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How the Netherlands did it!

This short video tells the tale of cycling infrastructure in The Netherlands. It’s worth 6 minutes.

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Linder rolling again

Is it just us, or does Jeff Linder appear to have a great life?

Jeff Linder at Levi's Grand Fondo. Smiling? On a climb?

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A picture is worth …

       [EDITOR'S NOTE: Marketing can be an endless experiment. We run a variety, albeit small in number,  of ads, try different media and test as much as we can. With a small company, you test live. We run ads, and wait to see what gets a response, and what doesn't. The first ad that I've produced for Bike Friday that has gotten a significant response appears at the end of this story. It is the result of an idea, and photo shoot in February. This is the story of its birth.]

The view on the other side of the barricade did not appear to be promising.

Snow stretched about as far as the eye can see, which in reality, isn’t all that far. Maybe 150 yards or so.

This I learned first hand, carrying the brand-new white Pocket Llama with the Select Group on my shoulder with my pack on my back.

As my hiking boot crunched the melting snow, I realized it wasn’t that deep. Not that deep for February, that’s for sure.

As the road, Oregon Scenic Highway 242, gently swept around the bend, the tree cover opened and so the snow evaporated.


Dry pavement, with patches of snow littering the path.

Nonetheless, enough pavement to climb aboard.

Climb aboard, I did.

The Llama’s Schwalbe Big Apples clawed the roadway as we began to climb, my trusty assistant Ridgely rushing wildly up ahead, charging into snow drifts and plowing with her nose, before darting back behind me, then to the front again.

OK, so the quiet stillness that a wintery day in the Cascades could offer disappeared in the Tasmanian Devil imitation by my black lab, but that didn’t mean it was any less entertaining.

As we continued the climb, I realized what a nice machine the Select Llama is. This was the first off the production line, and with our launch of the Select line imminent, I needed to get some photos.

In my mind, I needed a specific shot. A true reflection of our pride in our claim that our Bike Fridays are Made in Oregon. I knew it would be a crapshoot, getting up to Proxy Falls this time of the year.

I also knew at worst, it would be two miles of hiking up Highway 242, then 1.5 miles on the trail. And back. Well worth it.

Eventually snow swallowed up the pavement, but not until I reached the final half-mile of roadway to the trailhead. From here on, it was hiking in snow. A beautiful winter Oregon hike. The sound of snow beneath your boots, and an occasional whirl of a crazy dog.

I began snapping photos here and there, where the lava flow from ancient volcanoes has slowly surrendered to Oregon firs. The forest boasts its victory as what snow has made it through the understory is covered with a soft layer of fir needles.


About 10 minutes in, the distinctive roar of water cascading down rock fills the air, and we near my destination.

For the next two hours, I play with Mother Nature, my digital camera and the Llama. I see a magic. I feel a magic. I know it isn’t everyone will feel. I don’t worry about that now.

Instead, I enjoy.

Eventually, I land some photos I love. When I get back, I endure questions and comments. Everything anyone does at Bike Friday receives the same fate. Everyone has an opinion. No one is afraid to share it.

Some don’t see any value in the photos at all. They prefer a single bike on white background. Always. Others demand there be a human in a shot. Some feel the dynamic Oregon scenes steal the attention from the bike.

Me? I just believe that every photo tells a story.



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Thanks, Portland

Once again, thank you to those of you in Portland who stopped by our Show N Ride on Saturday.

You kept us so busy, I only had this brief moment to take a couple of photos — and I didn’t even have time to turn around and take a photo of our set up!

It was a fun day. There are a lot of neat, interesting people in Portland.

And, we put a lot of miles on our bikes. That’s what we love to see!


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Big Impact for Little People

If you are a fan of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, you might have caught Sunday night’s episode (October 16, 2011).

The Makeover team designed a new house for the Korpai Family in New York. Hailey Korpai is a dwarf.

In a nutshell, here’s the Korpai Family story:

After giving birth to Hailey, Jimmy and Darlene Korpai turned their attention to advocating for their little girl. As President and Vice-President of Little People of New York, their goal is to erase ignorance, increase understanding and give families of Little People support and help.

Back in August, design representatives of Extreme Makeover Home Edition contacted us to build a Bantam Bike Friday for Hailey.

