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In what is sure to become as famous [infamous?] as golf’s rousing cheer “IN THE HOLE!” we bring you video of the Bilenky Junkyard Cross in Philadelphia, and the shout hear ’round the world:




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Hangin’ with Cadel

Paul Webb (center, on the Bike Friday Pocket Rocket) hangs in the pack led
by Tour de France champion Cadel Evans during a promotional ride held recently in Brisbane, Australia.


Bike Friday owner Paul Webb recently sent us this photo of Tour de France champion Cadel Evans leading a ride in Australia, with Webb and his Bike Friday close at hand. Webb writes:

I’ve owned a Tandem Traveler XL Triple since 2000 and a tikit since Hanna Scholz brought a pre-production model to Australia in (that was 2007,  I think). 

Cadel is back in Australia at the moment and is ‘brand ambassador’ for Siemens.  I deal with Siemens in my work in the railway industry, so was lucky enough to get a fairly select invitation to ride with Cadel (and also Henk Vogels) on a cruisy ‘river loop’ in Brisbane. 

Cadel struck me as a genuinely nice guy, interested in a whole range of things outside bike riding and I thoroughly enjoyed riding alongside him talking about things like high speed rail.


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Found this interesting post, very poetic and somewhat thought provoking. So much so, we could overlook the miscue on describing the origin of design for the  Bike Friday tikit in the photo.



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