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Fashion Show Photos

Here are some more Fashion Show photos from Pedal Nation in Portland.

Off to School

Lunch Date

Post Work Cycle




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Bike Friday in DC

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Few companies can boast the type of clients we've been privileged to know. This entry is from one of those Bike Friday customers who go above and beyond, and the photo shows Andrejs Ozolins is not alone. At least he wasn't last week in Washington, D.C.]

From Andrejs Ozolins:

We thought you might want a photo of some Bike Friday riders who took part in the “Congressional Bike Ride” in Washington, D.C. on Friday, March 23.

Tuesday through Thursday, we were engaged the LAB “Bike Summit 2012,” which culminated in visits to Reps’ and Senators’ offices to make a pitch for cycling/walking funding.

The conference had more than 800 participants, but the ride probably had no more than 100 in it. Many people rode the new bike-share bikes that have been deployed all over DC, 3-speed cruisers pretty suitable for a flat city.

There were a surprising number of folding bikes on the ride, partly because Dahon had made some available to conference participants.

But Bike Friday was very well represented. We got 8 BFs together, but I think there were some more on the ride who couldn’t join the photo op. It’s not a good photo — Cynthia Hoyle probably has a better one on her camera.

The range of bikes included the Air Friday, several NWTs, one pretty fully loaded, a couple tikits — my orange Alfine 8 and Robert Ping’s black one towing the suitcase trailer — and (second from right) a really special looking red old “diamond-frame” Friday that the owner called his “beater Friday.”

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Fun in Portland

Future's tikit Belt Drive in the Fashion Show.










Once again we were reminded what a great city Portland is for Bike Friday, and cycling in general.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Pedal Nation Portland Bike Show, and took time to check out the elegant fold of the Bike Friday.

Of course, the fact that it helped you enter a contest to WIN a BIKE FRIDAY had nothing to do with your interest, right?

Still, we had a great time although we had to compete with some outstanding spring weather in Portland. With the warm breeze coming after a week with snowfall, we know where a lot of cyclists were …

But those who came, enjoyed. And we enjoyed talking with you and having you test ride our Bike Fridays.

Future's tikit on the move at the Fashion Show.










The Future's tikit is ready for all weather.










Looking good.










Chris Nelson got interviewed, but did he make the 11 news?










Channel 12 getting all the action.










Lights, Camera, Action for the Future's tikit.










Nice poncho, but it covers the bike!










The crowd loves a fashion show.










The volunteers up front in orange became Bike Friday deputies.















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Snow Day in Eugene

This is how Spring looks this morning in Eugene. Six inches where I live.

Our plum tree has one of many broken branches threatening the fence, and power line.











Yep, that's an Oregon Hazel Nut tree.












Out my front window.

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ASK ROB: NuVinci and Gates combo

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The bell has rung, it's time again to take your seats and listen up as Bike Friday Head Designer Rob English holds class. Today's topic springs from a interested Bike Friday customer who wants to know why he can't combine the Gates Belt Drive technology on the Carbon Drive tikit with a NuVinci hub. Rob, take it away:]


Hi Michael,

We haven't yet offered the Gates Carbon Drive with the Nuvinci 360 hub.
Initially it was because the date of the cog's available kept getting pushed
back (although it sounds like, after over a year, it is
finally done!). Secondly it was because the gearing ends up very low on the
tikit's 16-inch wheels.
However, in review it is actually not any worse than
the 60x22 Alfine 8-speed. The Nuvinci runs from a 0.5 reduction to a 1.8
overdrive. So with 60x24 drivetrain this gives 20 to 72 inches.
It's not ideal, but useable (I had a tikit with 53x18 and the 8-speed for a while -- which
gives 25 to 76 inches. This was fine for around town on the flat). If we
could persuade Nuvinci/Gates to do a 20T sprocket at some point that
would be ideal (24 to 86 inches). But the last time I spoke with them they
were clear that it would only be a 24T.

The Future's tikit has 80x25, which gives 27 to 83 inches on the 8-speed hub. I
don't yet have enough miles on that c-drive belt to give a good opinion
compared to the Gates (on which I have 7000+ miles), but it is
definitely aimed at the recreational rider as opposed to the performance
rider with the Gates.
We are using it for a clear reason -- to give customers a lower priced
entry point for a belt driven bike, the frame of which will support an
upgrade to a Gates system in the future if desired. Incidentally,
shortly all our Gates bikes will be center-track.

I would say that if the gear ratios will work for you, then the
Gates+Nuvinci would be a reliable, durable solution, and knowing that
the cog is available we can certainly build it for you.
 Rob English

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Hot Times at Desert Camp

Alan and Teresa arriving at Desert Camp in Arizona.










Teresa and Alan arrive from the airport.











Alan's Super Pro and gear ready for Day 1.










Let the Tour begin!










The PacTour rest stop.











New friends from Eugene, Oregon.










The Bike Brothel in Bisbee.












Secretariat's Barn, an overnight stop.










Some of the Bike Friday gang.










Alan heading South of the Border.










PacTour owners Long Haldeman, Susan Notorangelo, Teresa and Alan.











Thanks for a great time!

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Two Time Zones and a Realization Later. . .

Setting off from Phoenix, I knew I would lose my riding buddy Drew within the next few days. Although this process was lengthy – I believe we officially said goodbye three or four times — with each departure my heart would grow a little weaker.

One of many goodbyes

The cactus in the front yard of the Vernon’s house was extra friendly. Their hospitality was much appreciated.