[Read the Behind the scenes story]

From the outset, we were told there were no guarantees our product would make the final show. It did not make the cut. But that wasn’t why we got involved in the first place.

We were referred to Extreme Makeover by Little People of America, an organization we have worked closely with over the years to get Bantam Bike Fridays to Little People.

“The most important thing to remember is that when a Little Person gets a bike, it literally changes their life,” says Walter Lapchynski, our Bike Consultant who specializes in Bantam Bike Fridays. Walter has attended the Little People of America convention in the past, and researched ways for us to make Bantam Bike Fridays for individuals with sizing challenges. “It’s very difficult for Little People to find bikes that are a real solution for them.”

Rob English holds Hailey's bike, the smallest he has designed.

We are proud to say that we didn’t stop with Hailey’s bike.

We have created a partnership with Little People of America to help other individuals get bicycles. If you go to the Little People of America homepage, and click on the orange DONATE button it will take you to the Donation Page. From there,  Click here to donate will take you to the form for donations. Under the Reason/Program for Donation drop-down list, you will find the BIKE FRIDAY FUND.

By donating to that fund, you can help us build Bantam Bikes for Little People. Each time we have received enough money to build a bike, Little People of America will award it to a deserving individual.

In addition, Bike Friday has created a special discount for members of the Little People of America.


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Hailey’s Bike Friday: Behind the scenes

It all began with a Contact Form sent in from our website.

Late on a Friday afternoon.

In the middle of summer.

What struck me most from the outset: It wasn’t anything like a typical query we receive:

Hello, my name is Brianna with Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and I was referred to you from Little People of America. Our next family that we are building a home for has a daughter who is a little person. We would love to provide her with a bike, and were told you are just the people we need to be in touch with! I would love discuss this with you further.

If you’re anything like me, you paused, and re-read the first 10 words.

Over and over and over.

My first inclination was to listen to the side of my brain screaming PRANK! Call it a survival reaction of growing up with three brothers.

Next I started my brain list of possible pranksters — yes, my brothers at the top — while I decided to indulge this person if, for no other reason, out of sheer respect for the originality of the prank.

The last thing I wanted to do was start spreading the word, if my suspicions were correct.

But only a few minutes later, Brianna responded with another email (don’t ask me why I considered it proof of authenticity, but I did).

That’s when reality hit.

Whoa, cool. Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Love the concept. Helping people. A perfect match for us.

If there is one thing I love about working at Bike Friday, it’s the heart of this company. The core desire to do good things. To do the right thing. Making a bicycle for a child, well, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Reality hit in a few other ways, too.

The child was 5-years-old, with achondroplasia. That’s pretty young for any child to have a bike.

The first serious discussion with Co-Founder Alan Scholz centered around finding out a little more about the situation. All we knew is that the family lived somewhere in New York state. Would it be prudent to build a bike for a 5-year-old who lives in the city? Would that be too dangerous?

Brianna quickly got back to us that it was more of a rural setting, with a neighborhood, lots of land, and lots of farms, where other kids were riding bikes. Hailey just wanted to join in.

That issue solved, we moved forward.

27 days and counting … down

Another fact jumped out. We would have less than a month to build a bike and deliver it. In the middle of the busy summer season.

The next questions that needed to be answered were simple: Can we build a Bike Friday for her? And, can we do it in time?

The answer to the most important question proved to be more than a guess than anything. We didn’t have any measurements to give us confidence one way or another. What we needed most was Hailey’s inseam measurement.

Walter Lapchynski, our Bike Consultant who has attended the Little People of America Convention in the past and worked with many Little People to build Bantam Bike Fridays for them, figured we could do it. Although, he added, the youngest Little Person we’ve ever built a bike for was 8 years old.

There was a moment of silence when everyone considered that. Without question, this would be a very small bike. In all likelihood, the smallest we’ve ever built.

Rob English, our Head Designer, has built custom bikes for kids before. Ideas immediately spun around in his head. But really, he couldn’t do anything definitive until he had some measurements. Well, he couldn’t do anything other than say, OK, he’ll give it a shot. Have a nice weekend everyone.

