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The Handsomest Man in Cuba
By Lynette Chiang

The Handsomest Man in Cuba wins a Silver Award, 'Travel Essays', ForewordMagazine.com Book of the Year Awards, 2004. Not to be confused with the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes for literature, Foreword magazine caters to USA libraries and booksellers who are interested in independently published books. Thank you to the 1000 folks who bought the USA edition by Small Wheel Press (designed entirely on Lynette's 12" Powerbook G4 laptop), the 4770 folks who bought the Random House Australia edition downunder (sadly no photos in that edition), and more than 150 folks who have written reviews, especially the thirty five-star reviews on Amazon. There are 500 copies left, with Silver Medal attached, signed if you ask, buy from us at Bike Friday! 

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