road by bicycle
The world's most famous cycle tourer, Heinz Stucke has been on the road for over 42 years, largely on his 3-speed steel bike. Awesome photos and inspiration for all on this site, maintained by an ardent fan.

Fred the BF office mascot chirped about Heinz here.


Travel with Bicycles - Air/Rail/Other
New World Tourist owner George Farnsworth maintains this informative site regarding traveling with bicycles including kinds of bikes, shipping tips, cyclists' experiences, working with various modes of transportation, and touring links.

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