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Check out our new color module, which can help you decide what color combinations you like best for your Bike Friday.

Simply go to any specific Bike Friday model page, for instance, the New World Tourist Select.

Click on the AVAILABLE COLORS box, and a new Bike window should open up.

Select the frame color you would like by clicking on the color to the left. Then select a decal/cable housing color to match with it.

At this point we only can show a New World Tourist frame. But tikits, Tandems and others will soon follow.

Enjoy! And, as always, tell us what you think!

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Welcome Our New Malaysian Dealer!

As usual, it began with a test ride.

Read the reviews from Dr. Andy Ng, our new dealer in Malaysia.

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Senator Merkley visits Bike Friday

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley talked to local TV stations during his visit to Bike Friday on April 3, where he discussed manufacturing in a roundtable.

Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley stopped by Bike Friday on April 3, and participated in a roundtable discussion with some local business leaders including Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz and Bike Friday General Manager Hanna Scholz.

Merkley’s visit is part of his “Made in Oregon Tour.”

Joining the discussion were Ann Bunnenberg, of EGI; Brett Williams, of Life Technologies; Steve Miller, of Bulk Handling Systems; John Harrison, of Willamette Valley Company; and Nikos Ridge, Ninkasi Brewing.

The roundtable discussion gave business leaders a chance to explain to Senator Merkley some of the issues they face.

After spending nearly 45 minutes listening to the business leaders, Senator Merkley took a tour of Bike Friday’s Factory, hosted by Hanna Scholz.

Hanna Scholz (right) shows Senator Merkley how a Bike Friday moves through the production line.


Bike Friday's Merle Rothweiler works on a tandem while Senator Jeff Merkley tours the factory.


Bike Friday's Peter Kaspar (left) shows Senator Merkley a jig he is tooling for the production line.

Local coverage on KEZI TV 

Local coverage from The Register-Guard


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South by South East

Weeks ago
Cool rivers in Austin
Distilled the sounds of south by south west

A bike box
Trains and purple lights under bridges
Tracks rolling to New Orleans

The dearest family
They shared their hotel room
And the streets of chaos

Gators love marshmallows
Brown moccasins are aggressive
People in cars can be too

Waiting out storms
With a family of eight
Plus five for a night

Plus we got to climb trees
And swing swings
And witness bees

The journey unfolding
On a bicycle built for me
Manufactured in Eugene, Oregon

To witness strangers
Who become friends
Embracing with love

Love that is not created
But discovered
. . . and it is everywhere

Finishing touches to trailer leaving from big bend national park.

St.Patricks day in New Orleans . . . Ridiculous

It rained a lot in Mississippi.

. . . So we made cookies!

. . . And got dressed up?

The whole gang.

Ferry ride in Mississippi. Then I got on a bus from Tallahassee to savannah to make up some lost time.

Breakfast/lunch dessert/dinner dessert in savannah. What a beautiful place!

The river in Savannah, Georgia.

Best fried chicken meal so far, complete with sweet tea.


Jacob Publicover

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Rob English on NuVinci + Gates Carbon Belt

[EDITOR'S NOTE: A customer recently asked Bike Friday Head Designer Rob English about combining a NuVinci 360 hub with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive system. Previously Bike Friday did not offer that combination. Now we proudly can offer it. Here is what Rob had to say:]

We hadn’t previously offered the Gates Carbon Drive with the NuVinci, initially because of the availability of the proper cog and because the gearing ends up very low on the tikit’s 16-inch wheels.

However, it is actually not any worse than the 60×22 Alfine 8-speed. The NuVinci runs from a 0.5 reduction to a 1.8 overdrive. So with 60×24 drivetrain this gives 20 to 72 inches. Not ideal, but useable. I had a tikit with 53×18 and the 8-speed for a while, which gives 25 to 76 inches.

That was fine for around town on the flat. If we could persuade NuVinci/Gates to do a 20T sprocket at some point that would be ideal (24 to 86 inches). But the last time I spoke with them they were clear that it would only be a 24T.

I would say that if the gear ratios will work for you, then the Gates+Nuvinci would be a reliable, durable solution, and knowing that the cog is available we can certainly build it for you.

Best regards,

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