One very suggestive Cactus

After taking in the views and history of the mines in Silver City, I headed to the Lower Gallinas campground below Emory pass.

Chilly morning, quiet creek.












The campground’s elevation is approximately 7000 feet.  It was by far the coldest night as all my water – besides the bladder I was using for a pillow — froze solid overnight. As I crested the peak, I was rewarded with a splendid view.

The next 90 miles into Las Cruces ended with me receiving my first car ride from my great Uncle Ron, who was gracious enough to pick me up 5 miles away from their home so I wouldn’t have to ride through Las Cruces in the dark — a frightening thought. Las Cruces continued to provide some much needed rest, fantastic Italian food, and wonderful family members. Uncle Ron and I worked on my bike for the afternoon and I learned something that would change my life forever. . .

Great Aunts and Uncles Terry, Anthony, Joanna, Ron

Tip of the trip: When patching tubes, light the glue on fire for a “hot patch”. The heat dries the glue and bonds to the patch quite nicely. P.S. The glue is supposed to be dry when you adhere the patch.

El Paso brought completely new experiences to the trip, both frightening and revolutionary.

The road I was originally supposed to ride was completely closed, forcing me in another direction. This other direction was a road that became a freeway, which had a nice shoulder/sidewalk to ride along. Unfortunately, a bridge narrowed the sidewalk so that only a very slender human being would be able to cross. I waited until there was a break in traffic, took a deep breath, pulled into the right lane, and booked it across the bridge. Luckily, the bridge was fairly short and only a handful of cars passed before I crossed. Regardless, I hope this is a one-time experience!

Although riding so close to Mexico brought an uncomfortable feeling of privilege, I met some lovely people in El Paso at the youth hostel.  I met Mike, who convinced me to come stay with him in Alpine before heading to Big Bend National Park. I also shared guacamole with a fellow traveller from Australia and another man who didn’t speak any English, but was kind enough to share some of his Horchata. More importantly, I had a crucial revelation of how I would view this trip. I left El Paso with my neighbor from back home’s parting words ringing in my ears: “Many touring cyclist only see pavement. Don’t only see pavement.”

At this point, I decided that it would always be more important to experience the country, rather than pedal the entire way. I will of course attempt to pedal as much as possible, but I don’t want to miss a thing. In fact, today I will be hopping on a train to New Orleans in order to meet up with a friend for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. But I digress. . .

I wanted to arrive in Big Bend as soon as possible, so I decided to hitch a ride from Van Horn into Alpine to avoid a night of camping on the side of the road — which would have been inevitable.

Lloyd, one of the most generous and relaxed individuals I have ever met, was kind enough to give me a ride. After picking up his friend Ed in Marfa, we went to rescue Ed’s truck where the transmission had gone out. Since the sun had set at this point, Ed and Lloyd decided it would be best to take me out for dinner before driving me the extra 20 miles into Alpine to personally drop me off at Mike’s house. I will never forget these individuals, and hope that many other travelers will experience their benevolence.

Ed, Lloyd, Mike, Me

Big Bend only brought more benevolence, as I met a group of four dudes that would become good friends on my first night in the park .

After hiking with them the next day, they offered me a ride to Austin so I wouldn’t have to hop on a bus — the goal being to attend South by Southwest Film and Music Festival with my best friend Brian Frager. This also allowed me to experience much more of the park, as the next two days we continued to hike and visit the hot springs. We also met a retired comedian and his wife, who kept us more than entertained, as well as a group of girls on their Spring Break. Overall a fantastic experience — thanks to Mike for making the suggestion.

Doug, Alex, John, Luis, and Myself on top of Emory Peak

The View from Emory

The Extended Big Bend Family

Frost/Snow riding into Big Bend


I am currently in Austin, Texas, taking in South by Southwest, and looking forward to whatever may appear.

SXSW Street Band


Jacob Publicover

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What’s Your Motivation?

When Peg Champion of GreenTown Los Altos went looking for comment for her blog, she got this from a Bike Friday owner:

Jim Thurber, fourth-grade teacher at Gardner Bullis Elementary, who commutes daily on his Bike Friday, told her, “I’m a cheapskate. I hate to buy gasoline. I’d also like to put my cardiologist out of business.”

Check out the article here.


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We Love Seattle

Seattle kept a steady flow of interested folks coming to our booth.

Seattle, you did it again.

We thought last year was a pretty good show at the Seattle Bike Expo. This year blew it away.

First off, we have to send out props to the Cascade Bicycle Club that runs the show. What a great bunch of people.

We’ve been a few places, and we haven’t found a more warm, helpful and cheerful bunch of people.

We thought we gave a lot of test rides last year. This year we more than doubled that. Thanks for being so receptive!


Seattle cyclists know their stuff, and kept us on our toes.

Big thanks to Bike Works for Valet Parking our Bike Friday owners!

For the most part the rain stayed away to allow some serious saddle time outside.

True to its reputation, Seattle commuters showed the most interest in the belt drive tikits.

The 20th Anniversary New World Tourist (back left) also drew a lot of attention.

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See us in Seattle!

Moving on to adventure.

Do you have the itch to ride?

Come visit us at the Seattle Bike Expo this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

We’re driving up Friday with our Carbon Drive tikit, the Future’s tikit, the 20th Anniversary New World Tourist and our line of Select models. All will be available for test rides.

If you ride your Bike Friday to the event, mention the password 20th Anniversary to the Bike Valet, and we’ll pick up your tab (a donation to Bike Works).

Come on, why not? You get a whole extra hour on Sunday when we change the clocks. Use it wisely!




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