24 days and counting

That’s where the really tricky part came into play. The Producers of the show receive some information up front, but not necessarily everything.

By the end of Monday, we had some preliminary measurements for each member of the family: Shoulder to wrist; Hip to floor; Shoulder to waist and waist. Good information, but no inseam.

A day later we received height measurements.

Along the way, Brianna shared with us a direct quote from their application:

“… love to bike ride, and would appreciate new bikes for the family.”

Still not 100 percent certain that we’d be able to pull off building a bike for Hailey, we quickly decided to donate bikes for her Mother and Father. Her brother is an infant. The Solution? A Burley Trailer. Why not? The original was designed by Bike Friday Co-founder Alan Scholz, and Burley is still based in Oregon.

That got me to thinking about an Oregon package. Helmets are a must.

22 days and counting …

So I put Brianna in contact with Burley and Nutcase Helmets, a Portland-based company. Maybe we could put together an Oregon package.

16 days and counting …

Still no inseam measurement, making everyone very nervous. But we received more information on Mom and Dad’s size, so we knew we could get them bikes.

11 days and counting …

Finally! An inseam measurement. 11 inches! Whoa, that’s small. At least Rob can get to work on it.

10 days and counting …

We learn Hailey’s favorite colors are green, yellow and pink. Sounds like she’s a University of Oregon Duck fan. Perfect.

8 days and counting …

I’ve seen the design. Wow. That’s a small bike.

6 days and counting …

Pieces. Small pieces.

3 days and counting …

Time to get it powder coated.

1 day and counting …

Final adjustments. Test ride. We got it shipped in time.

Rob English did a final adjustment to Hailey's Bantam Bike Friday.

Rob English has to test ride Hailey's Bantam Bike Friday.





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Hailey’s Bantam Bike Friday

The essence of the smallest Bike Friday ever built.

Rob English chose 305 wheels, basically the smallest tires available.

Custom made 90 mm cranks were made to meet the demands of Hailey’s 11-inch inseam. Rob chose a single speed with the ability to add a derailleur in the future.

Speaking of the future, Hailey’s bike has a height adjustable stem and custom handlebars for small hands. The seat adjustable.


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Funny thing happened on the way to Cologne

We received an interesting
note from Bike Friday owner
Catharine Stewart-Roache, from Socorro, NM:
 My husband and I were cycling he Rhineweg 
from Basel to Cologne last month and we 
heard someone call out, "Hey Bike Fridays". 
There were 3 women from Austin, Texas also 
spending a month cycling and also very glad 
to be on Bike Fridays. They had questions 
about our suitcase trailer system so we were 
glad to demo for them and tell them how 
much we liked it.

Thought you might want to see our picture.

A chance meeting of Bike Fridays on tour in Europe.

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Stories from the road, Tuesday!

Here's a note from Samara Phelps, 
manager of the Travel Lane County 
Adventure Center. 

She borrowed a Bike Friday New World 
Tourist last week for a pre-fall
foliage ride.

From Samara:

Bike Friday played a huge role in 
my bikeway experience. Come meet our
group and join us in celebrating a 
great adventure in our own backyard.

If we can do it, you can too! 

Come enjoy local wine and Ninkasi beer 
tasting and listen to our stories
from the road.  

Oregon State Parks Bicycle and Water 
Recreation Coordinator Alex Phillips
will discuss the Oregon State Parks 
cenic Bikeway program and introduce
new routes in the Eugene, Cascades 
& Coast region. 

This is a wine and beer tasting cyclists 
will not want to miss! 

It's Tuesday, October 11 at the Eugene, 
Cascades & Coast Adventure
Center in Springfield. 

The tasting is from 4 to 6:30 p.m. The 
presentation starts at 5:30 p.m. 

The Adventure Center is located at 
3312 Gateway St. in Springfield near
Michael's and Best Buy.

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Oregon’s Fall Colors

A gang from Travel Lane County took off

late last week on a Oregon Fall Foliage excursion.

They are cycling 120 around our stomping

grounds, getting an early look at what’s out

there for anyone this autumn.

We lent a Bike Friday New World Tourist to

Samara Phelps (actually, Cari Soong asked first,

but when we could only find one extra bike,

she graciously let Samara take it.

Follow their trip here.

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